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Mel Gibson Goes After Oksana for Contempt

7/9/2010 9:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson's lawyers have filed legal papers in their custody war, asking the judge to hold Oksana Grigorieva in contempt ... TMZ has learned.


Sources tell us the Order to Show Cause (the contempt papers) claims Oksana is responsible for leaking the secretly-recorded tapes of Mel's rants during their nuclear arguments. The judge in the custody case issued a restraining order against Oksana late last month, prohibiting her from leaking the tapes. Mel & Co. believe Oksana sold the tapes for big bucks.

We've also learned Mel's lawyers have filed legal papers asking Judge Scott Gordon to issue an order allowing them to search Oksana's computer and iPhone for emails and text messages showing communications related to the sale of the tapes.  We've learned another judge has already rejected that motion, but it has now been renewed before Judge Gordon.

As we first reported, Oksana denied in her deposition that she's the leak.


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Blue Craze    

She looks like Octomom.

1510 days ago


Oksana certainly had a plan. She implemented it and I rather enjoy Mel Gibsons comments. Who cares about the N word anymore? Really, in a private argument, it is not being spoken to the public. You can turn to a news station and watch some blacks say, they would like to kill all "crackers" and their babies. What is wrong with you guys? If Mel Gibson had spoken these words in public....ok, perhaps you have him. But he had a child with this gold digger and she no doubt had him set up from the first date to her loss of birth control. All so innocent? If you think this woman is innocent, you are all crazy. If you think that a private conversation should condemn a man...then you are in even worse shape that you claim he is. Wake up folks, certain segments of our black society would like all white folks killed. These segments are being forgiven of crimes by our own justice system. Crimes they were actually convicted for. You want to rant on this woman and support her? I'd say she needs to serve time for extortion. Balance the money she was to get for the child she spawned against her crime of extortion vs. damages. Extortion by Oksana seems to be the only thread of truth in this pathetic mess. Then ship her and her phony boobs home. She was and has always set herself up to take this man and his money anyway she can. I hope the police see through it level one nice huge charge against her. By the way, someone needs to tell her to use birth control.

1510 days ago


I also feel sorry for the baby involved. I also can only imagine what his first wife is thinking. HELLO what is with these people (male/female) who leave spouses for new ones who are more than 1/2 their ages thinking it is TRUE LOVE. i.e. the grass is NOT always greener on the other side!!! I guess Mel had to learn the hard way, along with many others. Just sad, I can still picture him on Jay Leno so happy with his new life and expecting a new baby. SAD!!! And who is SHE??? She is what gives women a bad name. Trust me, she had ONE goal in mind, marry, conceive and leave!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have NO respect for her or him at this point and there are MUCH more important issues in this world to worry about than them.

1510 days ago


Funny clips of Mel being made fun of on South Park a few years ago>>>

1510 days ago


@THE TRUTH-you do realize your inane ramblings make absolutely no sense.There are so many typos and mispellings and the whole mess is grammatically incorrect that no one can make heads or tails of what you are trying to say.

1510 days ago


Mel Gibson's Nipples (South Park)

1510 days ago


why doesn't anyone here know that he has been seperated from his wife since 2006 he didn't meet Oksana until 2008. Google it people.

1510 days ago


TMZ...if you were really on top of it you'd get us a pic of her in that "green thing" he was so offended by.

1510 days ago


On the tape he sounds very strange.. so he's probably crocked.. sounds like he's reading a script.. angry then an apologetic "OK?" then back to rant. She set him up- knew what would make him flip.. that day apparently the "green thing" she was wearing.
Who knows what he had to put up with before he finally broke.
And she plays it innocent.. soft voice etc. Who buys this cr@p?
And of course she leaked if for $$$. Who else could? Wasn't that the whole point of taping him? People say lousy things to each other when they fight. Mel's no different. Lot's of people been gunning for him since he made that stack of bills with the Passion of Christ. Hope he checks into rehab and gets it all handled.

1510 days ago


She's ruining him to make a buck. What a gal!

1510 days ago


I couldn't agree more. He may have his faults, however, she is/was ??? Before him? I know she was a singer??????? But hello, he is MEL!! She is going to try to MILK him for all she can get!! Shame on HER!

1510 days ago


She is a gold digger and he is racists.

1510 days ago


MEL is a DRUNK, oksnta is a russian money hungary, manipulative CON Woman..She got Preg right after sleeping with Mel 4 MONEY what else..Mel needs to sober up 4 a change..she needs to stay in Russia where she belongs

1510 days ago


Gentle Readers: Not that Mel Gibson isn't without his "demons" - but two things to consider:
1. There isn't a person reading this -- not matter how nice, good-hearted, well-mannered who hasn't at some point spat out words in anger that he or she would be horrified to see printed in a newspaper or magazine or shown on a videotape

2. TMZ HATES Mel Gibson because of his bizarre "Catholic" views (I use the word in quotations because I've never met a Catholic who doesn't think he's whacked!)-- and his obvious dislike of Jews. Harvey of course,is a Jew, and a gay one, so he has more than a few reasons to find Mel distasteful and to want to make him look as bad as possible.

Not, of course, that he needs much help digging his own grave. And what he couldn't do by himself, he managed to find this Russian slut and gold-digger to do for him. All very, very sad. But TMZ is choosing photos that make him look like an ax-murderer out of a Stephen King novel. And perhaps -- just perhaps -- we shouldn't take their portrayal at face value and believe Miss "make a baby and get supported for the rest of my life." This IS her second time with that stunt...

1510 days ago


On the racist rant tape the guy sounds like he's nuts and boozing. He's definitely hitting the sauce or abusing some kind of substance. I'd say he's a jealous control freak and deserves what he's got coming. I doubt all his lawyering will get him off the hook over this terrible behavior. If I were her I'd be fearing for my life too.

1510 days ago
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