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Mel Gibson Goes After Oksana for Contempt

7/9/2010 9:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson's lawyers have filed legal papers in their custody war, asking the judge to hold Oksana Grigorieva in contempt ... TMZ has learned.


Sources tell us the Order to Show Cause (the contempt papers) claims Oksana is responsible for leaking the secretly-recorded tapes of Mel's rants during their nuclear arguments. The judge in the custody case issued a restraining order against Oksana late last month, prohibiting her from leaking the tapes. Mel & Co. believe Oksana sold the tapes for big bucks.

We've also learned Mel's lawyers have filed legal papers asking Judge Scott Gordon to issue an order allowing them to search Oksana's computer and iPhone for emails and text messages showing communications related to the sale of the tapes.  We've learned another judge has already rejected that motion, but it has now been renewed before Judge Gordon.

As we first reported, Oksana denied in her deposition that she's the leak.


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Gsharon 710    

I hope she is charged. That tape caused racial unrest we did not need. We ALL say things we should not say, otherwise why would we need the act of forgiving.

Who gives a flip if someone utters nasty words? As long as we do not act on these words, everyone should be fine and dandy, and feel the way you want to feel about the person who utters the words.

She knew very well the world had heard about Mel and his mouth previously and jumped it like a rabbit. Well we do not need anyone to purposely deliver the world garbage.

As I have stated before, yes I have been hurt by that word he said, but speaking against him would make me an idiot, because I have said words I should have not said. With the situation going on between this married couple, what one says to another that is known to be racist, should not fly. He made no attempt to see that the act was carried out, so this was just a poor attempt on the wife to gain sympathy.

I have nothing for her.

1567 days ago


This is better than a soap opera!!!

1567 days ago


Sinners like you never make it to heaven. You'll be standing guard at the gates of helllllllllllll!

I'm just sayin'.

1567 days ago

Some Faustkateer    

Oh, for heaven's sake, it's someone at the Courthouse. The tapes are her ace in the hole--she doesn't want them out. Yet. I'd be willing to bet it comes from some clerk at the Courthouse or within the lawyer's office.

1566 days ago


Jeez!! It's amazing how many people here are quick to call Mel an abuser (physically) and shout for the noose when there is no evidence yet that he did hit her at all!! You have to wonder at the credibility of Oskansa, she's got alleged photo's (easily faked) of bruises but who says he put them there?! Since she was soooo keen to catch him on tape for her financial windfall as mother (if the DNA proves it) of his kid - why in this age of technological wizardry did she not install the one thing that would have proved her case - HIDDEN CCTV cameras!! It's been done by people suspecting care workers of abusing their patients (by family members) in order to find out the truth!! It's not hard to do either, nor overly expensive so WHY not have VIDEO evidence not just an audio-tape that could also be easily faked, edited and in actual fact be anyone who does impressions hm?!
I'm not saying if he did these things he's in the right, I'm not defending him as a celeb, what I'm saying is there have been thousands of comments left over this subject where people not having heard the tapes have automatically assumed Oskansa is some poor innoccent victim and that Mel is a racist!! Everyone who has made a comment in anyway blaming him is a hypocrite, because there is no one on this planet that has not made a comment at some time in their lives that is racist!! Whether it's religion, ethnicity, color, nations etc everyone has at some stage made a comment detrimental to another person because of any of the above!! He was in his own home and this ho taped him to destroy his credibility in the media in order to make him pay!! I truly hope someone makes HER pay for releasing these tapes, she had the tapes, she had the motive, she had the means and she had the opportunity - even if she had someone do it for her, she had custody of those tapes and the legal bar on them being released was broken with her consent!!
This politically correct society we live in these days mean that more and more politicians are trying to turn us into a nanny state where soon daddy won't even be able to change his kid's diaper without there being a male and female cop present plus a camera crew to make sure it's all on tape that nobody has abused the baby!! When you can be targeted like this for something you say in the privacy of your own home (no matter how bad) then you have to ask yourself what the f*** is wrong with the world!!!
For all those who say Good for her now we know he's a racist, yeah? Come out from behind your computer screen where it's easy to berate, then tell us all you're not!!

1566 days ago


TMZ shouldnt print this- its a warning to her to get of the evidence before the order has been issued. You tell her that her computer might be seized so most likely she will get rid of it first. You are making it impossible for him to get what he needs and why I realize you want to report the news, it is wrong of you to report this. He deserves a fair chance too.

1566 days ago


Here's the thing, the 1st Amendment gives us ALL the freedom to say whatever we please, whether it be good, bad, or indifferent...
Mel was in the PRIVACY of HIS OWN HOME when he allegedly said those things, and Oksana VIOLATED that privacy by taping him...

Now, I don't necessarily agree with Mel's choice of words, but I have NO RIGHT to pass judgment simply because he said them...They're just words, and they weren't directed at anyone who should rightfully be offended by them...The "names" he called Oksana were likely earned by her own behavior, and it's painfully obvious she pushed Mel past his limits...She provoked the incident to secure $$$$$, nothing more...
If Oksana were truly concerned with her "safety", she would have left much sooner...Instead, she stuck around, wearing bugged earrings, all in an effort to PURPOSELY damage Mel...She set the whole incident up to make it appear that she was the victim when, in fact, Mel got the raw end of the deal...
Provocation IS a mitigating cir***stance for self-defense, which is clearly the case here...
I'd have hit her too...

1566 days ago


Yes, she has the advantage of knowing that she's speaking to an audience.

Why didn't Oksana hang up the second she heard the unforgivable n-word? In fact, even while she knows that she's speaking to an audience, she voices no shock or outrage.

She missed her cue.

1566 days ago


Ok...I heard the tape......So what? The man is very upset with the fact that this woman looks like a two bit Vegas Hooker. So what's wrong with THAT? Can't HE have an opinion? Why can't he make the assumption that a gang of blacks might want to rape his cheap looking wife who was begging for it by dressing up like a "SEX Menu"? I'm with ya on this one, Mel!

1566 days ago


Once a douche bag ALWAYS a douche bag.....Gibson needs to crawl back in the bottle he came from..oo I mean from under the rock he slithered from...aww just GO already..

1566 days ago


Aye, lie and I may have a few dumb fans. Hide, and my career may live... at least a while. And lying in my head, many days from now, I would be willin' to trade ALL the minutes, from this day to that, for one chance, just one chance, to come out of hiding and tell my dwindling fans that they may take my fame, but they'll never take... MY RACISM!


1566 days ago


Damn he's aged......look at all those wrinkles in that for head....he looks like a little old man...

1566 days ago


Of course she's the leak. She made the recording. Not that it matters, really. Mel is responsible for his own acts.

1566 days ago


After listening to the tape, IMHO it's NOT Mel...
Where's his Aussie accent?...If he was soooo out of control it would have shown up somewhere...
The entire snippet I heard sounded scripted and FAKE...Certainly NOT incriminating...

1566 days ago


Mel has a stick of dynamite up his fanny and cannot get a hold of the fuse to stop it---give it up Mel, you are thru in Hollywood.

1566 days ago
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