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Lindsay Lohan's Lawyer:

I Quit!

7/8/2010 3:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Lindsay Lohan's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, has resigned as LiLo's lawyer.

TMZ called Holley for comment on a story we're working on, and she informed us she is no longer repping Lindsay.  Sources tell us Holley resigned earlier today.

As for who Lindsay will be hiring ... we're told she's a brand new lawyer, Tiffany Feder-Cohen, who was just admitted to the bar in November. 

As for what Lindsay wants her to do ... stay tuned.  We'll tell you shortly.


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my contacts tell me she was fired after lindsey gave her hell for doing a crappy job,Lindsey was heard to say,,"I am more important than OJ was and you failed me so your fired"
lindsay was introduced to her new lawyer by Paris Hilton ,she was Paris's ex BFF

1538 days ago


Post #3 Nicole..who exactly are you? My advice to you is,put your words into action. #1 Get in your car,snort some coke,slam a 12 pack of beer,and go driving around running red lights,endangering people's lives while speeding,and get pulled over.Then tell the arresting officer it wasn't you driving.Just point your finger to the nearest person around you.
#2 After getting bailed out,repeat step one again within 60 days,but make sure you have some coke residue in your pants pocket this time.This second time inform the arresting officer it was not you driving,and point the finger at some innocent bystander once again,and tell the officer the pants you are wearing dont belong to you. After you accomplish all of this,then come back here to TMZ and compare your court sentence with Lindsay Lohans. Hopefuly we wont be reading any of your stupidity for at least a year down the road...

1538 days ago


SCH held on a lot longer than I would have. If your client isn't willing to help herself, at some point your job becomes impossible.

1538 days ago


if I were LiLo I would dump that attorney as well...
get some fresh face and "balls/vagina?"in front of that judge.

they let everyone else off even OJ and she gets 90 days.

**** that judge too; he attorney is not doubt ****ing the judge!

1538 days ago


Where is the proof Lindsay said it because TMZ reported it?
There isn't any video or audio of it
Even if she did say it she had every right the sentence handed down was so out of whack with the average punishment that someone gets for violating their probation for the first time.

1538 days ago


I think it's obvious Shawn quit because of the finger
nail message. Linds totally underminded and embarassed
her lawyer with that stunt. Final straw!

Good for you Ms. Holley!

1538 days ago


Lindsay Lohan is a loser.She does not want to admit that she needs to go to rehab and stop drinking and doing drugs.She is a very talented girl but I have not seen her in a decent movie since the last decade.I am glad her lawyer quit on her.Lindsay needs to have her friends,her parents,and her fans quit on her too so she can realize that she has hit rock bottom and needs help urgently.

1538 days ago


She should hire Perry Mason...he never lost a case...

1538 days ago


So much hate for the attorney? It's all her fault poor Lindsay got 90 days. Awwwh. Guess her being black was the reason Lindsay got time. How pathetic of anyone to even suggest that.

That was the smartest move the attorney could make. Now all those who made sly remarks about her 'incompetent black attorney' (love the taste of hate much?!?!) - let's see what is said about Tiffany.

Yesterday folks were blaming her attorney because she didn't catch Lindsays "FU" nail. Give me a break!!! She probably had her nails done that morning - and what attorney checks your entire body before going to court. Most attorneys would give you the benefit of doubt to have even the slightest sense not to piss off the court. Lindsay is a train wreck - it's her fault and her fault only that she got time. She got the DUI, she got caught with drugs, she made a mockery out of the judges orders, she went into court with a FU nail. Now 'she's a victim of cir***stances because she thought she was doing all she should have. Give me a break!!!

And this is all a moot point because if she serves 20 days most will be surprised.

1538 days ago


Shawn was mumbling her words at the court.He performance was dissapointing but its not a good time to change a lawyer.

1538 days ago


SCH exact statement about Lindsay's nails

"The fact is, the words could barely be seen by the naked eye. That a courtroom camera, purportedly there to accurately chronicle the proceedings, would use a telephoto lens to zoom in as it did to Ms. Lohan's fingernail is a commentary on the entire issue,"

1538 days ago


lawyers usually quit when they know u have no more money left!!

1538 days ago

LA Native    

I was wondering what took so long.

1538 days ago



1538 days ago


The lawyer was trying to listen to the judge & lindsey all in her face.. "What!!? please!!! help me, do something!!! Hanging on her arm!! LOL-Don't blame her for quitting.

1538 days ago
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