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Heather Locklear -- Looking Good, Feeling Good

7/6/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heather Locklear spent her July 5th with her daughter in Calabasas -- and if looks are any indication, rehab worked splendidly.

As we first reported, Heather recently completed a 30-day, in-patient rehab program for prescription drugs.


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This woman is an absolute disgrace. I won't even begin to tell you what I think of her. All I know is, this will happen again and again because her selfishness knows no bounds.

The only way it will stop is if Richie goes back to her. Why should he?! After everything she did to him, there is no way back. So the drama and the attention seeking and the whining and the petty behaviour will continue. PATHETIC.

Richie's daughter deserves better. i don't consider Heather a 'mother' to that child because in no way has she behaved in a maternal manner towards that child since she was born.

1538 days ago


She's looking great.

1538 days ago


Heads up to the first three posters. Ya'll SUCK!

1538 days ago


on her way home from the pharmacy and is that a 6 pack of coors light in the backseat???

1538 days ago


I would still hit it.

1538 days ago


I don't know about looking good.....she has chipmunk cheeks now, a la botox. None of those women look good when they get fat lips and glossy fat cheeks. You have to wonder if they even look in a mirror after they have that stuff done.

1538 days ago


How many times is she going to hit and knock down THINGS?

Next time could be a PERSON or PERSON'S.

And now she's got a new car to twist and bend

1538 days ago


What a bunch of dimwits. I know Heather, and obviously you all don't. She is a good mother and it was Richie that played around on her. But your mostly a bunch of people that have nothing better to do than comment about someone you have never met. Get a life and live it you Jackasses.

1538 days ago


Huskerhawg, what exactly is it that you are doing that is different from anyone here?? How about you get a life and stop commenting about people commenting about people they don't know? Douche. She is washed up and washed out. Not pretty Heather

1538 days ago

Ozzie X    

I can't believe how judgmental some of you posters are. She's only human and we all waver at some point or another. She looks in good spirits which is what one would hope for someone who had been through the situation she has.

1538 days ago


she in good spirits because she is high on something

1538 days ago


Awwww Booo! Poor poor Heather :( She has a **** ton of money and still decides to get behind the wheel of cars intoxicated instead of getting....a taxi! But OZZIE, she is "only human" until she runs someone else down. Do you have kids? How about a mom? A cute little dog? Imagine them splattered all over the road because "Heather is only human". Go hug a tree and it will make everything better

1538 days ago


well said 10! wish ignorant people would leave her alone. (i never met her but would be cool to. loved her on the original mp, there was a xmas romantic comedy movie on lmn cant think of hte name of it). but hey like what someone else said she is human noone is perfect she makes mistakes. just hopefully she learns from it.

1538 days ago

Ozzie X    

@Michelle I was referring to post rehab Heather. Of course driving under the influence is an inexcusable act. To me it looks like she is trying to straighten up, you can't discredit her for trying.

and Michelle go hug your ice cream bucket and cheeseburgers..

1538 days ago


Heather> u look great!

1538 days ago
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