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Tiger Woods Divorce

Elin Nordegren

The $100 Million Woman

7/2/2010 5:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Elin Nordegren will walk away from her marriage with Tiger Woods with approximately $100 million.

Elin Nordegren
As one source with direct knowledge of the terms of the divorce tells TMZ, "She'll be getting close to $100,000,000." 

There have been reports Elin would score $750 million, but we have confirmed that figure is wrong.  Indeed, as we first reported, Tiger is not even worth $750 million.  We're told his net worth is somewhere between $500 and $600 million.

The $100 million is way more than Elin would have received under the prenup.

Sources say Elin will receive child support, but we do not know the specific amount.
As for the $100 million figure ... this is not speculation ... it comes from sources with direct knowledge of the property settlement agreement.

To put this in some perspective, Elin will be getting 10 times what Rachel Uchitel scored from Tiger.

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# 62 she was rich before she met him?!?! if making 500$ week is rich ,then im a billionaire !!!..dumb ass!!

1576 days ago


@ Scott
you are full of it. she wasnt rich before she met woods. her and josefin had to work part time jobs to pay for their schooling. she was working at a store (cashier) when she met parnevik's wife and signed on as a nanny.

get some facts before you tell more stories

1576 days ago


@64 One more idiot from not The states talking crap lets see shes had his kids housewife a None gold digger she had money before tiger she loved him married him... he banged everything walking still has most of his money he got the better end of it Now he can go get His Std's and not risk Her getting them ...HES POS

1576 days ago


# 68 .....u r 100% right !!!

1576 days ago


Why so much hatred towards his wife? Im gobsmacked. They dated, he asked to marry her and she accepted and gave him two beautiful children, what makes you think she was a goldigger, he pursued her and they had their children within wedlock!! So just because the guy happens to be rich she doesn't have the right to marry him.

What about Mr Woods ? Why did he have to marry Elin and have kids if he wanted to bed every stupid ugly tart in sight ?
Remember he's the one who is at fault ; he's the one who decided to stray. If he was so unhappy in his marriage as some people say why didn't he man up and try to work things out or ask for a divorce ? Because he didn't want to pay his wife so it's better to destroy her and humiliate her in front of the whole world.
Some kind of hero you have here. Yes it's true money can buy many things but thank God there are things that can't be bought.

1576 days ago


"To put this in some perspective, Elin will be getting 10 times what Rachel Uchitel scored from Tiger".

What?! For Elin, a married, mother of two, to get only "ten times" more than the cheap brown trash adulterous Uchitel sl*t, that is an insult in itself. She should have had half the fortune. And, the cheap low-life s*** Uchitel all the dirt bag crap she can get.

1576 days ago


people r so stupid!!!!! its tigers freakin money !!! get a god damn job !!!!how about that?!?!

1576 days ago


he rented her womb
thats it

1576 days ago


#74 u r right again !!!

1576 days ago


considering elin was only going to get $5-10 million in the pre-nup, i can see why some might see her as a gold digger considering tiger signed all his endorsements before he met!!

1576 days ago


Comments from the women here just prove you're all nothing but glorified whores. Guys, NEVER get married. They only want the option to not work, and if thing go bad, they want every penny you have.

1576 days ago

Stupidity at its best    

I love reading the Cheetah lovers comments. They must have his picture in their closet or on their ceiling and must be dreaming of threesome and golden showers... What a bunch of pathetic losers they are !!!!

Hey wake up no matter what happens from now your super hero is and will always be A POS plain and simple , a complete failure as a human being , a first class jerk . He can hit a golf ball with a stick big deal and he earns 1B$ for that ... Welcome to America where cheating, bad mouthing, lying, throwing clubs is rewarded.
He didn't cure cancer or save lives but some people believe a dumb golfer is so important in our society.

1576 days ago



all these tards think she is entitled to some vast amount of money for popping out a couple of snoteaters.

1576 days ago


Elin should get more, why that whore only spent few months with tiger got 10m and Elin spent her 5 years w/2 children only got 10 times more???? she should get 20-30 times more...

1576 days ago


She should thank her God for not catching HIV or AIDS.

1576 days ago
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