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Al Gore Sex Abuse Investigation -- It's On Again

6/30/2010 11:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Al Gore is feeling the heat again because Portland police have decided to reopen their investigation into allegations the former VP sexually abused a masseuse.


Police made the announcement today regarding the 2006 allegation, but were not specific about why they were taking another look at the case.

Molly Hagerty recently went public with her accusations in the National Enquirer -- claiming Gore sexually abused her in his hotel room.

A Gore family spokesperson said "Further investigation into this matter will only benefit Mr. Gore." She also said Al stands by his denial.

The investigation comes less than a month after Al and Tipper Gore announced their separation.

Al hasn't had a year this bad since ... well, you know.


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Seriously? Sorry not buying it.

1574 days ago


If this incident happened four years ago....why is this woman coming out now????? what can anyone do or prove after four years?? Does she need the money that bad???

1574 days ago


He such a s***bag. He's scamming on his global warming schtick. He is personally and financially invested in the companies set to "clean up" global warming. His talks are only marketing for the companies in which he is invested.

1574 days ago


Story is over two days old. Was copied from original. And, as usual the accompanying photograph has no info. I expected him to fall on his knees and beg forgiveness...not issue a denial. Thank goodness I had TMZ to show me the light.

1574 days ago


I can't stand Al Gore or TMZ's new remodeled look! I'm only Trish, but I will be leaving this website soon. I'm sure a lot of posters will be jumping up and down. Woo hoo! Trish/Trash is going away. hahaha ... But, it sucks! Why fix something if it isn't broke TMZ?

1574 days ago


Sorry, but the Inconvenient Truth about Al Gore is that he is still incredibly boring and the charges won't go anywhere but to the tabloids.

If you want to read a funny but reasonable and accurate summary of the current Gore situation check out the link below.

1574 days ago


Poor Al gets no respect. When I first read that he was involved in a sex scandal, I assumed someone was harrassing him.

1574 days ago


Where there's smoke, there's fire, Al. The "inconvenient truth" is that Tipper didn't walk away from a 40 year old marriage over nothing...

1574 days ago


Tipper says he is a hound dog! He actually prefers much younger women, but the old hags make him crazy with passion...

1574 days ago


Someone is blackmailing him. Maybe he's having second thoughts about being the climate change/carbon tax poster boy so now they're out to set him straight? Cops don't reopen something this old with a guy of this magnitude unless they've been ordered to.

1574 days ago


Al Gore has more carbon footprints than two millipedes walking in the Sahara desert. He is a fake and a fraud and now he is being investigated for sexual abuse.

And on top of that he is just butt ugly...

1574 days ago


This is Kama for all the forged do***ents about the non existence "global warming". The funny part is how the state controlled media will do their best to avoid this story. The other strategy will be for the Liberal media to quickly jump on the accuser and try to discredit her.

1574 days ago


Al Whore wouldn't know the truth if it snuck up and bit him on the foot. The sad thing is that he sucked so many people into his lies. After inventing the internet he went out and sucked Hollywood into his make believe world and many of those dumb actors went around the world supporting him. I feel Tipper knew that he was about to be exposed and had to cut her losses. I'm not sure of the impact on poor, old, dumb Cameron Diaz that followed him around the world promoting his false message. I know I won't go see the movie that was just released with her and Tom Cruise. I have vowed not to spend another dime on the actors that don't support what's right for America. God Bless America!

1574 days ago


I have a new name for this joke of a man. I hope you all will adopt it. I know Tipper will. Al Whore has been exposed. Both with his scientifically proven "Global Warming" scheme (right behind his invention of the internet)! This man is a patholigical liar with money. I hope Tipper get's most of it and lives out the rest of her life happy.

1574 days ago


Goodnight TMZ...

1574 days ago
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