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Lucille Ball's Daughter

Sued over Mom's Stuff

7/13/2010 4:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lucille Ball's daughter has no right to some of her mom's memorabilia that's about to go up for auction ... that's according to a lawsuit filed to make sure the auction doesn't get derailed.


The lawsuit was filed in L.A. County Superior Court by Susie Morton -- whose late husband Gary Morton was previously married to Lucy when she died.

According to the lawsuit, Gary inherited a bunch of autographed pictures, artwork, and furnishings from Lucy when she passed -- stuff that Susie claims became hers when Gary died.

Susie is planning to auction off the items this weekend, but Lucy's daughter -- Lucie Arnaz Luckinbill -- now claims the items belong to her, according to the legal docs.

Susie wants the court to declare that she is the rightful owner of the Lucy treasures, thereby clearing the way for the auction.


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Suzie - you have a lot of nerve, girl! Lucy Arnaz is the one who will inherit anything that belonged to Lucille Ball. She is her daughter.
You are just a money hungry, greedy bitch. Just because your father married Lucille Ball does not mean you are entitled to any of her possessions. Low life!
What goes around comes around. Better be careful.

1562 days ago


My mom and I were vacationing in California the day Lucy died. So we went by her house. There was a huge crowd of people. We got out to talk to some of them. One lady told me that she had been going thru Lucy's trash for years. She said she had letters and cards from Desi and others. It was a sad feeling there that day. When Lucy's gates would open up for cars coming and going, the crowd would gasp. Beautiful neighborhood. Everyone should take those tours of the stars homes. As for the story, why didn't she get the items from Lucy's husband after she died? A little too late.

1562 days ago


these items belong to Lucy's cold to want to auction something like that heart heart.....maybe family means very little to you and I feel sorry for someone like that.....hope you win in court Lucie....Loved your mom and dad.....

1562 days ago


No Dee you're incorrect. Had Lucy wanted her daughter to have those items, SHE would've given them to her in her will. Her husband Gary got them instead. Once that happened, they are now passed on to HIS side of the family. The daughter is out of luck. Gary's widow has every right to sell the items. Yes, it would have been nice to have offered them to Lucy Arnaz, but since she didn't, oh well....

1562 days ago


Susie, be a big girl and let Lucie have her mother's items if they have sentimental value to her. Lucie, put your big girl pants on and split the profits 50/50 with Susie if you liquidate any of your mother's belongings.

1562 days ago


This is just about the money... nothing more...

1562 days ago


I hope Lucie win this because it's not right. My God, if I had been the daughter of Lucy's husband, I would have, without even thinking twice about it, given ALL of Lucy's items to HER children. What is it with people? Greed is a terrible thing. The lives that it ruins is staggering.

1562 days ago


I Loved Lucy & Desi.
That is just spiteful. Why are people like this. Yes it would have been nice if Lucy had given the stuff to her daughter, but she didn't. So this Susie should do the right thing and give the stuff to Lucie. Is she really that hard up for the money that she wants to hurt someone in the process. Just do the right thing.

1562 days ago

ryann be    

i love Lucy shows.....and how did she die.....

1562 days ago


His wife deserves nothing of Lucy's. Lucy's family should get ALL her items. They wouldn't be out to make a quick buck by auctioning them off.

1562 days ago


Get ready this is not the first nor the last lawsuit going around when it comes to Ball Arnaz possessions in the next couple weeks. I sure wouldn't want to be in Arnaz shoes. Did anyone see that cute little boy on youtube asking his aunt lucie for help a couple months ago?

1562 days ago


my guess is that if it was/is yours you would have taken it when your parent died...

we wait until her last husband dies and then make a dive for it??


come on, this sit should have been done long, long ago.


1562 days ago


Lucy's stuff should have gone to whomever she left them to in the will. If they passed to her husband, then his will would be controlling.

1562 days ago

northern gypsy    

ummm...when L.B. was alive would have been the correct time to split up her possessions with the beneficiary's...
it appears the morton family have rightful claim and should be able to dispose of these item's in any manner they wish...

1562 days ago


Susie should have given Lucy's personal belongings to the daughter immediately after Mr. Morton died. How can she live with her conscious by selling such personal items that she knows Lucie will forever treasure. Have a Heart and do the right thing. That's the HONORABLE thing to do!

1562 days ago
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