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Jesse James' Ex -- Get Sandra Back!

7/13/2010 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James' ex-wife sent him an email, telling him how their daughter aches to be back with baby Louis, and that she hopes Jesse gets Sandra Bullock back.


TMZ has obtained a copy of the email, sent by Janine Lindemulder to Jesse last month.  In the email, Janine says, "I believe you are a good man and with all that has happened you are now much wiser and if given the chance with your wife again, you would not screw it up."

Janine not only gives Jesse permission to move with their daughter to Austin, she says she'll follow along.

And, Janine says, "Sunny talked about 'Louie' [sic] yesterday, she told me he doesn't like baths.  She loves and misses her baby brother."

The email was submitted by Jesse as evidence in their custody war.


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If Sandra was a decent women she would get away from Jesse and his Janine. Sandra need to protect little Louis. Sorry Jesse didn't care to keep it in his pants long enough for Sunny to have little Louis for her brother-that's the way life go. Now Jesse is using Sunny to stay attached to Sandra.
The courts should take Sunny and place her with Janine. At least that would take Jesse's pawn away.

1506 days ago


Ok, since the whole reason he wants to move is to be close to Sandra who seemingly no longer wants to be with him why hasn't anyone asked Sandra if she wants this pathetic Nazi stalker to stalk her?

1506 days ago

Fred Thompson    

I was in Court and went across the hall when my matter was dismissed to view the proceedings. Boring!!! The Court Monitor should have reviewed TMZ for the hand over dates, facts, etc.----His Calendar, memory and dates was all messed up and plain wrong. Nice guy, but pathetic witness with facts as to visitations which he arranged and participated in. I had to leave--too farcical. The judge will be pulling his hair out about now!!! This hearing will go on for days, it appears.

1506 days ago


Usually when ppl say they don't want money that is a straight up lie and to to give permission for your child to move away and you will follow that is ridiculous I don't trust her intensions in the least.Sandra is so much classer than both of them put together. I worry for the little girl her little heart has been broken.

1506 days ago


Here's an idea: Why don't they both clean up their acts and remarry each other if she thinks he's such a great guy?

1506 days ago


@ keith! you dork! she didn't win awards for demolition man, they were for the blind side... get a clue! also most of us are her fans not only for her movies, but also for the kind of person she is. she doesn't taker herself seriously, yet handles her career and personal life with such class. even Janine has stated that Sandra handles herself gracefully (and know not to air her dirty laundry in the media.)
btw- she started the adoption proces 4 years ago and was given the new baby BEFORE this whole scandal broke!
you're the idiot for spewing false information!

1506 days ago


I guess Sandra Bullock is going to have to drop the legal hammer on all of them. If I were her, I would be extremely uncomfortable for my ex, his ex, and all the baggage and kids to follow me to Texas.

She went to Texas to get away from the loony bunch, and they want to follow her??? She must feel a bit stalked at this point.

1506 days ago



1506 days ago


louis and sunny were brother and sister for about 3 months, before the scandal broke. sunny was the one who insisted they adopt from new orleans and for all she knows, louis is her brother. so awesome how children see the world so differently... no hatred or color lines.

1506 days ago


Sounds to me like this lady is all over the minute she says one thing...the next something else...I think bottom line...she is trying to suck money out of sandra bullock...I think sandra needs to wash her hands of all of the adults in this scenerio...if she can maintain a friendship with the daughter so be it...but don't let the kids mother...or father...use the child.

1506 days ago

"why is she on TV?!"    

This is Jesse and Janine's plan to get Sandra back.
Where will they find better and cheaper (for free) babysitter then Sandra?!
Sandra is lucky she didn't catch AIDS...or something else.

1506 days ago


Why do single women take on all this crap. A man would never take on any of this for a woman, but women will do it everytime. He is so nasty, hope people are getting tested for hepatitis with all those tattoos. Looks so dirty and so trailor.

1506 days ago


Can't the courts see and read right through Jesse's mind that he is only interested in using "his" own daughter Sunny to win Sandra back. Boy, I can already see this and I'm not even going through this court ordeal with the likes of this family circus.
Sandra why on earth would you want this type of family hanging around you and your son. They are not worth being around there is just too much garbage and baggage being carried around with this load of a ****ty family.

But, then again you never even gave it any thought when you were dating Jesse to even consider what type of baggage he was carrying, no you went right into this relationship with your eyes wide open and there you have it the whole time he was married to you he screwed other woman behind your back. He will do it again and again because he simply likes women with "TATS" and the whole nine yards. Austin will just give him more of a variety to choose from. Go Austin...

1506 days ago

Mrs Helena    

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421 days ago
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