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Ringo Starr

Good Genes

or Good Docs?

7/11/2010 4:00 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Former Beatles drummer Ringo Starr really is one of the fab four.

Here's the 24-year-old in London back in 1964 (left) -- and 46 years later, the 70-year-old version at a concert in NYC on Wednesday (right).

Let it be.


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Man, thank god he was in a rockband, because judging from that pic he would have never gotten a woman...he was not attractive at all!!Actually all of the Beatles are/were unattractive...I never understood why women went crazy over them.

1531 days ago


Uhhhh.... neither and if Doc's did do any surgery on him, they should have their frigg'n license revoked the **** away!

1531 days ago


Really guys get the neither option ... please!!!!

1531 days ago


He looked retarded. Like someone just threw facial features at him and they stuck.

1531 days ago


Um..Paul and George were never good looking???? I beg to differ. After viewing these, what exactly IS your idea of good looking?

They both look good here (George in orange pants, Paul in black pants and of course without the masks, lol)

And I don't see how anyone could think Paul was not a beautiful man if they looked at this video!! (and George looks pretty cute introducing him!)

BTW I liked Ringo until his "no more fan mail" video clip. Boo!

1531 days ago


OOPS! forgot to change the video...THIS is the correct one under the comment...

And I don't see how anyone could think Paul was not a beautiful man if they looked at this video!! (and George looks pretty cute introducing him!)

1531 days ago


TMZ, you ought to show some photos of the guys from Rolling Stones! They look far more "interesting" than Ringo (who also looks great, by the way)! I love their faces, and the fact that they haven't distroyed their charm by plastic surgery! The "rockstar lifestyle" they've had shows in their faces! :)

1531 days ago


He looks like Steve Buscemi (Rockhound in 'Armageddon') in his younger picture.

1531 days ago


neither. It was good drugs.

1531 days ago


I think I would have a big ego too if I had been a part of one of the best rock bands in HISTORY.....

1531 days ago


stop bitching abou Ringo you little mother****ers. he is talented, maybe less than the others beatles, but much more than any of these artists today like kesha j bieber or that ****. and he is a beautiful person, a beautiful soul.

1531 days ago


RINGO looks good for a 70 year old becuase he stopped smoking, barely drinks any more, and is a VEGETARIAN (if not a Vegan).

As for his supposed BIG headedness.... A lot of people just do NOT get RINGO's dry sense of humor. JOHN LENNON wrote the song "I'm The Greatest!" for RINGO, and had him sing it. EVEYBODY knows it was tongue in cheek and a play on Thinking Positively and Positive Affirmations.
(How do you think the Fab 4 became the FAB 4 ?).

The BEATLES... each and every one of them, were AMAZING !

RINGO was not a technician but he had a natural FEEL and rhythm on the drums. ANd his Tempo was RIGHT ON ! When he played, you KNEW it was RINGO. His personality came out in his playing. How many other drummer's drum parts can be play withOUT the accompanying voices and accompanying instruments where you'd be able to not only identify the song, but also the drummer ?!?

RINGO was a GENIUS ! A GENIUS drummer. A GENIUS Musician.
WHO ELSE COULD HAVE CREATED THE DRUM PARTS FOR AND PLAYED ON ALL OF THE MYRIAD STYLES THAT HE HAD TO PLAY TO BACK THE BEATLES' SONGS ? Who else could have played Rock, Pop, Country, Classical (Tympani), Bossa Nova, light Jazz, Psychedelic, Trance, etc.. etc... etc...

Go listen to "RAIN" and "STRAWBERRY FIELDS" and "Come Together" and come back and dare tell me his drumming wasn't GREAT !

RINGO played the drums MUSICALLY and tuned and played his drums to SERVE EACH SONG and SERVE THE MUSIC ! He didn't just go into a bunch of pyrotechniques with the intention of just showing off his technical wizardry like alot of drummers did/do.

But if you don't get it.... I guess you never will.


1531 days ago


It's because he's generally regarded as a bad drummer, and the least creative of the beatles.

1531 days ago


Sorry kiddies.....I think he's had quite a bit of work done and GOOD FOR HIM....I only wish I could look that good at his age (and hopefully will if I win the lottery). I do not begrudge him or any other personality wanting to look thier best. Look how the media judges everyone....remember what happened to Diana? Maybe someday the media will be curtailed and people could age naturally without being judged....Sorry TMZ...

1531 days ago


RINGO never asked folks to stop sending him fan mail. He asked folks to stop sending him "STUFF" to SIGN and AUTOGRAPH.

He had been receiving fan mail FOR DECADES along with Photos, Memorabilia, etc... etc.. asking him to SIGN and return the items (usually at his own expense, mind you !).

RINGO's dedication to trying to reply to all of his Fans was Legendary and there is even a SIMPSONS TV episode where Madge finally receives a response from RINGO in the mail with a signed photo that she had sent to him to sign about 30 years ago !
(the joke was that it took RINGO that long to get to it because he gets THOUSANDS of mailed requests to sign items contantly).

Well... after YEARS AND YEARS of being caring enough to do this for thousands of what he THOUGHT were his Fans, he started to notice that A LOT of the more recent "STUFF" that he'd been signing was showing up for sale on eBAY ! He was hurt and felt like he was being used by too many mercenaries that had no interest in him except to just make money off of him.

SO... RINGO decided that enough was enough ! But since he could not tell the difference between TURE Fans that really wanted to get something signed to treasure and keep for themselves, and those who just wanted to sell and make money off of his signed items, he decided that he would no longer sign and return "STUFF" that was mailed to him anymore.

Plus... it had taken him alot of TIME over the years and he was no longer willing to spend the time to do all this work (and yes.. it is time consuming WORK... and an expense for him).

Put yourself in his Beatleboots, my friend, and see if YOU could have sustained doing this for as much and for as long as RINGO did ! He did it becuase he CARED about his fans, and thought he was doing it for people that cared about him !

RINGO is a GOOD man with a GOOD Heart.
(don't forget that HE was the first and only Beatle who showed up at the Dakota in NYC to grieve with and support YOKO emotionally when JOHN LENNON was shot in 1980 !).


PEACE & LOVE to YOU, and to US ALL !

PS Question asked of RINGO by the Press in 1964 when the BEATLES arrived in America: "Why do you wear so many RINGS on your fingers ?" His Answer: "Because I can't fit them all in me nose !"


1530 days ago
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