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Jennifer Lopez Out of Controversial N. Cyprus Concert

7/8/2010 7:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Lopez has officially "withdrawn" from a concert in a European territory currently under military occupation -- claiming she never would have agreed to perform had she known the "relevant circumstances" surrounding the intense political situation.


Lopez was scheduled to perform in Turkish-occupied Northern Cyprus ... an area that neither the United Nations nor the European Union recognize as an independent sovereign state ... because of the way it was illegally occupied by the Turkish military in 1974.

In fact, multiple Greek and Cypriot politicians expressed anger after reports surfaced claiming Lopez had agreed to perform at a swanky hotel in Northern Cyprus on July 24.

But a rep for Lopez tells TMZ, "Jennifer Lopez would never knowingly support any state, country, institution or regime that was associated with any form of human rights abuse."

The rep added, "After a full review of the relevant circumstances in Cyprus, it was the decision of management to withdraw from the appearance.  This was a team decision that reflects our sensitivity to the political realities of the region."


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Josh Adams    

Here is an analogy ....

Let's say 30 years after World War 2, in 1974, the Japanese decided that they want retribution from USA so they attacked and took over Hawaii, and then California. Their official reason was that the Japanese living in little Tokyo of Los Angeles were threaten by the Americans.
Thousands/Millions of Americans got raped,died and dislocated (i.e thrown out of their houses). As a result of this your grandparents lost their house, your aunt died and your whole family had to move in another state.
The illegal attack by Japan on U.S.A was condemned by the United Nations and almost every country on Earth. California is boycott and not recognized by any country in this world except Japan itself. Nonetheless, USA was too weak to fight back and no one else came to your aid. As a result the illegal occupation continued all the way into 2010. On the 36th anniversary of the attack, July 20th 2010, the Japanese decided to throw a big party in California and open a brand new hotel on the same spot that used to belong to your grandparents. So they invited a super start from England like Elton John to perform. Elton John accepted and he will be performing in the illegally occupied state of California, celebrating the day that your grandparents lost their houses and your aunt die.

How would you feel about that?

p.s Wikipedia is not considered a good source of information, the same applies for Facebook comments. Instead consider this, the north part of Cyprus is not recognized by any country in this world, in fact every single country, except Turkey, enforce an embargo. The UN has sanctioned Turkey and condemned the invasion as illegal. The United States went as far as to force an arms embargo on Turkey itself for six years (
My friend these actions are a stronger indicator on who's wrong than any comment you might read on facebook...

1533 days ago


My first time hearing about this.

1533 days ago


Man I would love to bang her.

1533 days ago


Wow, is this true, has she actually withdrawn? I did write her a letter expressing my concern about her lack of knowledge inregards to Human Rights violations and how refugees are deprived of the free use of their own land due to the Military occupation. I respect her so much for that, she truly does understand the sensitive issue and how human rights have been violated for the past 40 years. I understand there are faults of both communities but to sing on the very week that marks the days of the invasion was disrespectful since it is not a celebration but a day of solemn remembrance of what occured and how there is no solution. I guess she was uninformed about Cyprus like so many are. It is still occupied, boarder crossing from North to South. Few from the south have received compensation as refugees and have to go through lengthy legal battles. There are missing persons still not found, graves are not even exhumed so that people can bury their loved ones. An island of love which really is divided. I dont doubt that the civilians of the Northern area suffer but the South of Cyprus has the largest internally displaced refugees in all of the world. SO this is good that she has withdrawn. Thank you Ms Lopez I still admire you.

1533 days ago


There is a reason Selena's family and movie producers would NOT let Jennifer Lopez sing in the movie Selena. She is not talented.

She's doing this TOTALLY because it would be a PR nightmare.

What's the real crime are people paying to see her sing in concert.

She secretly went to Japan and sang on Japan broadway years ago and the reviews were brutal. One said,'If she would just stand there and smile it would be fine. But then she sang and it was not a pretty sound."

When Paris Hilton, Hilary Duff, Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan, and Hulk Hogans' daughter can put out Albums, you know the end of the world is near. This generation is a mess if they think this is talent.

1533 days ago



1533 days ago


Thank you Ms. Lopez. The refugees of Cyprus thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for being understanding and caring enough to review the facts and withdraw from this setup you were put in.

1533 days ago


You spelled "canceled" wrong, dummies.

1533 days ago


Good for her. The average American has no clue how degrading the Turks are. So glad she realized this. I like her even more now.

1533 days ago

John Kimon    

It's refreshing when a celebrity like Jennifer Lopez takes the trouble to find out about a situation – in this case, Turkey's barbaric invasion and occupation of Cyprus – and then has the courage and humility to admit they made a mistake in agreeing to perform at the behest of the illegal regime Turkey has established in the northern part of the island. Human rights do matter, and it's great that Jennifer Lopez has taken such a principled stance in this case. Well done to her.

1533 days ago


I really really am madly deeply continuously passionately and romanticly in love with Jennifer Lopez. I really really love enjoy crave honor cherish respect and obey all of Jennifer Lopez from head to toe. I really really do care about Jennifer Lopez. I really really am concerned about Jennifer Lopez. That concert should had not been cancelled. To see Jennifer Lopez totally in the nude on purpose is my all-time #1 favorite way to Jennifer Lopez. Jennifer Lopez is my honey,my babe,my love,my future wife and my future boss. And someday Jennifer Lopez and I will meet each other on purpose. From George William Gockel

1533 days ago

Andreas Erotokritou    

Thank you Jennifer!! You are true champion of Morality, Human Rights, Democracy and Freedom!

Thanks to the efforts of thousands of grassroots activists, people who care about human rights, freedom and democracy, Jennifer Lopez has reconsidered and she has OFFICIALLY withdrawn from the concert! She will NOT be making a favour to the Turkish occupation army, Neo-Sultan Tayyip Erdogan and Neo-Ottoman imperialist Ahmet Davutoglu. Congratulations to the Cyprus Action Network of America for their enormous efforts!!

Thank you Jennifer!! You are true champion of Morality, Human Rights, Democracy and Freedom! Yes, you are still "Jenny from the block", and you do care about "Eleni from Keryneia", "Anastasia from Ammochostos" and "Georgia from Morphou" that in 1974 they were forced to flee their houses and ancestral lands, they were raped at gunpoint, they had their husbands executed in front of their eyes, and they were made refugees along with 200,000 other Greek-Cypriots.

Thank you Jennifer you putting morality, ethics and human rights above the blood-dripping money and fame that the rapists, the murderers and the invaders promised to you.

1533 days ago


Good for her indeed.

Cypriots have suffered a lot since the occupation started some 3 decades ago

1533 days ago


It is well known Jennifer Lopez's career has been in decline and she is smart to take any paying job she can get. I guess no one did their homework on this one.

1533 days ago


Hey turkey...out of Cyprus

1533 days ago
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