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Kentucky Basketball Players Subject of NCAA Probe

7/2/2010 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the NCAA is taking an aggressive look at University of Kentucky basketball players -- past and current -- and their possible involvement with professional agents.


According to a source who was interviewed by an NCAA investigator, the agency is interested in at least four players -- two current and two who were just drafted by NBA teams.

In the case of one former Wildcat, we're told the NCAA wants to know about his relationship with his current agent. We're told the investigator asked about multiple meetings the agent allegedly had with the player ... dating back to the player's senior year in high school.

The insinuation is the agent had an arrangement with the player before he went to Kentucky. 

It is a violation of NCAA rules for a student athlete to receive anything of value from an agent -- or
to have any agreements, verbally or in writing, with an agent. Just ask USC, Reggie Bush or OJ Mayo.

Kentucky "declined comment" -- and a rep for the NCAA tells us, "The NCAA does not comment on current, pending or potential investigations."

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Actually what's funny is that this isn't about Calipari, it's about the UK Athletic Dept. Given their trials and tribulations of the mid-to-late 1980s, and the intense alumni pressure to WIN NOW on the basketball court, this isn't surprising whatsoever. Calipari just garners attention and scrutiny, which won't help matters in Lexington. Ever notice how North Carolina or Duke or Kansas or Georgetown or UCLA don't garner this type of intense scrutiny? That's because those folks know how to put winning in perspective. The UK folks simply do not, hence the tighter scrutiny. Is that unfair? Probably, but basketball, like life, isn't ever fair:(

1537 days ago


Just 2 thoughts: 1) Coach Cal dirty, what would make you think that? Oh ya he is 2 for 2 so far! 2) UK fans often mention others being jealous, of what I am not sure? I assume the amazing run all the way to the elite 8, champs of a weak conference,getting beat by a team that PU beat by double digits, or could it be displaying that going to class doesn't count!

1537 days ago

Big Ed Smith    

Do we read about Coach K having these kinds of issues every year? Did John Wooden have these kinds of problems? Dean Smith? Why did Michael Jordan not have to do things like this? Do you read about Tom Izzo, Bill Selph? Either John is a little crooked or just does not want to know what is really going on. Coach Cal could be the greatest but these things will hurt his image! If only he had the last 2 minutes of the Memphis/Kansas game back. He would have to give the trophy back!

1536 days ago


lets keep it real,lebron james is probably talking these kids into going to kentucky, its not calipari.my question is when did these guys become friends, and why does lebron support someone he probably doesnt really know.why did DeMarcus Cousins
family live in lexington for six months then suddenly move back to alabama during the christmas holidays last year who paid for the room and board.Why did the guard Teague choose ky over Louisville,when louisville had been recruiting him so hard, does it have anything to do with his big brother getting a nike shoe deal you come to kentudky and we will make sure your brother gets a shoe deal.kentucky has been crooked for years andalways will be.they are only interested in winning championships and catching ucla not the well being of the student athelete big blue sucks

1535 days ago

former UK Fan    

For many years I loved to watch UK when they had a really great coach and recruited Basketball players from Kentucky, Tenessee and Indiana, one such team the Rupps Runts lost in the finals to a really good Texas Western team. Not one of these Kentucky players cheated or were illegally re-cruited or left school
early. This team didn't have one player over 6 ft 6. They weren't the most talented basketball team but they had a super coach, were great kids, they were fun too watch, they could really shoot and pass the ball. Now that was the days of really good Kentucky basketball, not what we are seeing today. Buy a coach, buy a team, gone the next year, buy another team
and so on and so on.

1531 days ago

bill mcdaniel    

Notice this was posted on July 2nd its been three weeks how come TMZ hasnt followed up on this?How come the NCAA hasnt said anything about charges yet? Someone wouldve lit a fire under thier butt if this had been true.We now have the greatest active coach around and everyone cant stand it so we expect the rumors but that is all they are is rumors.

1523 days ago


TMZ You suck. I hope the University sues you for slander. Pretty bad you cant find any real news so you have to make stuff up. Well It did'nt work did it. And as for the UK haters didn't get your wish did you? Maybe your teams should practice if you want to be as good as Kentucky. NOT.. TMZ F@#k OFF.

1500 days ago


Could it be that Convict Cal stinks up everywhere he is or has been. Somewhere along the line, I thought a state university recruited their own state players. In Lexington, it is the UEBK. The University Of Everywhere BUT Kentucky. The same with Kanzass. Both of them are jokes, especially when Convict Cal comes in and rescinds the scholarships of the Kentucky kids who wanted to play for their state university. It sinks down to the level of who is the biggest, slimy liar, and Convict Cal will always win there! He could always sell broken down cars, he would excel there too.

1497 days ago


So its only UK haters that come out when they are winning but its you UK fans that don't know about Mitch Barnhardt past at SMU in the mid to late 80's either. Look it up sometime.

1495 days ago


#6, with John Wall the teams GPA was 2.0. Just think what the teams GPA would have been with out John Wall.

1446 days ago



1439 days ago

Mark joshua    

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1375 days ago


Bob Knight? Really? why isn't bobby knight still coaching? Because he sux. Ever wonder why he hates uk? Well it's not because he beat us so much..as a matter of fact I'm fairly certain it's because no matter which coach has been here he could never beat us..who cares what that loser has to say about anyone in this state.

1267 days ago


Been almost a year and guess what nothing happened. You ******* hacks!

1202 days ago
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