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Melissa Etheridge's Ex Shut Down In Court

7/12/2010 9:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Melissa Etheridge's ex, Tammy Lynn Michaels, doesn't need $25,000 immediately since Melissa is footing the bills ... this according to an L.A. County Superior Court judge.

Tammy's lawyer wanted the judge to order Melissa to immediately pay 25k to his client, whom he claims is destitute.  The lawyer wanted another 25k from Melissa for legal fees, but Melissa's attorney, Neal Hersh, convinced the judge Melissa was paying for everything -- housing, food, schools, the works -- so Tammy's claim that she can't afford to live is bogus.

TMZ broke the story ... Melissa filed to end their domestic partnership, and Tammy then filed, claiming the two were married and she wanted the marriage dissolved.

The next hearing is set for September.



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Sophia Schweinberger     

Tammy, fortget Melissa, marry me!

1563 days ago


I am sorry that both Melissa and Tammy are maring their unhappiness so public. Don't they realize that their mud slinging will be preserved forever on the internet for their children to read? Even Tammy's removal of her bloogs is ineffective--it is preserved in multiple cross references. And Melissa, be careful with Alexandra Cousteau. Your relationship may be purely professional and for the environment, but we've all seen that look in your eyes before. Was it an environmental announcement or an engagement announcement? Please, both of you say children first. How about living true, as well as speaking truth?

1562 days ago


It seems to me that Melissa wanted marriage equility; she ranted on and on about these kids deserve to have their parents married, and that she should stop paying taxes if she could not be married, because she was not receiving the same rights as others. Well, now that she no longer wants her partner; she considers herself not really married so she does not have to pay Tammy Lynn a dime more than she has too, that is just not right. She does not make it look very good for gays who want to have the same rights as straight people. She wants whatever is convenient for her at the time. I wish tammy and their children the best of luck.

1561 days ago


Shame melissa ,everything you said and wrote and claimed have been a lie. Tammy stood by you when she got you through the cancer and had two children .I have been someone that loved your music and writing ,believed you meant what you said but you are a phony. People should read the book melissa wrote about ten years or so ago and we can see this isn't her first betrayal. I never thought she would be so heartless! And you gay bashers need to join the human race.

1561 days ago


well - leave them at ti - they only know why the split occured and reasonable allowance should be granted by the money earner especially when the other is a stay at home mom. Don't think ME would be mean or money focused - who knows - anyway it seems that one fell out of love and other still needy! The usual stuff we all face in our relationships. One thing for sure, ME should take her time before marring or having kids again - if she marries again it could financially ruin her and her emmotional state. It's never easy - love to each one and give them somewhat some privacy!

1559 days ago


1st of all I cannot believe the ignorant comments of some people on this site. Some of you MUST be 14 or 15 years old and think it is funny to BASH some people's lives. Grow up.

2nd I personally think Tammy is crazy. I think when Melissa decided to end the relationship, Tammy realized she was losing her sweet lifestyle and wen't off the deep end.

3rd Melissa is a very kind & giving human being. She has done more for charities than many celebrities and she treats her fans VERY well. So, unless proven otherwise, I still think she is a stand up citizen.

1547 days ago


And another thing surrounding the whole marriage equality issue: If Melissa is trying not to have to split her worth in half with Tammy because they were never legally married, it is a true statement. It proves to California, our country, and the world that gay people should be entitled to the protection of Marrige..especially in divorce. So, maybe it does suit her needs to say they were never married, however, it also proves a point. Marriage equality for all.

1547 days ago

Sophia Schweinberger     

Unfortunately some lesbians have the worst kind of masculine nature like a cheater behavior and bad character and Melissa it´s that kind, it doesn´t matter what she does for other people, I believe that charity begins at home and responsibility too.

1546 days ago


It's so sad to see how many of you are such ignorant morons.
Some of your comments are just ridiculous and hateful!

Pathetic, clearly there has been ZERO evolution in humans ability to accept what's different from what YOU think is right or wrong.

What a sad bunch of ignorant douche bags!

1538 days ago


Let me just start by saying, there are two sides to every story. You "Christians", who are slinging mud, should live by the words of your God.."Do not judge, lest ye be judged". For you ignorant *******s, that means mind your own ****ing business, if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. For the comment from would you know what God is sad about? I'm willing to bet God is sad that you are such an ignorant ****ing *******, who only dreams of watching two women finger poke and **** lick...
And to jdjdjd...if you were educated at all or had ANY fact based information, you would know that statistically Hetro relationships fail much more frequently than gay relationships, and it's you closet Queers who spread the STDs by sneaking around at the gay bars, then going home to your wives.
By the way, how many of you receive $2000.00 a month from your baby's daddy?? Because even without a court order, that's how much Melissa is giving that money grubbing whore. Tammie Lynn is very capable of getting off her lazy ass to get a job and help support the kids SHE wanted to have with Melissa. When this country refuses to allow gays to marry and be recognized as a legal couple, how can it turn around and expect Melissa to support that woman and her children? They aren't even biologically hers! Think about the **** you people are saying before you say it because you truthfully sound like a bunch of backwoods, hillbilly-rednecks who probably didn't graduate the 6th grade. Hate is a disease and you guys are infested!! Let me know if I need to re-write this in crayon for any of you.

1534 days ago


Melissa Etheridge is a nasty, egotistical, untalented piece of crap. Hated her music before she came out, hated it after she came out, hated it even more when she was raking in the pity accolades. I cringed every time she jumped on a soapbox for queer marriage -- I just knew something was coming. And it did. Twice. I guess she shows that we are, truly, all equal -- rich spoiled queer singers can treat their spouses like used tissues just the same as straight ones. Warning to the next 20-something who falls for Etheridge's line -- girl, you come with an expiration date, so stash some away in a secret account for a rainy day, because you *will* be replaced.

1447 days ago
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