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Tiger's Divorce

Cheaper Than You Heard

7/1/2010 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Tiger Woods will be a single man by the end of day tomorrow ... and he ain't payin' anywhere close to $750 mil.

tiger woods & elin nordgren
Sources connected with the golfer tell TMZ his divorce from Elin Nordegren is a done deal, except for the official filing with the court.

We're told Elin will not get near the reported $750 million in the settlement.  As one source put it, "Tiger isn't even worth that much." 

The source added, however, "She'll do a lot better than she would have under the prenup."

In May, 2009, Forbes estimated Tiger's worth at $600 million.

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If Tiger had a prenup she doesn't deserve any more than that. What? She can't live on 22 million? Bull. She and her kids can live better than most of us for the rest of their lives.Get real. I am a female but no piece of tail is worth that. You think she is an innocent school marm? Yea right. This is none of any of our business and people have lost sight that he is one of the greatest golfers in our time. Leave him alone. This craap is between him, her and the courts.

1537 days ago


One thing I know for sure is, non of you people on this website know anything about Tiger and his situation. Where do you goody to shoes never done anything wrong most perfect people get the nerve to comment on Tiger. If you have any money buy yourself a life, you need one bad. You jerks sit on your high throne and make judgement on someone life, it's Assological to think that you would know something about anything. Assological( the Sh** coming from your mouth is actually coming from your Brain and it just dosen't make any sense)

1537 days ago

robert payne    

I hope it can work out for the both of you. You both have pretty mean swings with the golf club. I don't know about Sweeden Elain, how about somewhere in the islands? Good luck to you both.

1537 days ago


stupid whore doesnt deserve 750m.. he needs to just give her like 50m under the table and shoo her off. She was a dam clean up broad.. She wasnt gonna even make 100m in he rlifetime unless she hit the lottery. fk outta here

1537 days ago


How about removing the trash ads like #115 above!

1537 days ago


Oh wow, I can't believe the comments I'm reading here. People are smacking down Mel Gibson for being racist etc. They should come here and read the posts!! Obviously hate and racism are rampant in America!!! Sad day!!

1537 days ago


I hear you, Muppet. There are too many nasty comments made, and I am again surprised (but not really, when it comes down to it) about all the hostility towards Elin. Part of the settlement is for her silence....and that is worth a pretty penny. I know it doesn't affect me or my life, one bit....so whatever happens, happens..

1537 days ago


ZR, it's hilarious that the racist "Anthony" has such hatred for Elin, a white girl. He'd like her to be thrown in the trash if it were up to him. What an angry, bitter person, eh?! Like bongo lips Tiger is a man of virtue and character, according to "Anthony". I wonder who "Anthony" really is....he's so in love with Tiger. I've never seen such devotion --- LOL.

Tiger is so ugly he's lucky he got a Scandinavian beauty like Elin.

1537 days ago


Perhaps "Anthony" or one of the other Lovers would be so kind as to explain for us ... what's happening to Tiger's head ? It's shaped like a bicycle helmet and it keep's getting worse ! I almost choked on my lunch yesterday when Tiger removed his cap, as I seriously thought for a second that I was watching highlights from the Tour de France ! I'm not a Lover, but I am genuinely concerned for the man ... please explain ...

1537 days ago


120, Blomfeldt, LOL. Maybe it's the effects of the Performing Enhancement Drugs/steroids, or just plain organic neurologic disorder.

1537 days ago


I wish both of them good luck in their futures. Divorces happen to the rich and the poor. The best thing for Tiger is to stay single for a long while, and always protect himself sexually. He should have never gotten marry and while out there dating, don't let the media or the public force you to get married. He should date women of all different nationalities, not limiting himself to white women only. Also, I wish Elin the best, she now has enough money to last her a lifetime if invested wisely. Plus, she will be getting child support for the next 18 years, she will definitely find a new husband guaranteed.

1537 days ago


Elin shouldn't get more than $50mil or so. She didn't play golf and win all of that money. No matter how much Tiger screwed around $50-100mil should be well worth her trouble. I'm sure she'll want more and many out there will think she deserves it but screwing around on your wife shouldn't land you in the poor house. Its his money...he earned it and she spread her legs for it. I hope Tiger holds her to the prenup and lets her write any book she wants or give any interview. Let her make some money that way besides taking what she didn't earn. And spare me the sanctimonious garbage about all she wanted was a happy home and therefore he should empty his wallet for her. That's a load of crap. She signed the prenup and she wants out. The bottom line is he should hold her to it. The cir***stances are just noise.

1536 days ago


Algonquin @ 121 ... all kidding aside, your remarks are likely spot on, as it's an established fact that the development of "neanderthal" features is often the result of steroid-drug use ... and I've noticed recently that his baggage handler (ie: big man Stevie Williams) is also developing an appearance, that is consistent with one who hails from the Mesozoic Era ? ... something is definitely going with these two and with any luck, perhaps one of the Lovers will be able to provide us with some sort of elucidation ...

1536 days ago


Tiger's divorce from Elin? Surely it would be the other way around. She divorcing him? She's the one with class.

1536 days ago

jack sprat    


He will get new endorsements, just like Kobe did when his rape trial blew over. Maybe he can join the Haynes team, pimping not-so-tighty, not-so-whiteys. In contrast to the stock Jordan pull-away, Tiger could throw his arm around Charlie Sheen and ask if he knows where there are any good 'parties'. Or Jaleel White, dressed as Urkel, could give him lessons in how to be a cooler nerd. (Steve Jobs'll need a successor.)

1535 days ago
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