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Lindsay Lohan

Calls Judge

'F**king Bitch'

7/8/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan went ballistic after she was sentenced to 90 days in jail, telling her friends, Judge Marsha Revel is "a f**king bitch." 

Hours after the sentence -- Lindsay bitterly complained to her friends, Revel hates her, was out to get her, and thinks all the judge wanted to do was make an example out of her.  Calling Revel a "f**king bitch" does not exactly square with Lindsay's final words in court Tuesday, "I don't want you to think that I don't respect you."

Lindsay insisted she does not have a problem with drugs or alcohol.

As for whether the judge gave Lindsay a 90-day sentence to make an example out of her ... some  defense lawyers who practice at the Bev Hills courthouse believe Judge Revel's sentence was out of whack.  Several of the lawyers who have had similar cases before Judge Revel say none of their clients have gotten more than 30 days in jail, for similar probation violations.  One source said, "No one gets 90 days for this.  No one."


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Fat hand puppet    

if TMZ KNOOOOOOOOOWS so much about what lindsay says all the time, we want to hear what lindsay says about other things, TMZ should tell us other things like-?> what does lindsay think about:
1. lebron james? Does lindsay think he should go to the Nicks?
2. singer Katherine Jenkins? Does Lindsay like the song Angel?
3. Does Lindsay like Chocolate IceCream or Mint Vanilla?
4. Does Lindsay prefer chicken paprika -or- chicken rangoon.
5. What does lindsay say during sex.. is it OH god no? or Oh god yes?

-loopy e

1566 days ago


You do the crime, you do the time. According to lindsey the whole world is out to get her. Grow up and take responsibilty for your life and you actions

1566 days ago


Why don't I have friends like this???

1566 days ago

Laffn Bear    

Ah....Denial. It is a pain and fun to watch. A typical reaction of the addicted. "I wouldn't be here if it was not for (any one, any thing, any happening.) A failure to take responsibility for one's actions.
No one caused Lindsay to be in the position she is except for Lindsay.
If she did not have a problem with drugs and alcohol she would not be falling the bushes, arrested or going to jail. No one else drank the booze or snorted the coke.
Unfortunately she will continue to argue she is okay and scream to be left alone until she hits her bottom. This may be sooner or later.
She faces a future of three possibilities, jail, institutions or death. Clean sobriety is the only option.
She is the only person that can make that decision.

1566 days ago


I agree with her who the f-ck gets 90 days for 1 probation violation. Her probation in October was only extended on count 2 which was the dui so she should have only got 30 days for that 1 offense or at the very maximum 60 because it was 2 duis or 60 for a dui and reckless driving.
What is the point in her passing all the drug tests when the judge makes rehab mandatory it was a disgraceful decision

1566 days ago


Going to jail is not going to sober this girl up. She will be just another sad footnote of a Hollywood kid dead before her time. She isn't going to spend any time in jail, and she's not going to complete rehab or any of the other bandaid measures these celebrities give a half hearted stab at. Let her OD and get it over with so we don't have to read any more about her!

1566 days ago


Absolutely, but Lindsay left out the best part - an UGLY bitch!
And the DA the same thing, but on top a FAT. So basically we have hard working class america and rich america. no wonder you (working class) hate us so much. we make money like you eat burgers....
ah aha ha

1566 days ago

Paulie Pumpkins    

First pro-Lindsay article out there! Hilarious!

1566 days ago


#13 Claire---the very little that you said completely sums it up!

1566 days ago


She only got 30 days for the violation, 30 days for each of the DWI charges, she got off easy.

1566 days ago


Incidentally Lindsay won't get 90 days's already do***ented she'll only serve 23 at BEST.

And no one else serves 84 minutes on their second DUI, so I guess either way that balances it out.

Oh, and no one else is allowed to take 5 totally unnecessary prescriptions while in jail either. That crap would have been cut FAST if it were anyone else.

Also I somehow doubt many people have cases of people hijacking cars with people as hostages when they refer to their "similar" DUI probation violation cases.

1566 days ago


nothing wrong with her response,,who wouldnt be calling the judge who just sentenced them to 90 days names??

1566 days ago

The Love Sponge    

I worked as a bartender for 25 years and I have never seen or heard anybody get 90 days for DUI violations. Even people with more than 5 or 6 DUI arrest avoid time. This is Bull Sh*t.

1566 days ago


If they cut her prescriptions off while she is in jail which isn't equipped to deal with withdrawal or detox. Then if something happens to her i'm sure her family especially her dad would sue. He wrote several letters saying that she needed rehab and that jail wouldn't help so they would be wise not to cut her off.

1566 days ago


People that are not familiar with how probation works should read up on it.If you are found guilty of a crime you recieve a sentence of say two years in jail. The judge has the option of turning that into two years of probation for say, a first time offender, which Lindsay of coarse is not.The deal is though, that you have to stay sqeaky clean for two years. Go to all required classes, pay all fines, go to monthly probation meetings w/ probation officer and in Lindsays case stay off the booze and drugs.If you violate ANY probation requirements like setting off your SCRAM or not showing up for court you have done just that, violated your probation!!!! At that point the law clearly states that you are to spend the remaining time in JAIL!This is the first time I have heard of bonding out of probation violation. The rest of us would go straight to jail for the remainder of sentence. Lindsay should be doing 6 months to a year for second offense DUI w/ possesion of a controlled substance. She has no idea how lucky she is!!Then of coarse she will get special treatment in jail and they have already said she will probably only do 23 days? If it were you or me, we would do at least the required 90 days. More like a year.Poor Lindsay, a tear for Lindsay. They should put her mom and dad in there with her. Nice family photo op.

1566 days ago
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