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Lindsay Lohan

Says F-U in Court

7/7/2010 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan may not have told off the judge with her mouth -- but yesterday in court, she had a special message for Judge Marsha Revel painted on her fingernails ... "f*ck you."



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Lilo better hope the judge doesn't catch wind of this. I gotta hand it to Lilo though, she clanked walking into the court room with that on her nail. She really does have a lot of nerve. When I fisrt saw that I thought, man, she hasn't learned anything. I wonder what excuse she'll try to give the judge on this one. And her dad....he's a s*** bag and where the hell was mom??? Dina is a s*** bag too.

1569 days ago


Nice...look who's ucked now!

1569 days ago


Lilo is such a dumb a$$... serious, contempt in court. I feel sorry for her lawyer to put up with all of this B.S.

I would've been like, "Sorry, I did my best, but if you don't like it, I'll keep my retainer and get you a court appointed lawyer..."

Or worse...

Try to defend yourself.


1569 days ago


No, Tmz, I think that "**** You" is for you, and the rest of the media.

1569 days ago

IDK Y?    

Blow the picture on the left up, and you can see that it is NOT on her nail. I no fan, but this is OBVIOUSLY photoshop!! Come on TMZ, can't do any better than that?

1569 days ago


The problem with this white trash "star" is: mediocre talent is enthroned by Hollywood produers, an uninformed and ignorant public "buy" her and she is to uneducated and uninformed to know that she is a nothing.

1569 days ago


Perfect example of defiance. Oh Lindsey such class you have. I would be embarrassed if you were my daughter. You have the class of a bottom feeder. I hope you have to get a real job someday. Your attitude will change quickly. And no wonder Sam dumped you on your ass. Id be embarressed to be seen with you.

1569 days ago


Ok i think almost all celebrities get treated as if they are gods! I mean lets say me a normal parent of 2 stuggling like the rest of america got caught drinking and driving hiting cars showing off the goods i'd be arrested with out a doubt! But not the celebrities... Thats why they are dieing so young going into to rehab at like 18. The courts are killing these people.... Being an actor or actress is just a job a way to make money... just like an electrician or mail carrier!!!

1569 days ago


Maybe she's trying to be in competition with Britney and since neither of them can get attention on stage anymore then they have to find an alternative.

1569 days ago


She knew HARVEY/TMZ would be watching closely and if TMZ could've reported that she farted they would've that's how close they are to getting every tidbit about her! Sheesh!

1569 days ago


I'd say the judge got the final f u.

1569 days ago


Are you telling me no one knows a photo shop picture? Save the picture to your my pictures then insert it into a word program. Crop the picture and then enlarge. Guess what brain farts... there are NO WORDS ON HER FINGER NAIL.

1569 days ago


And this could have been the reason she got 90 days to serve one charge after another instead of concurrent without no time suspended and then 90 days in hospital treatment. Judges don't always show their emotions or feelings, they keep them hide but even though they don't say anything, they have been know to let their thoughs be known in other ways. However I have the feeling that the Judge didn't see it, or she could have tossed another charge against Lindsay. Don't forget she already got in trouble for her attire.

1569 days ago


Real classy. What a train wreck.

1569 days ago


Lindsey is just lucky she got 3 months and not 6 months. oh bit wow, 3 months in jail, possible 1 month out, good behavioir??? and anothe 3 month in a in-potient place. big wow.

1569 days ago
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