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Lindsay Lohan Just Says No ... To Some Drugs

7/13/2010 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A source extremely close to Lindsay Lohan tells TMZ the actress has cut herself off from several prescription meds -- including the powerful painkiller Dilaudid -- even though she's legally allowed to take them.


As we first reported ... court documents show that Lindsay is allowed to take 5 different medications while on probation because she has valid prescriptions for the drugs Zoloft (antidepressant), Trazodone (antidepressant), Adderall (stimulant to control ADHD), Nexium (acid reflux) and Dilaudid.

But a source close to Lindsay tells TMZ she only takes two of those -- Adderall and Nexium. We're told she doesn't even take the Nexium every day, but that she has taken the Adderall for years because she was diagnosed with ADD.

As for the Dilaudid -- we're told LiLo was issued a prescription when she had oral surgery back in June, but she hasn't taken the painkiller in several weeks.



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yes lets have the children stop wearing helmets and increase the risk of serious trauma and death! Old skool all the way!

1542 days ago

Are you sure?    

May 5, 2009
The secret to Lindsay Lohan's dramatic weight loss may have been discovered.

Us Magazine reports that the 22-year-old actress has been taking the drug Adderall—typically used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder—and may not be sticking to the recommended daily dosage.

"She takes Adderall all the time," a source claims. "She gets jittery because of the way the pills affect her. It's a major reason why she's losing weight."

1542 days ago

Sheeple Herder    

Since when are we supposed to believe any hogwash that comes from their camp! they are reeling now that many of their secrets have come to light and now they are trying desperately to cover it all back up. She's an addict and will probably die an addict. She's lied, stolen, and manipulated her way through life and this definitely won't change either. I'll never feel sorry for morally bankrupt people like her and that goes for the people who support and enable such behavior. Don't waste your time pleading for this fool, because I do not care what she or her enablers have to say one bit!

1542 days ago


she looks like she is doing fantastic and well on her way to greatness again.After 20 or so days in prison she will do 45 days rehab and within 2 years she will have an oscar for her soon to be announced comeback to the big screen..
go lindsey

1542 days ago


Can't wait to see Lindsey kicking and screaming when she has to check in to jail. Hope she's not too claustrophobic

1542 days ago


She is finally taking the steps in the right direction. Keep it up.

1542 days ago


She'll still be treated horribly by the public.

1542 days ago


Trazodone is used as a sleep aid. I have been taking it for nearly 12 years now.

The one that really blow's me away is the painkiller she got from her dentist after having her wisdom teeth pulled. That doctor needs to be investigated because if he's prescribing to Lindsay, he's more than likely prescribing this dangerous drug to other patients who only need a tylenol

I personally take prescriptions that I read about on here all the time when the person overdoses and dies. I think the only difference IMO is that I take them as prescribed, I don't abuse them, I see only ONE doctor who monitor's and prescribes to me and if you are taking your medications as prescribed then it is working to help allieviate the pain, the lack of sleep, the anxieties, or whatever else it is being prescribed for.

I even once went to a pain doctor and on the first visit he prescribed methadone to me. I filled the prescription, it worked for a few days, then it stopped working on my pain which would have required me to get a higher dose. Something that I didn't want was a higher dose of such a dangerous medication. So I never went back to that doctor and I just go to my neurologist and get all my prescriptions. So from my experience there are doctors all over the country who practice bad medicine. Pain doctor turned my bestfriend into a drug addict (her choice, her manipulation)who is now completely bedridden and will never walk again !

1542 days ago


zippered---are you and Lindsay sharing drugs together ????

1542 days ago



1542 days ago


The one that really blow's me away is the painkiller she got from her dentist after having her wisdom teeth pulled. That doctor needs to be investigated because if he's prescribing to Lindsay, he's more than likely prescribing this dangerous drug to other patients who only need a tylenol

how do you know what other patients need..any work done in the facial area is sometimes very very painful so for you to say,,they only need a tylenol is a bit obviously take medicine for pain,,do you only need a tylenol..doesnt sound like it...

1542 days ago


Good thing she's getting off these drugs now, because she's not going to be getting them in jail. Part of the order was for the prescriptions to be checked by a court ordered doctor. I'm sure they will stop the dilaudid.

1542 days ago


Athough she needs to get off these drugs, frankly, I doubt this is true. An addict is a good liar and can twist the truth to meet his/her wants or needs.

1542 days ago


So, in the last few weeks I learned that Lindsay needs,
a personal assistant,
to smoke,
to drink,
to do (at least prescription) drugs,
to not be alone,

to survive. Anyone considered eutanazia?

1542 days ago


I hope she is not just pretending she is off some of her drugs. Seems the best acting she does is when she is posing for her courtroom pictures and tries to look so innocent and pure. A far cry from when she is in her party girl mode. Truthfully I couldn't care less about her. She should have been put away a long time ago like the rest of us would have been. Unfortunately she bought her way out. Her parents especially her mother is an unfit ******* with only whoring her daughters out for money and fame.

1542 days ago
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