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Lindsay Lohan -- Amphetamines, Opiates, A-OK

7/7/2010 6:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan tested positive for amphetamines and opiates during her random drug tests, this according to the probation officer's report obtained by TMZ.

Lindsay Lohan Crying

But according to the report, Lindsay was allowed to take the drugs that created the positive results -- namely, Dilaudid (opiate) and Adderall (amphetamine).

According to the report, "The defendant indicates she has been on the same prescription medication for as long as she can remember."


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I can't understand why Lindsay would be on Dilaudid for a long period of time. I received two doses of Dilaudid when I was in the hospital after having a lumbar puncture and being re-admitted to the ER when a spinal fluid leak caused me to have a second spinal procedure in 2 days. Even then, I had to sign my life away for the hospital to agree to put me on the pain meds. What horrible doctor is giving her refills of it? When I was on it, I was barely functional and coherent, and it doesn't surprise me that Lindsay is acting like she's bonkers. Somebody needs to put a stop to this, or she's going to wind up in an early grave.

1547 days ago


Lindsay's "double fisted pose" is identical to Casey Anthony's famous pose.

TMZ should set photos of Linds and Casey's identical "double fisted pose" side by side.

1547 days ago


Whoa, no-one else gets that crap when they get dental work done. Who's the physician?

1547 days ago


Dilaudid is a very serious drug.....tolerance is built very quickly, if she's been on it as long as she can remember thats not a good sign. Mixing opiates with stimulants with benzos (or pseudo benzos) is a really bad combo....think 'Heath Leger'. What the heck is she on all this stuff for? and what doctor is prescribing all three?.....bad bad combo. And then on top of that booze? holy cow!

1547 days ago


I remember seeing the footage of Lindsay sniffing spoonfuls in the restroom. Does anyone have video of her shooting up? I'd kinda like to see that. The freckles (after removing the 8mm-thick layer of make-up) should easily hide the track marks.

1547 days ago


Dilaudid was what my Dying Brother gotQ!!!!!....Some one has GOT to stop the "celebity" other rules!Q!...You know if a non celeb did all she did...You ASS would be in jail......So Disgusted with the courts of Ca....Patty

1547 days ago


I gotta find out who the doctor is....i can't even get a short term script for ativan....let alone a long term script for opiates,and amphetamines! BTW; dialudid and aderall are highly sought after on the street. aAnd one of the more commonly sold black market prescription drugs, especially dilaudid (super addictive due to it's potentcy and very short half life)...Known as "Dillys" on the street.

1547 days ago


just WHAT makes her - a young woman - take drugs like these?! during her probation she was doing nothing, but partying.

1547 days ago

Why oh Why?    

There seems to be an overwhelming cluster of doctors in LA writing any kind of prescriptions for money and without caring about the side effects. People die...: Heath Ledger, Brittany Murphy, Michael Jackson...probably many more we never hear of. This young girl is heading the same way.

Some doctors should be on the stand, too.
Stop giving the "pill-thrillers" what they want - concentrate on saving lives instead!

1547 days ago


oh yeah, Dilaudid (8 times potency of morphine) also screws up your sleep cycles....opiates in general do not allow proper sleep, as they are actually a cognitive stimulant, while being a CNS suppresant (hence 'the naud'). Dilaudid is the worst for sleep due to its 3-6 hour half life...thus you end uptaking benzos or other sleep aids which further suppress the CNS (add a little booze and you can't lift your arm to dial 911, you just lie there hoping you dont stop breathing). The Nexium is common for addicts and ex addicts as the long term abuse of booze, drugs and therfore lack of proper nutrition, destroys the stomatch lining and hence reflux and ulceration.

1547 days ago


Who was the doctor that kept prescribing such powerful and mind-altering drugs to someone with such an addictive personality? She's been in and out of rehab! The doctor should have his license to practise medicine taken away! His desire for a big pay check is clearly a greater motivation than his Hippocratic oath!

Posted at 9:01 PM on Jul 7, 2010 by Brightside

....Actually ,where i am from it is against the law for a doctor to "enable" an addict/ex-addict; thus my not being able to get addictive substances (benzos, opiates, etc) at the doctors office....even if sometimes warranted. Our health care system's computers are all linked via a pharmacy network...when my name is punched in, it up comes the red flagged. Is it not the same in Cailfornia?

1547 days ago


Somebody should look into the doctor writing thr prescriptions and take their medical license away. Dental surgery you get what two, three days worth of pain meds. and that is it. For LL really don't care if she ends up like all the other dead hollywood stars, her choice. She was a cute child star and is nothing more but a washed up actress that no one really wants to see anymore, again by the choices she has made. Let her live her life however short it may end up being who really cares.........................

1547 days ago


I Usually Do Not Comment on Non Clinical Web Sites, However, I Think My Comments May Be Helpful & Enlightening & Useful To The Public...

With All Due Respect to Ms. Lohan & The Probation Officer & The Court...
The Medication Regimes, For These individualized "Attentional Disorders":ie Adderall & the Dental Pain Med, Dilaudid, Are Highly Inappropriate, For One, Who Allegedly Has a Predisposition To Addictive Disorders & Currently, an Active Chronological History in Utilizing, Legal & Illegal Substances of Opiates ie" Dilaudid & Alcohol & Cocaine...& The List Goes On...

If Ms. Lohan Has an "Attentional Disorder"....Stimulants ie: Adderall, is Not The Medication Regime, of a Solid Clinical Decision Making Process & is Not the Preferred Choice, For Her Well~Being & Keeping Her Safe, From a Clinical Perspective....Adderall, in this Clinical Scenario is a "Tipping Point" Medication...
Not Normally Utilized in Cutting Edge Medicine, These Days~With People Who Have an Addictive History.

There Are Safer Clinical Medications, in Terms of Her History, That Would Come To Mind,
in the Form of~We''ll Say~"Wellbutrin"...
a Dual Action Medication, Listed as an Anti Depressant, But is an Excellent Choice For Co~Existing, Attentional Disorders~&~Incredibly Useful in Stabilizing The Brain Chemistry of The Client, @ Both Ends of The Clinical Spectrum..& Especially Useful For People Who Abuse Cocaine...

The Medication~Vivance, is Also Very Useful & Clinically Appropriate in This Situation, Given That it is Incredibly Subtle in the Transport System To The Brain & its Safe Activation Process. & it Doesn't Give One, the Jolt of Hyper Awareness That Most of the Stimulant Medications Seem To Do.
It is Also, Very Difficult To "Abuse"~Given its Clinical Compound Properties......
So, There You Go & I Hope This Has Been Helpful...
Respectfully Submitted~The Zenn~Coach

1547 days ago


I can't believe this "treatment" center didn't investigate the validity of the prescriptions. I think they are obviously after the money and not sincerely interested in providing treatment. I certainly don't think they should be authorized to fulfill a court ordered treatment mandate. Send them someplace that's a "real" treatment center. What a joke. She's got enablers all around her and the treatment center is front and center on that list!

1547 days ago


The judge needs to modify her still be allowed the pain meds from her dental surgery is ridiculous, and no more sleeping pills! I would hope that this is simply an oversight by the court and that it can be corrected immediately. She needs the full 90 days in jail, NO EARLY RELEASE, then another SIX months inpatient rehab. Considering the disrespect the prosecutor has proven she showed the court system and her obvious denial that she has a serious addiction problem, to me this would still be an easy sentence. Sadly, it doesnt seem as though she will ever get it. And her a-hole parents just need to both disappear from her life...Dad is a fame-w%*#e and Mom is obviously an enabler who wants to make money off her kid. SAD!

1547 days ago
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