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Sandra Bullock -- Baby On Board

7/12/2010 9:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sandra Bullock held the cutest piece of carry-on luggage ever -- her adorable son Louis Bardo -- as she boarded a flight in Austin this weekend.


The 45-year-old new mom headed to Los Angeles to attend a funeral.


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Honesty, he isn't really that cute to me.

1564 days ago


Aaw he really is adorable :)

1564 days ago


Thats bad OhWell. LOL

1564 days ago

Shakia Fields    

Wow Oh Well! I guess racism applies not only to grown ups but to babies as well. Thats really sad what you said and I'm going to pray for you.

1564 days ago


I don't understand her reasoning in wanting to have a home in NOLA to show him his roots. I mean if it's just because she likes NOLA, that's cool, but I would be worried his birth mother would be trying to cause some problems in the future. And if he's there all the time, couldn't it get a little sticky if she wanted to be a pest about it? I think any parents that have adopted kids would be worried that the mother would change her mind (it has ahppened in the past) and start stalking the kid or kidnap him, Sandra has some deep pockets and I can't help but think that may be an issue some day.

1564 days ago


That is good to see Sandra and her son having a great time!

1564 days ago


She dresses that baby in ugly clothes.

1564 days ago


I saw a lot of INET few pictures of Sandra and her little son and everywhere she holding his hands and cuddle.I think that they are happy together!

1564 days ago


Wow... her son looks just like her..How nice

1564 days ago


Louis is so adorable. His chubby little baby cheeks & legs. His poofy baby afro is so cute.

Trish: Sandy dressed Louis just fine. She seems not to be concerned with how fancy bikes & baby Sean John. He looks adorable all around & he has brought a light to Sandy's life when she needed it the most.

1564 days ago


"cutest" "adorable"
What a bunch of BS! That baby looks mean. He literally and figuratively looks like a hand-full.

1564 days ago


You know, I sat for a good 15 min. just looking at this picture. I am usually not racist, dont care about mixed marriages, and children and all that. Love all kids.
But for some reason I wonder and WORRY about SANDRA's reason for adopting a black baby from Lousiana. I wonder where her mind is at is all I guess, and that worries me more then anything else. They just do not go together. Like Seal and Heidi's babies all go together, in the family things, its all natural.
Sandra doesnt look natural here. Overtired yes, stressed perhaps with plenty of reasons.

There is just something NOT RIGHT about this whole thing of HER adopting in the first place, of her adopting a black baby....
There is something more underlying here which I bet Dr. Drew could help with.

In some ways I think it had something to do with Jesse. To push his buttons? Hmm to get him to leave her, or push him to cheat, see if he would draw away from her........she had her suspicions of him being racist to some degree.

I dont know, there is just something not right here. **Yes I would worry also that the mother is in town and would want her baby back which I believe she has a few years to do that**, and or harrass baby and Sandra.

Grrrrr just something is seriously wrong with this whole thing :(

1564 days ago


Holy crap! She's 45?! Wow.
And anybody that says a baby is ugly is just RUDE. Didn't your Momma ever teach you, 'if you can't say something nice- don't say anything at all'...???

1564 days ago


#15 Babies are always hand fulls!!! And it never stops even when they grow up!!!

I can kind of understand the racist comments here, because as I said above, something is not right here. It doesnt look natural, easy going, Mom and baby. Its not that its racist I just think everyone is feeling the same way as me.

1564 days ago


She looks completely out of place and uncomfortable. That picture is just wrong.

1564 days ago
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