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Lindsay Lohan

Says F-U in Court

7/7/2010 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan may not have told off the judge with her mouth -- but yesterday in court, she had a special message for Judge Marsha Revel painted on her fingernails ... "f*ck you."



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Maybe it was directed to TMZ ;)

1539 days ago


@BDJ well so far have heard its photoshopped, young people walk around with **** you t-shirts all the time and she just had it written on her nails, one of her friends did it as a joke, it wasnt directed towards the judge it was directed at the papz! Lets see how many other ways her dumbass blind worshippers spin this! I hope someone comes up with a more believable excuse!

1539 days ago


Remember when she was human

1539 days ago


I was trying to find sympathy for her, trying to give her the benefit of the doubt. This just blows it out of the water. I WANTED to be on her side but now I can't.

Lindsay you are so disrespectful. I am your age and I can't believe how you act - I feel so sorry for you. "No one understands" doesn't cut it anymore. You need help because growing up just won't work anymore.

1539 days ago


I wonder... I know this is after the fact, but I wonder if Judge Revel could see this picture and then hold her in contempt for appearing in court like that. It's something that she wouldn't have seen yesterday, but the photos show exactly how Lohan was disrespecting Judge Revel's court. If the judge saw that yesterday, Lohan may've ended up with more than just 90 days in jail. Still, if the judge saw this today, I wonder how it could affect Lindsay in the future.

1539 days ago


I wouldn't put it past TMZ to photo shop this in to keep the story going!

1539 days ago


I wish I were on the bench instead of that stupid, incompetent, weak judge. I'd have given the little bitch a whole year in jail, complete with a guard doing the honors of giving her a humiliating stripdown and cavity search. Treat her like a hardened prisoner and give her no privileges. She's nothing but a waste of life. She probably wouldn't last a year in the conditions I'd put her in.

1539 days ago


90 days will turn into 2 weeks, as we know. Unfortunately this jail time will get her a staggering amount of publicity, more than her floundering career. Her blatant disrespect for the law is a turnoff as I'm sure all movie producers think too. The sad thing is that she still doesn't get it. Just do your time Lohan. This won't be your last sentence.

1539 days ago

mr attitude    

I hope the judge sees the pics. I'm sure someone will bring it to her attention. I'd love to see this gutter slut end up with another 30 days added on.

1539 days ago


GROW UP, GIRL!!!!!!!!!

1539 days ago


She knew what she was
doing when she held her
hand that way, too.
If I were that judge, I'd
drag her stupid butt
right back into court.
She's not very smart.

1539 days ago


knew what she was doing
when she held her hand to her
face like that, what balls!
Not very smart, she'll be lucky
if the judge doesn't drag her
back to court, I know I would.

1539 days ago


will be hard to get over it not be able to shoot the soft porn movie. I always ask myself why didnt she went str8 to the porn industry oh yeah I get it she is big screen artist which all movies she appers on sold on DVD right after release.

1539 days ago


You people are really stupid. Just cause she had that on her nail doesn't mean anything. Alot of my friends have that written on their nails and you can barely notice unless the finger nail is in your face or you know, zoom in on a picture. Nobody noticed that. Nobody saw that until some loser with nothing better to do zoomed on on her fingernail. People have F U tattoed on their forarms, knuckles, various places but that's okay. It's only bad when it's on your brightly painted fingernails in fading marker. I swear to go people will bitch and moan about this but not care a wink over the oil spill and dead animals.

1539 days ago


Its that attitude that is sending her to jail! And the judge got the big F-you in the end, so I wonder how funny she thinks it is now. I'm glad she's going to jail, even if she gets out after serving like 3 days. I'm so sick of this no-talent having, spoiled, junkie brat. It also looks like she went and her trout pout filled up again before she went to court. She deserves everything she has coming to her. She is always the perpetual victime, its always everyone's fault but hers.

1539 days ago
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