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LiLo's Friend: Smoke-Free Jail Will Kill Her

7/10/2010 11:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's close friends are concerned that LiLo won't survive a single day in jail without the one thing she can't live without ... cigarettes.

As TMZ previously reported, the jail where Lindsay is extremely likely to do time is the same all-female facility where Paris got locked up in 2007 -- the same place with a serious zero-tolerance/no-smoking policy.

Bad news for Lindsay -- because according to one of her close friends, the jail-bound actress is a "serious chain-smoker" who blows through at least two packs a day. We're told, "The first thing she does when she wakes up is light a cigarette."

The source adds, "I'm honestly scared for [Lindsay] ... I don't think she's gone a day without smoking in years. This isn't something she can stop overnight. It's a serious condition."

But here's the upside ... if Lindsay does head to Lynwood on July 20 -- and chances are she will -- it could be exactly what she needs to kick her nasty habits ... or at least one of them.


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DW Wood    

This train wreck is gonna play the court systems and appeal. According to one site that will take another 6-12 months to process keeping here out of the pokey for a while longer.

"While Judge Revel is required to legally grant her bail, the source added: “Judge Revel could order Lohan into the 90 day in-patient rehab program immediately." first reported Lindsay’s attorney Shawn Chapman Holley quit on Thursday after finding out that Lindsay was lawyer shopping." - source

1565 days ago


Oh give me a break! Besides, she'll be out in under a month.

1565 days ago


Well, isn't that just TOO BAD. She's addicted to booze, drugs, carpet munching, sex with annonymous guys, and now cigarettes. She's going to have to kick at least 2 addictions in jail cold turkey; good luck on that one, "hunny"...

1565 days ago


This is something that Lindsay SHOULD HAVE THOUGHT OF EARLIER. Before she's locked up, someone should check her prescription meds to see if she REALY needs them, otherwise take them away. Her friends are so worried about her, they should have made sure she kept current with the court order so she wouldn't have to go to jail. Her friends should ask themselves if they would have gotten as many chances as she has gotten.

1565 days ago


Her friends are as stupid as she is.

1565 days ago


Just a thought....maybe her lawyer will ask to have her placed on some kind of prescription or patch to help her deal with not being able to smokie in the pokie...

1565 days ago

RJ Hunt    

She should ask to be put in general population, that way she has a better chance to score some tobacco...I think the going rate is about 10 soups for a cig...

1565 days ago

Fat hand puppet    

Lindsay should quit smoking NOW, that way she can go through cigarette withdrawns NOW, while she is at home and she can stils have "distractions" like listening to music and working out everyday in the gym and right now around friends or having sex or going to movies or shopping... instead of putting it off and making herself crazy bouncing off the walls and going through withdraws with nothing to do but wallow in it.
do it now lindo-matic. -loopy e

1565 days ago

dee bowers    

Linsay Lohan needs to do time and have her ciggaretts and all meds should be taken away. Why does she need dilauda, adderell, and very thing else she takes by prescription.

I just understand why she is being treated specia. The rest us wouldn't be.

1565 days ago


Good idea, Puppet. But I don't think she's smart enough to quit now to avoid suffering later.

1565 days ago

Christina G.    

Don't do the crime if you can't do the time.

1565 days ago


I think all celeberties should be put in the regular jail just like we would be. If you do the crime then do the time, and not get out in a few days rather than your court appointed time. If the laws were the same as if it was you and me then they would think twice before doing what they do. Oh, she gets to have her medications in jail, thats her main problem so why does she get to have them. Also if she was taking the dilaldid drug which is stronger than morphine for her dental problem she should be off that by now anyway. Also the dentist should be shot for giving that to her. I have known people to have had a accident and needed to have their whole mouth replaced and didn't get that stong of medication, So I think the dr's and dentist should be charged with a crime if they give stars all these medications if they don't need them!!!!!!

1565 days ago


Awwww the poor snowflake will have to abide by a rule like us regular folks! Why, the outrage!

1565 days ago


i remember going to jail on a 3 day notice i was smoking two packs a day an had no choice about quitting ,my fifth day about killed me,g'luck honey lol make something good out of it i decided to never pick the habit back up again in case i decided to go back,be 4 years in august

1565 days ago


Being in jail is a good time to reflect on all your wrong doings. How can I change my life for the better? I could have killed someone in my drugged out stupor. I'm going to concentrate on my career and be the best that I can be. I can do it! But not Lindsay, all she will think about is cigarette... 21 days until I can smoke. I can't believe these stupid people won't let you smoke in here. 20 days until I can smoke and etc... Hopefully, one the guards smells of cigarettes, it will drive her wild.

1565 days ago
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