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LeBron James: Mum on Cavs Owner

7/12/2010 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

LeBron James gave very short answers -- but answers nonetheless -- to a series of questions our photog asked him in NYC yesterday ... but he didn't utter a word when asked about his former boss, Dan Gilbert. 

Maybe he thinks Jesse Jackson said enough already.

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Good for LeBron show them how a man should act

1534 days ago


@humannature I didn't make up the word ginormous, azz

1534 days ago


Jesse Jackson is nothing but a racist pig that is trying to incite racial hatred. None of this had anything to do with race and if you think that you are a complete and utter moron.

1534 days ago


Laurie states:

If you are referring to "ginormous", it's a made up word, moron.

Urban Dictionary: Ginormous

or did you mean Enormous???

Whose the idiot NOW, I REST MY CASE!!!


1534 days ago


Traitorous bootlip!

1534 days ago


@ Human Nature Bravo!

1534 days ago


All the name calling and defending cleveland fans and cavs owner is crazy. No matter how Lebron left this was gonna be their reaction. Ever broke up with anyone that was madly in love with you? is there any right way to prevent the feeling of anger and betrayal? NOPE! The man gave them 7 years of unrivaled financial bliss. Not that is gone and they were all gonna be mad no matter what?

1534 days ago


Lebron-Dont let the door hit you in the butt...Cleveland is a better team for it! So glad we didnt get stuck with him.

1534 days ago



Far as LBJ leaving Cleveland, HE DID IT "HIS" WAY!!!!

lebron is scared that why he needs dwayne wade and rupaul to surround him so his negative and lazy ways do not come through..he will lose in miami

1534 days ago


The CAVS owner demonstrates why his team is in the toilet. He is a fool. Players make the choice to leave or stay in all sports, so why make such a big deal about LJ exercising his right to move on. He after all, was not the entire team, and he could only do so much. I don't blame him. But give him credit for taking his tem as far as he did. And why are some of you idiots making racist comments about a man that is more accomplished than any of you ***s will ever be? You are not even responsible for the white skin that you are so very proud of.

1534 days ago

dan the man    

You are one funny guy human nature. I am glad I don't know you.

1534 days ago


The owners comments did not totally focus on Lebron's way he went about his decision. Calling him a quitter, saying he tanked in certain games, saying that athletes should be held accountable etc has nothing to do with the fact that he decided to announce his decision on TV. Why is it no one is holding the media accountable for promoting this decision 2 years in advance. They even talked about it during the finals when the attention should have been on the Lakers and Celtics. ESPN and all the reporters that wrote numerous stories about the upcoming decision as well as asking Lebron about it in every interview, enabled and created the atmosphere for the tv program, yet everyone wants to blame Lebron. Interesting that it was the 3rd most view program this year. Gilbert has accused one of the most celebrated, talented and competitive athletes ever of quiting during several games. Based on his standards, I guess Kobe quite in game 7. Idiot! Giving all the words he called him in his letter, I guess speculation of him calling Lebron the N word behind closed doors and having a slave mentality could be applied. Why not, Cleveland fans and their owner have accused Lebron of everything negatively possible. I don't subscribe to the race card being used everytime there is a situation amongst people of different races or even gender; however there are times that it certainly applies. I would rather have overly sensative watch dogs like Sharpton and Jackson mouthing off then applying my own logic and research to come to a conclusion than to assume all is well in the United States when it comes to race relations. The great thing is I don't have to call them names and pretend they are irrelevent just because I don't agree with them. GROW UP PEOPLE!

1534 days ago


LaBron threw 2,6,and 7 games so he could join his pals in Miami. There should be an investigation. Wouldn't that be nice to add to your legacy.

1534 days ago


TMZ your reporters should ask 'our old King James' this question: REVERSE THE ROLES...WHAT DO YOU THINK IF D.WADE LEFT MIAMI? THINK OF WHAT MIAMI FANS WOULD BE DOING...THE SAME AS THE CLEVELAND FANS!!! D.WADE WAS GOING TO LEAVE THEM FOR CHICAGO. SAY THEY ALL CAME TO US IN CLEVE...MIAMI FANS WOULD BE B'ching TOO! I hate LeBron left, he's like a new person since he left Ohio. And J.Jackson needs to shut the heck up! Don't bring your butt to Ohio even you idiot! You'll be treated like a LeBron! HATED!

1534 days ago


This message is for "Clevelander" & "Electric Zipper"!!! As Joakim Noah once said Cleveland is by NO means a Top Tier City in the US!!! No matter how "THE KING" left this kind of reaction was going to happen :-( Cleveland had 7 YEARS to put together a team of the likes of the NEW MIAMI HEAT but they didn’t! The city of Cleveland is “DONE”!!! :-)

1533 days ago
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