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Naomi Campbell Hits a Rough Patch

6/29/2010 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While usually no stranger to getting into hairy situations, supermodel Naomi Campbell's latest scandal is all about her bald spot.


During a photo shoot in NYC on Monday, the 40-year-old showed off what appears to be unbeweaveable hair loss.

Forget the headlines, this time she's ripped from the hairline.



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I am black and proud of my kinky hair, but where is Don Imus to call her a nappy head ho! (LOL!)

1533 days ago


i think white females, pretending that they never wore weaves, wigs, fake poney tails are full of crap. White females started wearing wigs, poney tails and hair extension long before black females. There I said it, so what, Naomi you are beautiful even if you decide to take of your wigs, etc. You are a beautiful female and you have player haters who wish they were in your shoe. Girl go bald and you still will and is very beautiful

1507 days ago


Naomi ROCKS no matter what! jeez.Give a gurl a break.

1499 days ago


This Italian thinks NAOMI IS A GODDESS!!! black beautiful goddess divine. who cares about her hair?? thats not what he's thinking about. that I can assure you! lol!

1498 days ago


Why doesn't she shave it all off? I would respect her more plus she would look STUNNING!I wish I had the looks to pull off the bald look.

1473 days ago


Calm down people. Ms. Campbell is in the beauty business. A part of the illusion of that business is long flowing hair. Yes, weaves, braids, stress take a toll on your hair, however, many celebrities have to wear weaves because of the stress all of that curling and styling does to the hair. This is about money and nothing else. Believe me, if someone wanted to give me a bald spot for the probably $40,000 she made for that photo shoot, give me a bald spot. I'll wear a wig LOL. YOu guys are too serious. Naomi is making money, clear and simple. And for the ladies comment about her wearing the skin of animals, not everyone shares you belief about the purpose of animals. Spend some of that venom on the plight of some of the suffering humans for a change.

1406 days ago


#96: Exactly what I was thinking. She would rock the bald look wonderfully, her face is perfectly suited to this and I would give her much respect!

But if this affects Miss Campbell I can definitely empathise. I myself suffered from traction alopecia around my edges due to extensions and it was soul destroying. Thankfully I did decide to do something about it. But I wish people would leave Naomi alone on this one because I know how it feels to have people attack your hairline - it hurts massively!! I guess with the pressures of the industry perhaps she couldn't give up the fake hair.

1372 days ago


I forgot to add that black women have re-defined the world of fashion, having made wig wearing popular and an acceptable accessory. And no one can wear a wig/weave better than a black woman when she is in her game. Even when you know you're looking at fake hair, you admire the resourcefulness and creativity. I used to wear one in the winter because it made my head and beautiful thin hair warmer.

1033 days ago


Hair loss is devastating, whether you're 30 or 60. It can make you suicidal. But, it happens and sometimes the solutions are not as simple as messaging with various snake oils. I've used no chemicals for decades. My hairline started to thin when I was 13 and years of specialist and therapies have not helped, including estrogen therapy, which gave me Graves disease--more hair loss. Naomi's has had a life the average person can only dream of. So she has battle's that fantasy business she's in. She will always be a stunner and one could love her even more for what she's had to sacrifice. Grow up people. Anyone can be in an accident tomorrow and lose or change your looks.

1033 days ago
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