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Lindsay Lohan -- Amphetamines, Opiates, A-OK

7/7/2010 6:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan tested positive for amphetamines and opiates during her random drug tests, this according to the probation officer's report obtained by TMZ.

Lindsay Lohan Crying

But according to the report, Lindsay was allowed to take the drugs that created the positive results -- namely, Dilaudid (opiate) and Adderall (amphetamine).

According to the report, "The defendant indicates she has been on the same prescription medication for as long as she can remember."


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1568 days ago


Unfortunately, Lindsay can't remember what happened yesterday. Bring her mother up on child abuse/endangerment charges if that's the case. "I only put my young child on ADD meds so that she could focus on making me rich and famous via her own acting career." And while no doubt Lindsay's dental surgery was painful and required 'scripts (hey, I got 5/325 hydrocodone, who is HER doctor??) I doubt she is still in enough pain to need Dilaudid.

1568 days ago

go home!    

egh, she'll join her good buddy Heath Ledger in heaven sooner than we know it and can resume their friends with benefits relationship.

1568 days ago


This is your typical pill popping drug addict.

It's time this woman gets herself straight,and get out of the movie business.

She's lost all credibility with what fans she had.

These pee tests sure are a joke.Your average person would not be allowed to use that crap while on probation.

Everyday you hear more proof of her stupidity.

1568 days ago


Why is she still prescribed pain meds for a mouth surgery she had ages ago? And why is her doctor giving her refills?

1568 days ago


"The defendant indicates she has been on the same prescription medication for as long as she can remember."

Ah well, there's your problem, Linds. Get yourself off of that crap while you're in rehab and you'll be on the road to sobriety. Just saying.

1568 days ago


Well Lindsay, since I doubt you can remember what happened 10 minutes ago in your addled state, I'm sure that is the case. PATHETIC!

1568 days ago


Dilaudid? Are you f*cking serious? As long as she can remember? That medication is a painkiller that is usually only used for chronic pain conditions or post-surgery. The idea that she has been on it "as long as she can remember" is NOT NORMAL. This girl needs help, or she will follow Britney Murphy and Corey Haim in a matter of days.

1568 days ago


If she has been on Dilaudid "for as long as she can remember" and for dental pain, she needs to be taken off that stuff. This is most likely her problem. She had money to get dental problems fixed

1568 days ago

She'll OD and die like the rest of them!

1568 days ago


This woman makes me sick.

She acts like a 13 year old,and is higher than a kite 24 hours a day.

I hope they force her to dry out,and I hope the judge increases her inpatient treatment program to 6 months.

I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled,and 2 of them were embedded..They gave me just 2 days worth of pain pills,a total of 4 pills.I never even took them all.

Why on Earth she can continue to get prescriptions for that stuff is beyond me.

I honestly think she's on all here meds just for the high,and not a dam thing more.

Then she was drinking on them as well.

She's a junkie,and those who think they are her friends,are not.They are losers as well.

Looking foward to the day this woman is no longer heard of.

1568 days ago


Oh my...Uhmmmm...Where do I sign up for this incredibly privileged club that allows you to - legally - be on such a variety of mind altering substances AND just fricking get away with crap? Well let's see you get those painkillers in the pokey. Yep, the judge made the right decision. 90 days for you. Use the time to sober up. When you get out, cut the ties with Mom. Find yourself a meeting and go everyday. Be grateful for this chance you are being given to change your life.
Actually your parents should be in jail with you. Shame on your Mother for being such a media whore and for allowing you to grow up in this manner. And shame on your Dad for well just being a total D&*K!

1568 days ago


So why on earth should any one be on a pill like morphine for as long as they can remember??? really i doubt she even needs adderall I mean really why doesn't the judge get a second opinion to see if she needs them still

1568 days ago


It's ridiculous that she's on Dilaudid, which as others have commented, is very strong, and not for regular use. Sounds like Dr. Murray of MJ fame may know her doctor... Was she on that when she was drinking?

Also, I would be more impressed with her probation report if the officer could spell 'prescription' correctly; he blew it both times.

1568 days ago


I agree. Dilaudid is much stronger than I've ever gotten and I had ankle surgery. I wished I'd had something like that. It is not normal to receive that kind of medicine for dental surgery. She needs to be talken off of that one for sure. Hopefully the jail stint and rehab will get her back before its to late.

1568 days ago
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