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Mickey Rourke on Oksana: 'Screw the Bitch!'

7/2/2010 5:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva was the target of another verbal attack today in New York -- but this time, the man calling her a "bitch" was Mickey Rourke.

Mickey Rourke on Oksana

Moments ago in SoHo, Rourke defended Mel's N-word laced outburst -- the one in which he told the mother of his child she looked like a "f**king pig in heat" -- by telling us, "Sh*t happens."

Rourke continued, "I wouldn't believe everything you hear ... you know ... I think he's a good dude, you know. And ah, screw the bitch!"


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yo Mickey aint no racist. He's got tons of black friends. Hell he was good friends with Tupac.

1553 days ago


Mickey's just mad because his face is too tight from all of that bad plastic surgery. And Mel Gibson just needs to evaporate off the face of this earth...he is the most hateful person I've ever seen.

1553 days ago


pretty much sums up what everyone else is saying...**** happens an screw that bit ch!!!!!

1553 days ago


Not all black pple are N*****? i mean aren't certain pple considered that while others not? so can't a person say that in the heat of an anger about the bad pple who are N***** but not talking about all black pple? just saying and no i am not a racist. i was an honorary member of the black culture club in high school:) no, i am not black but have many friends who are. i have friends of all color!

1553 days ago


Geez. One crazy old plastic face fool sticking up for another idiot. This doesn't surprise me. I knew someone from Hollywood would try and defend racist Mel. Mickey just needs to shut his old washed up actor self and go back into seclusion.

1553 days ago


I just love that guy! good for him speaking his mind. I dont know where women gets off these days thinking they are intitled to anything.get a frickin job and clue! I love you Mickey!!

1553 days ago


You KNOW she recorded hundreds of fights before she got one she could roll with.

All people have a little racism in them. Those who deny it are usually the worst secretly. It's our innate wickedness. If we were all the same color, people would mock others' height, or shade, or weight, or eye color, or hair, etc etc. We're great at hurting each other.

Humanity has an evil streak no matter how hard we try to be good or pure. If we hassle Gibson for saying ******, why do we not hassle people for adultery that really hurts all those involved, including kids. Instead, we laugh about how many people so-and-so screwed...or worse, high-five em.

1553 days ago

sparkys nemesis    

Another a-hole.

1553 days ago


Mickey! Next time somebody ask you about Mel or Oksana, say "No comment!"

1553 days ago

Betty Jane Haddock    

I like O'Rourke. He is an excellent actor. I believe him to be level headed about Mel.I am so glad he turned his career around. He is areal believable man.

1553 days ago



Not only are your arguments poor, from what I can decipher from your rants ,your spelling is truly atrocius.

1553 days ago

gene yuss    

he didn't just say a racist word .. he said a racist word as it pertained to members of that race raping a girl ..

1553 days ago


Isn't he seeing the Russian too?!!

1553 days ago


This from a dude who used to beat his beautiful model girlfriend when he wa a big star. What do you expect?

1553 days ago


As if his word is any good.

1553 days ago
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