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Lindsay Lohan: I'm NOT Going to Jail!

7/8/2010 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ ... Lindsay Lohan vows to appeal Judge Marsha Revel's 90-day jail sentence.


One source who was with Lindsay last night says LiLo proclaimed, "I'm not going to jail!" Lindsay was talking with people in her apartment about appealing the case.

As for how Lindsay could appeal ... the only real basis is arguing that Judge Revel abused her discretion in nailing LiLo with a 90-day sentence.  The chances of winning such an appeal are extremely remote under the best of circumstances, and given Lindsay's performance on probation ... snowballs and hell come to mind.

Lindsay's vow to appeal could explain why Shawn Chapman Holley just threw in the towel and resigned.

We're told Lohan's new attorney, Tiffany Feder-Cohen, has already been in touch with the Sheriff's Department.



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@RJ Hunt
Her probation ends on August 8th 2011 and until then she will be subject to random drug and alcohol tests.

1545 days ago


"I thought I was in compliance" ... blah blah blah ...

Oh really - which part of "attend once a week" did you not understand?

Of course you understood it, you just decided you were above all of this and blew it off.

Time to pay the piper ...

1545 days ago


This new lawyer Tiffany sounds like some dumb B who decided to become a lawyer because she watched Legally Blonde on cable one Saturday night while doing her nails

1545 days ago


Her lawyer is an idiot!!!! Criminal lawyering 101, check your client for piercing and have them removed before court, have them cover tatts, instruct them how to dress and then give them the once over for stupid stuff like sh*t written on them that might give someone the wrong idea. Fire the attorney, this is her fault, LL has no idea what she is doing.

1545 days ago


Lilo knows exactly what she is doing - it doesnt matter when she had F-U printed on her fingernails ("in dc" ... who cares?), it was the fact that she didnt take it off before entering court.

She knew it, she didnt remove it, and as a result she is contemptous of the court's proceedings.

1545 days ago


Go back and watch the sentencing video ... LiLo CANNOT beleive she has been sentenced to jail ... its almost like she was hit by a Mack truck.

That tells me (well, apart from an emotional wreck) that she was in no way prepared that jail WAS an option, and that in terms of probability, she would be going to jail.

Holley made some errors and has been wise to cut her loses ... she knows she should have been aware of the little 'F-U' message, but it seems to me she didnt really set LiLo's expectations ...

Little Missy thought paying the big bucks would get her off the hook ... doesnt always work out that way now does it?

1545 days ago


Im so glad she is going to jail..all of these little hollywood bitches think they are above the law...she should be giving a longer sentence....i hope this nasty little ginger kids career is over!!!!

1545 days ago


Since when is LILO above the law. She has just about enough of a chance of escaping jail than Joran Van Dersloot is getting out of Castro Castro.

Best of luck to the both of them - LOL

1545 days ago


Preach on girl! Excellent post from beginning to end.

Posted at 1:33 PM on Jul 8, 2010 by anonymous

Read more:

LOL! Geez it WAS 'preachy' right?! This girl just has exasperated me to NO END tho':)I have nothing BUT compassion for my 'fellow addicts' & I WANT to 'care' but her self-entitlement is just TOO MUCH! I really thought at some point(like, after the judge slammed the gavel down on her @ss yesterday?) that she would say, "Wow, just how f'd up AM I going to allow my life to become anyway"??? Yet what does she do? Flops down on the ground & starts rollin' around screaming "Waaaaaaahhhh...I WANT AN APPEAL & I WANT IT YESTERDAY"! Like a 3yr old who's mommy said "NO" in the candy aisle of the grocery or something:( If she would just bust thru that DENIAL, pull up her 'big girl poo-poo pants' & take one step forward; I'd jump right back on the 'Lilo train' but it just doesn't look like there's a single redeaming facet to this girls mentality or personality whatsoever.

Earthquake in Haiti, oil spill in the gulf, starving children covering the continent of Africa yet this girl just can't RISE UP out of her pathetic existence & manage to GET OUT OF HER OWN HEAD?!! I don't know WHEN she is actually going to 'hit that bottom' but her personal public 'appeal' certainly has in my book; as well as her 'value to her fellow man'!

What are you gonna do to HELP YOURSELF, Ms.Lohan? Please, just give us a little 'peek' of insight into this question cause I think everyones running out of reasons to justify spending 10 more seconds on your TMZ message boards. She's going to find herself without a single 'Twitter-friend' if she doesn't get her head out of her @ss. :) :)

1545 days ago


Hey coke whore, you're going to jail-deal with it

1545 days ago


STUPID GIRL.... why in the world would a person go into a court room in front of judge and paint F**k U on your middle finger? How STUPID.. you deserve it.. 90 days to think about how STUPID you really are!!!

1545 days ago


Such a whiny... and Lindsey.. you ARE going to jail...


FU too =)

1545 days ago


ummm does her lips look a little swollen or something??

1545 days ago


I find this really sad actually. Pathetic and sad. I grew up watching the parent trap. Who would'a thunk she'd end up like this. Not me.

1545 days ago


If she checks herself into a program come Monday, the judge will INCREASE her jail time - and she will still have to do county rehab. on top.
There is no way she can appeal a probation violation - not in her case and not with this judge, who goes strictly by the book and even cut hers ome slack.

1545 days ago
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