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LiLo's Friend: Smoke-Free Jail Will Kill Her

7/10/2010 11:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's close friends are concerned that LiLo won't survive a single day in jail without the one thing she can't live without ... cigarettes.

As TMZ previously reported, the jail where Lindsay is extremely likely to do time is the same all-female facility where Paris got locked up in 2007 -- the same place with a serious zero-tolerance/no-smoking policy.

Bad news for Lindsay -- because according to one of her close friends, the jail-bound actress is a "serious chain-smoker" who blows through at least two packs a day. We're told, "The first thing she does when she wakes up is light a cigarette."

The source adds, "I'm honestly scared for [Lindsay] ... I don't think she's gone a day without smoking in years. This isn't something she can stop overnight. It's a serious condition."

But here's the upside ... if Lindsay does head to Lynwood on July 20 -- and chances are she will -- it could be exactly what she needs to kick her nasty habits ... or at least one of them.


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she doesn't have to quit "overnight" she was given 2 weeks to ease off.

1568 days ago


I'm not defending her parents but....she IS 24 years old and there is nothing they can legally do to her except maybe have her declared mentally incompentent if she doesn't straighten up; otherwise, they are legally powerless. The lord knows she may have already given them enough ammunition to do that.

1568 days ago


First of all, chain smoking is not a condition, let alone a serious one. It's just a nasty habit/addiction. Sure, it won't happen overnight, but I'm pretty sure Lindsay will survive it. If my 73-year-old grandma can do it, so can Lindsay.

1568 days ago


I'm sure she get a legal prescription on top of the Dilaudid, Aderall and Ambien to help her deal with the very stressful 'no smoking' policy... give me a break.

1568 days ago


@Nicole What I'm hoping for is that the doctor that is going to examine her suggest absolutely NO jail time for her. If Lindsay's honest, she'll tell him about what's behind her not being able to sleep alone or be alone. The limited time seeing family and friends is a serious concern on her mental health, and hopefully a professional can see what long-term impact it can have on her. The LA system has violent criminals that need to be put in jail, putting a celebrity with a bad attitude in jail doesn't serve anyone. The moronic statements made by most people, who address someone they've never met, shows a serious ugliness of the public who want to "stick it" to someone they feel is obnoxious and entitled, blah, blah, blah.

Basically, we need to get to a real discussion on Lindsay. She's called an addict yet where's the beef? 6 weeks of passed drug test, 1 SCRAM result showing alcohol consumption the equivalent of a glass of wine (and SCRAM is questionable technology prone to false positives), a bunch of nonsense about prescription drugs but TMZ fails to report Lindsay took dialudid only 2 times for oral surgery and it did not show up after Jun 7, the anti-depressives did not show up at all during the 6 weeks, and the only constant drug that showed up is adderall and I don't think it would be hard to prove that Lindsay has ADD. The addict claim should be challenged. Lindsay has not tested positive for cocaine since 2007 either. So, where's the beef about her being an addict. People ridicule Lindsay for saying she isn't an addict, and Dina also, claim stuff about prescription drugs but the facts of the PDF on her drug test that TMZ itself provided show absolutely NO prescription drug abuse, and can't prove Dina and Lindsay wrong with facts. It's a game of repetition and labeling, and Lindsay has facts on her side, the other side has name-calling, hearsay, and assumptions.

1568 days ago


hehehe....shes gonna have to smoke some ****erettes instead of cigarettes...theres plenty of ****erettes in jail...

1568 days ago


lol..She'll be OK. Her friends need to get a life. Same here, I just commented on something stupid.

1568 days ago


Playtime is over little girl, time to grow-up like the rest of us. I quess your friends think that you are the only chain smoking drunk that ever went to jail. Get real.

1568 days ago


she should pay the consequences like the rest of us. If she is miserable, well... she deserves it. She is a has been, a slut, a pathetic slut. All she is famous for is her miserable addictions. Let's her live what comes with them...

1568 days ago

sultan Smokey    

Just came back from vacation and heard the news. This is good for her, whats he needs. She should have attended classes if she didn't want to go to jail. Obviously she has some growing up to do and cannot get her priorities straight. I hate to laugh at others misery but I think this is sad and shows how fame and fortune combined with bad decisions can screw up someone's life. Good luck w/the withdrawals in the pen! I think they can give her pills for that, she doesn't seem to mind taking drugs anyway...

1568 days ago


This is going to be such a good thing for her.

I quit smoking back in March and I can tell you it's not easy.
Being forced to quit is going to be great for her in the long

This whole thing is exactly what she needs.

1568 days ago


She needs to quit anyway... I've heard she has asthma. She needs so much help from real, caring, qualified doctors who don't give a damn about fame.

1568 days ago


I don't like the self absorbed little whiner in the first place and after seeing her oh so BS shocked face in the courtroom after hearing her sentence, I actually wanted to vomit. Not one of her best performances since we all know it was an act. I can't believe she seriously thought she was only going to get her nasty little hand slapped and get away with all her garbage once again. The judge should've given her an additional 90 days for being rude and disresectful in her courtroom by constantly yapping and whining to her attorney. Not being able to smoke is the least of her problems. The sooner she fades into obscurity, the better.

1568 days ago


Should of done the 23/90 now she is going to draw it out and wind up being sent to's just probation...she got lucky with that. And I hope she does...her movies are not that good anyway...Teen movies..and dvd...

1568 days ago


This is the best thing for her. Once she sweats out all the poisons, she just may smell pretty again.

1568 days ago
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