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Beresford-Redman Cell Phone Extradition Defense

6/30/2010 3:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ Bruce Beresford-Redman's cell phone -- the one Mexican authorities confiscated and then abused -- will become part of his extradition defense.


TMZ broke the story ... Mexican cops seized Beresford-Redman's cell phone after his murdered wife's body was found, and ran up an AT&T bill totaling more than $3,800.

Now we've learned the bill was for a one-month period.  We're told roaming calls were made to El Salvador and elsewhere.  Numerous calls were made to various locations in Mexico.

Sources tell us BBR's lawyer will raise the cell phone abuse issue if Bruce has an extradition hearing.  Here's the defense argument:  The Mexican police are covering for a crime wave committed at the hotel where Monica Burgos Beresford-Redman was murdered.  There were two other suspicious deaths at the hotel and an attempted rape, allegedly by an employee at the Cancun hotel.

The defense has suggested, with tourism plummeting in Mexico, authorities needed a fall guy to prevent further erosion in tourism, and they picked BBR.

If Mexican cops misused evidence in the case -- i.e. BBR's cell phone -- it further compromises their integrity.


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The problem is that police everywhere consider the spouse as the prime suspect, always. They don't always investigate further. Also in a high profile case like this, the police are under tremendous pressure to close the case - which can be a motive for fiddling with evidence and witnesses. The fact that the cell phone (which could be evidence) was tampered with is significant for that reason.

Regardless - US authorities have to be convinced by Mexican authorities that there is a real case with real evidence. That's protective for everybody and is normal procedure. Lynch mobs posting on TMZ don't count, sorry.

1576 days ago


They never have been knowen for their brains!!!

1576 days ago


Seriously? You can get away with murder if someone uses your phone?

1576 days ago


What did I tell you! I could see this ridiculous strategy being set up. There isn't much of a defense so they are really grasping at non-relevant issues such as this. It's just a logical progression but baseless in the end.

1575 days ago

Politico Pablo    

The judge who decides this case has no choice but to grant Mexico's extradition request. Our treaty with their country clearly states that murder is an extraditable offense.

Mexico is not going to let this case go unanswered, he should not be allowed to make a mockery of Mexico's judical system.

1575 days ago


Ha... yes... I understand now...
Mexico is a 3rd world country and there is no good people there... and because he is an american citizen he is good and he is right.
He deserves to get the life insurance money and the will validated as soon as possible...

You know guys...

Bruce is in need of cash since that 'bad woman', took all from him.
Bruce is in need of cash since that 'jeaulous', 'bad wife' took him out of his house... poor Bruce...

He just need some cash people... and the only thing you guys talk about is that 'bad woman'??!!

How can you guys be so insensitive??

Why talk about a woman who was murdered in a 3rd world country?

Why?? She is not here anymore and mexico is not even a country yet...

Who cares about that woman, who cares about mexico.

Bruce is an american citizen and is in a serious need of some cash.

Forget about all the nonsense of this woman being murdered in Mexico... her kids wont even remember her... they are so young and the grandparents can make sure they will never find out the true any way... so no worries there.

Now... lets talk business!!

Bruce needs money! $$$$$$... who will help him?


1575 days ago


This guy just may not have killed his wife. Bite me Nancy Grace!

1575 days ago


I thought the guy was guilty too but not so sure now. If I was a juror and they told me there were other murders and rapes in the hotel recently and that the Mexican cops charged up $3k on his cell phone - NO Extradition and NOT GUILTY. Whose to say they didn't screw with the DNA tests - IF they can even do DNA tests!!

1575 days ago

Ray In PV    

Look, he may have killed his wife or maybe he didn't, but regardless, here in Mexico the authorities will go after the first one they suspect, so he will not have a fair trial. Investigating a crime here in Mexico is easier when you just blame the first guy you suspect. There have been very high profile murders here in Mexico, important politicians, famous singers,tv personalities and they have never been solved because once the story is out of the news, the authorities don't bother investigating, so if they don't have the ability to solve a high profile murder of one of their own, they didn't investigate this on either. Don't come back.

1575 days ago

Laura in Cancun    

I live in Cancun, and this is just EMBARRASSING. I think the guy did it, and his lawyer sounds a bit desperate...

but PUH-LEASE. Idiot cops, why are they making the situation worse? Way to scare off the tourists, douchebags.

Cancun is actually a very safe destination with surprisingly few incidents of violence against tourists. It's a shame the police give it a bad rep.

1575 days ago


No matter what he says and what they did to his phone. He's gonna be extradited to Mexico, he and his lawyer know that.
Have we forgotten that he "suddenly" appeared back in the States, without a passport?
I would like to know how he did that since is now mandatory for US citizens to show a passport when returning to the USA from abroad.

1575 days ago


I love the self-righteousness of TMZ posters. If you are an eye-witness to this murder it would behoove you to contact police and give them your sworn statement. If you are not an eye-witness to this murder, you do not have any idea whatsoever who killed this woman. You don't get to state "he killed her!" because you don't know that. If the imaginary world you live in convicts people based on a gut feeling, I am glad it is not the real world.

The fact that this woman is being buried tomorrow really has nothing to do with the Mexican authorities ringing up 4,000 dollars of phone calls on what was supposed to be a piece of evidence- evidence which gets thrown out of court if TEMPERED with- which is proven they did.

As for the DNA...why can they find only Bruce's DNA? Well, two possibilities: either Bruce killed her, or the Mexican authorities want to claim Bruce killed her and therefore are hiding the other DNA they may have found. The thing is, no one on TMZ knows whether it's choice a or choice b. If you did, you'd be an eye-witness and perhaps the Mexican authorities would actually *have* a case.

If the Mexican authorities were a trustworthy entity they wouldn't have used a piece of evidence in order to call their buddies for free all over the country. Their case is dead now.

1575 days ago


he shudnt hav killd his wife & the cops down there shudnt hav bn messn w his phone unless they needed info from it idk y they were using it but o well

1575 days ago


idiots who think he didn't kill her because they were not 'eye witnesses' to the crime must also believe that Jeffrey Dhamer is also innocent. There is no evidence to prove Mexican authorities made personal phone calls on this douchebag's cell phone. Someone made phone calls on his cell and we have yet to hear Mexico's response.
Why didn't the defense perform DNA tests on the body to find the DNA of this 'stranger' who they say killed her?

There were plenty of witnesses (guests) that testified saying they heard a woman screaming for help from their hotel room the night of April 5th. Who the hell was that woman screaming for her life from his room if Monica went shopping that morning and never returned? There was an elderly English guy that was interviewed by a major American media outlet who was in an adjoining room who even said that to the NBC reporter. So he is also a part of this major Mexican 'conspiracy to frame Bruce'??? LMAO!
I have been to this resort twice and I know that the week of April 5th the resort was filled with Spring Breakers and there is no way a stranger could have killed her in broad day light (as he claims she disappeared on a shopping trip at 10am) on the resort grounds and dragged her body to the sewer near by the hotel room. I know for a fact that security checks every single car coming and going and records the wrist band number that all guests are required to wear as it is an all inclusive resort. Aditionally you can't leave the hotel grounds by foot as there is miles of dirt road leading to the main street to even catch a bus.

Also how come he says she was missing since Monday morning (the 5th) but he was seen having dinner with her arguing Monday night? All the restaurants at the Moon Palace take down guest names, room number etc when you go to dine so they know for sure if in fact she was with him the night of the 5th.

They also performed drug tests on Bruce and took samples from the blood found in the hotel room and hallway. These facts are well do***ented in news sources back in April. Why isn't Bruce able to explain the scratches he had on his neck the day he reported her missing. KTLA 5 had a video of him being interviewed with deep scratched on the back of his neck. This investigation was performed for nearly 3 months prior to making any charges.
This guy is a douche and his legal team is trying to spin some racist BS and using TMZ as some f ing forum to float this BS theories out there while having a few people post comments to support this garbage. Nobody is reporting this cell phone crap except for TMZ and no other forum has so many idiots attacking Mexico over this investigation other than TMZ.
Either way Bruce is a douche and this woman was a big moron for ever taking that trip with him after all that went down and he took more life insurance on her.
If you don't like Mexico and it's justice system don't go down there to commit your crimes. This is a shame that Moon Palace and Cancun are made to look bad by these racists to cover this sorry murderer ***** who can't even stand up to the courts and defend himself!!

1575 days ago

john smith    

A judge in Mexico has determined that there is enough evidence for a trial. A judge in Mexico will determine the verdict at Bruce's trial, there is no jury. In Mexico, the law is guilty until proven innocent. Bruce will not return to Mexico for extradition, In my opinion he will run again to another country.

1575 days ago
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