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Spousal Abuse Investigation

in Mel Gibson Case

7/8/2010 3:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. has opened a domestic violence investigation and TMZ has learned the probe is in connection with Mel Gibson's alleged attack against his baby mama Oksana Grigorieva.

Sources tell TMZ the alleged incidents occurred in Malibu in both January and February of this year.  We're told it's a "spousal abuse" investigation and the alleged victim is Oksana.   Sources tell TMZ Sheriff's deputies interviewed Oksana on Monday.

The Sheriff's Dept. has released a statement claiming investigators are "currently gathering information regarding the allegations."

Sources also tell TMZ Oksana told deputies Gibson was violent toward her several times, the worst of which she claims occurred in January and February.  She also told deputies she secretly tape recorded Gibson after the two worst violent episodes, because she feared for her safety.

Sources tell TMZ the January incident involves an alleged altercation between Mel and Oksana -- a story TMZ first broke -- in which Oksana claims Mel knocked out one of her teeth and chipped another.



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well that shawn holly lady has an opening

1567 days ago


This guy is a worthless POS. Time for him to get what is coming to him?

1567 days ago


Throw his sorry azz in jail

1567 days ago


I hope he gets charged and gets a Judge like Lindsay Lohan got, or even better I hope he gets the same judge.

1567 days ago


Mel Gibson has thrown away his career with his recent actions. What is wrong with him? Alcohol? Drugs? Mental illness? Does he really believe that his words and actions will simply vanish from the minds of the public because he makes a hit movie?

The truth is that it is hard to determine which will hurt his career most: his racist words or his physical attack on the mother of his child.

Mel, do yourself a favor. Get some help. You need it, I think, more than Linsay does, and that is saying a lot.

1567 days ago


As a recovering alcholic, (8yrs. sobriety), Mel is definately off the wagon. I knew he had at least 20 yrs. at one time. He needs to get back to meetings and "get on the horn" before he decides to take the next drink. I don't think he make up for what he has done to the mother(s) of his children. Change has to take place and responsibility for his actions needs to become "his".

1567 days ago


Throw this woman-beater in jail. Hey, Tommy Lee went to prison for 4 months just for breaking Pamela Anderson's NAIL, for god's sakes!

1567 days ago



The douchebag admitted on tape that he punched her in the face, while she was holding their child no less. When she asked how he could do such a thing he said she f*cking deserved it.

You know what Mel deserves? To get the crap beat out of him by an angry n*gger, a Jew, a wetback!

1567 days ago


Mel is idiot. I hope his bad reputation as being a racist fool gets even worse and he loses all his credibility.

1567 days ago


Polar bear, you're a bigoted ignoramus. She's not a mail-order bride. She's an accomplished musician, composer and singer; she's 40 years old BTW.

1567 days ago


I hope he beats her gold digging ass again...don't even think for one minute she didn't know what she was doing...with tape recorders and crap going. She saw that he had a temper when drinking or when not drinking and she put her plan into the hitting her part he shouldn't have went that far, but some people really do ask for it and Hey she might get a few extra million out of it for it...What a Good Gold Digger! Filthy Swine!!!

1567 days ago


My name is Beth, and I like this guy, but I don't know how to tell him.

1567 days ago


Al Gore is a crazed sex poodle.

1567 days ago


He needs rest and the best rest for him is in jail.

1567 days ago


That head of the New Black Panthers guy can scream right out in the middle of the street (I've seen the video) he "HATES White people", that Black people are going to have to "KILL a few Crackers" (White people in case you don't know) AND they will also have to "KILL a few Cracker Babies!!!" and does our DOJ Holder care about that? Nope. He's decided Black people will not be prosecuted in voter intimidation cases. At least Mel, and I'm not defending him, did NOT try to incite riot, prevent anyone from approaching a voting booth and DID NOT call to have people of another race KILLED. So where is the media about the Black Panther guy? No where.

1567 days ago
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