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Lindsay Lohan's Lawyer:

I Quit!

7/8/2010 3:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Lindsay Lohan's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, has resigned as LiLo's lawyer.

TMZ called Holley for comment on a story we're working on, and she informed us she is no longer repping Lindsay.  Sources tell us Holley resigned earlier today.

As for who Lindsay will be hiring ... we're told she's a brand new lawyer, Tiffany Feder-Cohen, who was just admitted to the bar in November. 

As for what Lindsay wants her to do ... stay tuned.  We'll tell you shortly.


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Good riddance!    

What else is a lawyer going to do when they have a complete idiot for a client? An idiot that does absolutely everything in their power to sabotage themselves in court? Yet another example of idiocy is that is the DA is seriously considering adding charges of contempt for the same idiot's little nail stunt. If Chapman had a client with even the bare minimum of brain activity that actually listened to her advice and the advice of the court, none of this would be taking place. Actually, the word advice is not a good word and mandate or legal directives, or even Gdamn plain common sense would be better, but Lohan has none of these, not even close! You cannot do much of anything when a complete idiot is on a suicide mission and is determined to succeed, except lock them up for everyone's safety or step back and let them have the inevitable play out.

1505 days ago


I was hit head on by a drunk driver on the freeway and by some miracle lived to tell the tale. The driver was drunk out of his mind and arrested in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. He had a suspended license, no insurance and several previous DUI arrests. He never spent a day in jail. Lindsay Lohan could have killed many innocent people while on the road and I hardly think spending 23 days in jail and then rehab is going to kill her. Hopefully it will wake her up and prevent her from killing some one else. All of you supporters should save your pity for some one who truly deserves it.

1505 days ago


Maybe Harveys boyfriend Andy can give some stretching tips to that Judge and relax the bitch out

1505 days ago


Why should we treat Lindsay different than a normal person. Just because she is so called famous she should get different treatment?? If it was average Joshmo.. he would be immediately placed in jail and not given two weeks to bitch about it. You do the crime.. you do the time..

Plus at her yound age she is already a has been...

1505 days ago


Blohan does not deserve such a good lawyer as Shawn Holley. I'm glad she has quitted!

1505 days ago


hey lindsay! you should hire me!! i passed the bar a couple of times,...but then i eventually went inside and ordered a beer.

1505 days ago


If she was an average 'jane' she would have served jail time already.... These LA judges REALLY need to quit giving 'Stars' special treatment...breaking the law is breaking the law no matter who you are! Lindsey really needs to get a grip on her life....serve her jail time stop 'crying wolf' and grow up, I doubt she will ever get back into acting again after this. Nobody will want to hire her and nobody will want to pay to see her in a movie...I bet she winds up in porn or in the headlines like Dana Plato and many others that just couldn't cope.

1505 days ago


When the going get's tough, your lawyer halls butt...

1505 days ago


1) IMO, I don't believe that Lindsey spent 'time' putting the 'fu' on her nail 'just for court'..... IMO, been there for awhile.....
2) I'm not surprised that she no longer has the same attorney.... We've seen numerous cases where if you loose a case, you're no longer their attorney... Not to mention that this attorney was praised so much, even by Harvey, & she still got 90 days in lieu of the 30 of which even others, within legal circles, admit that they were surprised at...

1505 days ago

MJ is Raping Children Beyond the Grave    

#3 Nicole, youa re a ****ing idiot.

Lohan deserves MORE time behind bars.

1505 days ago


#3 Nicole, youa re a ****ing idiot.

Lohan deserves MORE time behind bars.

Posted at 1:16 PM on Jul 8, 2010 by MJ is Raping Children Beyond the Grave

Lol i'm the idiot ? Look at your own username
She only deserved 30 which most people get for a probation violation.

1505 days ago


"Max", just shut the f*ck up already. Your a crackpot and nobody cares about your politic crap here.

1505 days ago


What I want to know is - if Lilo is so broke, who is paying her attorney fees? They must be in the hundreds of thousands! Guaranteed Shawn Chapman Holley will be the next person filing a lawsuit against Lilo - for not paying her bill.

1505 days ago


You can bet money that it was the FU comments lindsay put on her nails that caused her lawyer to quit....she probably realized once and for all what kind of narcissitic lunatic she is dealing with.

There are about 10 people who let lindsay believe whatever she wants, her mother, her sister, whoever she's screwing and the other 7 personalities inside her head.

1505 days ago


@t the people defending Lindsay Lohan she getting what she deserved frankly she need jail time for breaking the damn law and people gave her chance but Lindsay say screw everyone including the law and court and who was try to help her and Lindsay is selfish c*unt only care about herself and to people who are defending if you done what Lindsay has done your butts be in jail .

Jail and rehab just might end up say Lindsay Lohan

1505 days ago
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