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Lindsay Lohan: I Can't Be Alone in Jail!

7/12/2010 6:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is scared of jail -- not because of the other inmates ... not because the food is crappy .... but because she cannot stand being alone and thinks jail will push her over the edge.

Sources close to Lindsay tell us Lindsay is climbing the walls because of the prospect of jail.  We're told she can't stand being confined to small spaces, and she can never be alone.

It's so bad that when Lindsay flew back from France in May, she asked a friend to fly from L.A. to Paris, just so she would have someone to fly home with her.

As we first reported, if Lindsay is locked up at Lynwood -- Paris' ol' stomping ground -- she'll be placed in a cell by herself ... and she doesn't think she can take it.



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Don't do the crime if you can't do the time, bitch.
Gawd. Get over it. No on WANTS to go to jail...But it's there for a reason. Get her back to reality!

1509 days ago


Bravo, Laffn Bear. I absolutely agree. madeline, you are in denial.

1509 days ago


There is nothing wrong with people. Some of us may be just sick of watching these stars get away with what normal people would not get away with. If it were any of us, and we dared to not show up for our court appearance, there would have been a warrant for our arrest. Lindsay made her bed, she wanted to thumb her nose at the law, she is going to pay for it. Onto Mel and his lunacy.

1509 days ago


If anybody truly loves or cares about Lindsay then they would be happy that she is going to jail and hitting rock bottom.

Maybe the reason this is happening is so that she actually lives and doesn't die like the rest of the celebrities that have been overdosing on either illegal or prescription drugs, she needs jail and rehab bad.

1509 days ago


People please. Geez. What's the matter with you? Evolve and show you have a clue. This is a serious phobia she has. She CAN NOT be alone. She has had this for years. That's why you see Ali with her or a close friend, now it is Eilat, for awhile it was Patrick, sometimes even her assistant. She can't be alone, freaks out in confined spaces when she's in them for extended periods, and absolutely can not sleep alone. Dina has even said on one audiotape leaked by Lindsay's sick father Michael. This isn't a "just get over it " situation. She needs serious professional psychological help for this. Stop being jerks.

1509 days ago


Poor Linsay Lohan!!! What she really needs is psychiatric help. Not jail or rehab.

1509 days ago


This is a great lesson to all who think they are better than the "little" people who work and struggle to exist - and can handle 90 days in jail without breaking a sweat. Its time that we rethink paying any actor more than we pay a construction worker.

1509 days ago

Just sayn    

Wait until she is without her CELL......OMG she will think she has grown another ear!
Excuses excuses......she will be okay as soon as she runs out of them.
Why should she worry about lack of drugs.......holy smokes she has them legally....almost!
The girl should change her last name to JACKSON.

1509 days ago


If I was her I wouldn't want to be alone with nothing but my f'ed up life to think about..

1509 days ago


Can't be alone? Fine then, if it's her request make her sign a waiver saying she can't sue if and when she gets the **** kicked out of her and/or raped and/or killed, and throw her in with the general population.

This chick is in her mid-20s, she might want to start wrapping her head around the fact that driving drunk and under the influence of coke, which could KILL someone (and doing it more than once at that, proving she hasn't learned a lesson), then performing so poorly that she had to have her original probation extended, then ignoring the order of the judge to attend class every 7 days unless prior arrangements are made with the court, then skipping a mandatory progress report hearing to go party in France, then showing up late and with a shirt so skany everyone can see her chest falling out, then getting a positive reading on her scram bracelet, and so on and so forth, would have CONSEQUENCES.

A normal person weighs the pros and cons of doing something when they do it. "Sure, I could go party in France, but then if my flight gets canceled I'm screwed so I should stay home". "Sure, I could drive drunk AGAIN even though I've already been caught, but then I'd probably have serious troubles", "sure, I COULD drink the night of the MTV movie awards, but then I violate probation AND bail and maybe I'll be screwed.." these are thoughts a normal person has. If she cannot distinguish right from wrong, and with her history of drinking/drugging and driving, which honestly should be charged as attempted murder because that's what it is, she should be locked up in a mental institution.

I don't care if she's a danger to herself, she could OD for all I care. But as soon as she becomes a real threat to every citizen around her, that is when she needs to be locked up. Perhaps she should have shown she could be trusted to make good choices after all the opportunities she was given to do so, and she wouldn't be where she is now.

If she ever has had a sober moment in the past two years, it was the moment for her to say "I could never handle prison, I HAVE to make sure I never land in there" and then done what was needed, even if that included getting herself a 6 month detox treatment.

This is someone who never takes responsibility for her action, never admits she did something wrong, never asks for would be completely different if she were remorseful and tried to get better but simply kept failing. You could have an ounce of sympathy for that. But a self-entitled, talentless has been who thinks she's above the law because she's "a celebrity and can do whatever the **** she wants"? Everyone wants to see bad things happen to someone like that.

1509 days ago


I've known people who canNOT be alone. It means that they
don't like themselves. In her case, I can completely understand
that. I don't like her either.

1509 days ago


Maybe Madeline and Nicole can take turns spending the night with her.

1509 days ago


throw away the key..

1509 days ago


When she is in jail the jailers (corrections officers) are ABSOLUTELY responsible for her health and safety. They have nurses and doctors to help them and make decisions.

If she goes bug nuts in her cell they have ways of dealing with that. If it permenantly destroys her thats not their problem so long as they followed proceedures.

I do question their ban of nicotine gum and patches, that seems to me to be just plain mean.

1509 days ago


I hope with all mt heart she goes to jail. For all the people that don't want her to go, well, you need to get a grip on reality.

1509 days ago
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