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Jesse James -- From the Dog House to a Mansion!

7/11/2010 4:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James just scored himself a massive 7-acre mega-estate in Austin, Texas -- so if he doesn't want to be seen, he'll have plenty of space to keep to himself!

James just closed the deal on this 9 bedroom, 7.5 bath mega-mansion estimated at $1.98 million.

And it's perfect for Jesse -- complete with a home gym, several pools, private theater and a six-car garage/workshop.

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He can move all he wants but until he changes, he's just movin'. Time and a lot of it will tell the tale. Hope he finds a good woman/partner/wife.

I especially hope SB gets over her save-the-world syndrome and learns to pick someone who can enhance her life. She deserves all the good things she's worked so hard for and there's nothing wrong with success and money - she earned it, conducted herself well and has nothing to feel guilty about just because she's a successful, pretty lady and professional, comes from a good background/family. Going back to Jesse would be so easy and that's just it - easy. SB seems to have some relationship issues that may not be the healthiest for her. Hope she can find her way. I believe she will.

1528 days ago


This is an awesome home! It looks like it is maybe in Dripping Spring, and Austin is so diversified, I cannot really believe his kids will be ostracized @all. In fact they will be treated very kindly. Yes all sorts of people love SB, but there are many celebrities living around Austin. Austin is a laid back city with no paps stalking your every breath. Good Luck. "Lucky" Peace to you and your adorable kids!

1528 days ago

I Luv TMZ    

Is he trying to impress Sandra with this big a$$ mansion? I like Sandra's house much better.

1528 days ago


don't think jesse is a stalker. he's just trying to find something that resembles his normal life for him and his kids (away from the stalking cameras). honestly, i don't think he would move to austin without sandy's consent. sandy has recently stated publicly she couldn't imagine life without jesse's kids and also that she hopes louis gets to know the father that jesse has been to his other kids. so regardless if they are divorce, it so seems like sandy has forgiven (or aleast willing to try to forgive) and it also seems they will be part of each other's lifes, so can we all get off them now? let them get on with their lives.
btw- just because sandy gets back with jesse, someone is lame enough to not watch her movies? ridiculous how people are so close-minded...

1528 days ago


I see Sandra moving full time into her new home in New Orleans.(Not psyhic, just logical) She moved totally out of LA to get away from him. Mr. Genuis cannot realize that she wants him out of her life. He follows her to Austin, and it will shock him when she moves to New Orleans. He is a control freak, who wants his property back(Sandra), and will use his children as pawns and keep them away from their real Mothers. This man is a real piece of work. Is she going to have to file an anti-stalker petition on Jessie?

1528 days ago


remember when he talked trashed about roddmann on trumps show KARMA IS A BITCH LUV IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1528 days ago


How in the world can someone say, Jessie would not move out to Austin without her permission?
He did not ask her permission to cheat on her. He did not ask her permission to lie to her. He did to ask her permission to break his marriage vows. He cheated with numerous women. It was not a one time thing. Jessie is not the type of person to ask anyone permission to do anything. He does what he wants to do, when he wants to do it. He has lost face because she caught him. She saw him for what he was. He lost his control over her. He wants her(his property back). It is not about the children. It is not about his love for her(if he loved her, he would not have been cheating on her with many different women). To Jessie this is about his ego and proving he still can control Sandra Bullock.
If Sandra was up for seeing the children, she would move back to LA. She did not move back to LA. She insisted on a quick divorce so she could get custody of that cute little kid on her own. She has made it clear she wants out of same state with him(why else move?) She wants to raise the child on her own(why else the quick divorce so she could put the adoption under her name only). This does not sound like a woman who invited Jessie anywhere.

1528 days ago


He got more than he deserves!!!

1528 days ago


It has been posted many times that he is worth over $100 million, she has a ton of cash also.......people in Hlooywood should just stop getting married because almost all of them cheat or get divorced!

1528 days ago


@#50 jesse knows he did wrong and took total responsibility for it! he may be a control freak (they both are, and she admits it, that is why they are so successful at what they do!) but there is no way in heck he is moving to austin without consent! uprooting his whole family, giving up his homes, businesses, magazine and motorcycles for a SLIGHT chance of seeing sandy? don't think so! he has consulted her and they have made arrangements! she left cali because of the constant media attention on her and especially the kids. they cannot go anywhere without a video or picture showing up on the internet. she's made it very clear she wants to co-parent his kids and vice versa with louis. i'm not saying they will re-marry, but their lives will continue to intersect. sandra has lots of connections and control herself, if she didn't want jesse in austin, she could keep him out! p.s. any coincidence they were both in austin at the same time last month? NOPE! they both know what each other is doing!

1528 days ago



1528 days ago


I'm from Texas and yes, that's how much houses cost in Texas not very expensive. Three of my coworkers from CAL, Seattle, and Chicago decided two stay in Texas for that reason.

1528 days ago


Why dosen't Jessie get it! Sandra DIVORCED him! She is done with him and going on with her own life. He needs to leave her alone! She has her own baby now and has a new life. Jessie leave her alone and stop using your kids as an excuse, thats pathetic!

1528 days ago


Jesse bought a house in Austin, TX. He had a home there with Sandy for years. He lives there and has for what, like 6 years now. It's kinda different for "stars" or whatever. They live in many homes. Heck the New Orleans home was like the 6th home they had when he was married to Sandy.

So, it's a fact he is selling his house he had before he married Sandy. But, he probably still has a home there. She left California, does she even have a home there? They lived in TX, CA & NYC all the time when they were married.

its not that crazy People, he is not stalking Sandy. He's not dragging his Kids away from anyone.

1528 days ago


Good God, Texas real estate is cheap! I live in Seattle and 1.98 mill buys you a 4 bedroom house in a better neighborhood, with very little yard, no view, not on the golf course, and certainly with no pool!

1528 days ago
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