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Jesse James' Ex -- Get Sandra Back!

7/13/2010 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James' ex-wife sent him an email, telling him how their daughter aches to be back with baby Louis, and that she hopes Jesse gets Sandra Bullock back.


TMZ has obtained a copy of the email, sent by Janine Lindemulder to Jesse last month.  In the email, Janine says, "I believe you are a good man and with all that has happened you are now much wiser and if given the chance with your wife again, you would not screw it up."

Janine not only gives Jesse permission to move with their daughter to Austin, she says she'll follow along.

And, Janine says, "Sunny talked about 'Louie' [sic] yesterday, she told me he doesn't like baths.  She loves and misses her baby brother."

The email was submitted by Jesse as evidence in their custody war.


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Interesting turnabout...Not interested in the money or publicity? Welllll....I'd like to believe you only have your childs best interest in mind but...Let's have you move to Austin too and see the chaos and mayhem that ensues. Yeah, who your really thinking about is yourself.
No one is saying to walk away from your child but give us a break. Be would move to Austin for you and not our child...Why can't you both just give it a rest and let your child heal. Best interest of your child my A$$!!!!! Just don't believe ya'!!! Apparently both Money and BS talk n' walk!

1526 days ago


Who leaks this **** and other ****? I bet Low down people who will do anything 4 a few dollars.

1526 days ago


wow! this woman must be bi-polar! this email explains it all! she is clearly twisted or just need her meds to think straight! she confesses that she uses the press and slander to get back at him! she does not deserve Sunny... well atleast not yet!

1526 days ago


Wow, that actually seemed civil. But, if that's how she feels, why all this nonsense now? Why are they in court right now?

1526 days ago


sounds like Janine has been paid. which is actually a good thing because now you see that her kids don't mean as much to her as the money. Sad.

1526 days ago


Sandra should hope these people do not move to Texas to be near her. They sound like the kind of people who I would not want my son growing up around. It's not the tats, but the porn business, the sexual depravity, cheating, lies and drugs that are the problem. People like that just make my skin crawl, and their seedy lifestyles aren't something I would want to be around at all. Why do they even have children? The poor children have to grow up exposed to their nasty parents and it's just sickening.

1526 days ago


Janine was just trying to be nice and bury the hatchet not that she wanted to lose her daughter. Janine was probably subsequently advised that allowing Sunny to move to Texas is a bad move as the Texas courts will side with the monies Jessie and by Sandra still being in the picture they could and probably would try to dissolve Janine's parental rights again.

Jessie is evil as he's the one who is drugging and partying, but he's just lucky enough not to be addicted while Janine's has passed all her drug tests for almost two years now. Rehab was just part of her probation for tax evasion but she's been drug free for a very long time.

Jessie is a liar and the real unstable person he can't even obey court visitation orders pertaining to Janine and Sunny. I truly hope the child stays in California and does not go to Texas because that would be the death null for Janine and Sunny's relationship.

1526 days ago

Jesse James is a manwhore.

1526 days ago


OMG!!! Janine that is so nice of you... There are kind people in the world. Jesse people make mistakes and it does not make you a horrible person it just makes you human. I hope you and Sandra get back soon... I know there was love there!!!

1526 days ago


Why did she marry him, he and his harem are going to stalk her forever.

1526 days ago


somebody just give this woman a huge bottle of pills and let her end hers and our misery.

1526 days ago


Janine can sure turn on a dime! i'm wondering what caused this sudden change? the fact that she can't leave the state of california and will never gain 50/50 custody of Sunny (ie. her meal ticket)? so now she has to fight to keep her in Cali in hopes she gains the courts approval to have some sort of parental rights and therefore having Jesse pay child support! janine may have been clean for her last 4 drug test, but as the courts have declared, they have to see more than that to grant her any type of custody. she needs to quit making excuses and pornos and clean up her act. in her own words, "talk is cheap but now I have to prove it!"

1526 days ago


He's been raising the child basically without her for years. He should be able to move her wherever he wants to. If she wants to see her, let her make arrangments. He was a ****ty husband, NOT a ****ty dad.

1526 days ago


I think TMZ should do an article,which are all statements about Janine of this situation.
For example,
08.04.2010 -"Sandra took good care of Sunny".
12.07.2010 -"Sandra never cared about my daughter!"
It will be very funny!Janine or patients with complete loss of memory or absolutely false! LOL!!!

1526 days ago


It's written like she knew it would come to press.

1526 days ago
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