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Beresford-Redman Cell Phone Extradition Defense

6/30/2010 3:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ Bruce Beresford-Redman's cell phone -- the one Mexican authorities confiscated and then abused -- will become part of his extradition defense.


TMZ broke the story ... Mexican cops seized Beresford-Redman's cell phone after his murdered wife's body was found, and ran up an AT&T bill totaling more than $3,800.

Now we've learned the bill was for a one-month period.  We're told roaming calls were made to El Salvador and elsewhere.  Numerous calls were made to various locations in Mexico.

Sources tell us BBR's lawyer will raise the cell phone abuse issue if Bruce has an extradition hearing.  Here's the defense argument:  The Mexican police are covering for a crime wave committed at the hotel where Monica Burgos Beresford-Redman was murdered.  There were two other suspicious deaths at the hotel and an attempted rape, allegedly by an employee at the Cancun hotel.

The defense has suggested, with tourism plummeting in Mexico, authorities needed a fall guy to prevent further erosion in tourism, and they picked BBR.

If Mexican cops misused evidence in the case -- i.e. BBR's cell phone -- it further compromises their integrity.


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ok prove the calls were placed by the police and not Bruce himself. Did he give them the charger too? Did he buy a new phone to call his kids all the time as reported back in May?

1544 days ago


Richard Hirsch and Harvey are buddies. Gee perhaps that is the reason why this lame story surfaced to the sewer exclusively on TMZ. Lame lame lame.

1544 days ago


Let's see..O.J. claimed, he was in a hotel room, busted a glass while doing dishes, which any idiot knows, will put cuts on your hands. Give Bruce the benefit of the doubt, maybe he was doing something like that to cause the scratch marks on his body. It could happen..worked for O.J.!

1544 days ago


@31- I like how you call someone else an idiot and yet you show in your opening sentence that you can't read. I didn't bother to read the rest because you were on your way to make a point in reply to what I said, after clearly proving you didn't quite grasp what I said. "idiots who think he didn't kill her because they were not 'eye witnesses' to the crime must also believe that Jeffrey Dhamer is also innocent."

I never said he's not guilty because there were no witnesses. I said the people who claim he's guilty even though he has not yet been proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt (and even those convictions are sometimes overturned for lack of evidence...) are talking out of their ass. I'm not saying he's not guilty- hell, even I think he did it. I am saying you cannot declare that he's guilty and that he did it, when you have no proof. None of us were there, only an eye-witness could claim he is a murderer. If you didn't see the crime go down then you don't get to accuse someone when you have nothing to back it up other than hearsay you read on the news.

Please learn to *read* before responding to someone's comment, especially if you're going to have the audacity to call them an idiot.

1543 days ago


@31, it's nice to see someone who's actually BEEN to the resort give an honest, racism-and-prejudice-free opinion on the matter. Thank you.

1543 days ago


Ok. If I have this right, I should be able to brutally murder someone and get off scott free by lending the cops my cell phone? They probably re-dialed all of the numbers in the phone as part of the investigation since they wouldn't have access to US phone records. Focus on the murder boys.

1543 days ago


It's astounding that with so much evidence against BBR, he's left to roam freely in his Palos Verdes home with the children of the woman he murdered. Obviously, he masterminded this crime with assistance. He decided on Mexico as the setting of his crime with an understanding that the country's intrinsic corruption and its infamous reputation as a dangerous tourist destination would work in his favor.
In addition, he acquired assistance in helping him flee Mexico without a passport and had taken out $550,000 in life insurance policies on his wife less than a week prior to the crime; mind you, this was at a time when his marriage to Monica was in a separation phase. Oh, and did I mention his long-term affair? It sounds like this twisted man was living a Lifetime movie script so apropos for a Hollywood Producer.
What's unfortunate is our society's penchant for allowing those with 'connections'--whether it be the right lawyer or support from Hollywood power sources--to go unpunished for their crimes. Does the name OJ Simpson ring a bell?
With the surge of domestic crimes, is it safe to keep the only (I did not say prime, he is the ONLY) suspect in this case in charge of two children? How can he be deemed safe after the massive evidence indicating he did kill his wife (testimonies from other guests at the hotel, scratches found on BBR's body, records of his key card being swiped at least six times during the night Monica went missing, $550,000 in life insurance policies he took out, his long term affair which only ended when he faced the fact that he could lose everything, including custody of his children). This was a desperate, angry, ego-driven man.
Please join me in demanding BBR's extradition. This is a country that once took pride in justice regardless of one's social standing and connections. It's time for us to collaborate with Mexican authorities to demonstrate that our country truly deems truth and justice qualities of our own legal system.

1543 days ago

Mr. Bate    

They were making drug deals with the phone. Integrity? fcuk!

1543 days ago


Just because Harvey kisses Richard Hirsch’s a$$ and BBR and his lawyer are using TMZ as their mouthpiece doesn’t make this crap true. First anyone with half a brain knows that Cancun’s tourism industry took a hit due to the hurricanes and that is why they are even bringing sand from other areas to rebuild their beaches it has nothing to do with violence. I know firsthand that they are still getting a lot of tourists going down there despite a slight decrease. The 2 deaths at the hotel (one in 2007 and the other in 2009) have been confirmed as accidents. The recent death was an elderly woman with dementia whose body was found after she wondered off the hotel with all her personal belongings in tact including her watch and wedding ring and hotel key card. No indications of foul play found during the autopsy. The death in 2007 was a man falling off a balcony heavily intoxicated. While the Mexican authorities say it was an accident the family claims he was pushed. The other incident which I have only heard from Bruce’s lawyer is an attempted rape that has not been confirmed.
Bruce and his lawyer are trying to play the anti-Mexican angle insinuating that if Mexicans charge someone it doesn’t really count because well they are incompetent. This may work for the few racists and the ignorant audience out here but won’t hold any water in a court of law because this defense is too damn general. Now if they would have found DNA of this ‘random killer’ on her body during an independent autopsy or Bruce has witness or an alibi at least he would have a chance. I believe the Mexican authorities have hard evidence: DNA results, witnesses, toxicology results etc to issue an arrest warrant.
It is guilty until proven innocent in Mexico where there is a very low rate of prosecution. So for them to charge BBR with first degree homicide they have a bullet proof case. So sorry that means the lawyer and TMZ can try their best to convince a handful of useful idiots maybe even get a couple of those character witness letters for the extradition bail angle but in the end Bruce will have to face the courts and actually prove his innocence. Which shouldn’t be an issue given that he and his lawyer loudly claim to the American media “not guilty, not guilty” LOL!

1542 days ago


What integrity?.There isn't anybody in Mexico that has integrity least of all the police and the government workers.The President doesn't have it.The douchebag comes to the USA to ask for the USA to open out our borders to all that mexican lowlives but in Mexico if an illegal alien is caught he/she is put thru Hell and deported.Integrity in Mexico,ha,what a joke.

1542 days ago

Gary Coleman    

Bruce had to either be out of his mind or doped up on drugs when he concocted the ‘she went shopping in the morning and was killed by a stranger’ story. According to the forensic results Monica was asphyxiated with a pillow, had a blow to her right temple, had scratches and bruises all over her body, wasn’t raped or robbed and was found decomposing in a sewer in her bra and panties. So according to Bruce then a stranger came after her with a pillow in the crowed hotel grounds while she was leaving to go shopping, beat her up and smothered her with the pillow for no apparent reason, ripped her clothes off then went to great lengths to conceal her body by carrying it and dumping it in the sewer. Uh, why would a stranger try to conceal the body? Apparently according to Bruce, the random killer thought in this foreign country certainly he will be implicated in killing this total stranger of a woman. All the while nobody heard or saw anything while all this drama was going on between Monica and the random killer dude inside the hotel premises. Yeah ok Bruce that is just great…

1542 days ago


Let's see whose dna was under her fingernails...and what he says about the scratches on his face. You'd think if he was innocent he'd want to know the answer to the first and explain to the world how he got the scratches. Now his lawyers will play BS legal system and divert the issue, buying time and maybe a few judges along the way.

1517 days ago
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