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Oksana/Mel Tell Different Stories Re: Extortion

7/13/2010 10:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There is a "long paper trail" showing Oksana Grigorieva tried to extort money from Mel Gibson in return for keeping the tapes secret ... this according to sources connected with the actor.


But a source close to Oksana tells TMZ, "She did not try to extort Mel Gibson nor did she ask him for money in return for the tapes."

As we have previously reported, Mel's attorneys plan to meet with the L.A. County Sheriff's Department to make "a presentation of evidence" -- which, we're told, includes their evidence of alleged extortion.



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@You're truly the devil and Kimbo... Thats funny stuff. LOL

1507 days ago


I feel sad for the daughter caught in this farce...

If ANYONE is or will be a victim in this - its her!

What a horrible life ahead ...stupid "Grown Ups"

Its embarrassing...really!

1507 days ago

Not a racist    

So because she is Russian she should be bitten and never tell anyone? Blame the victim!

1507 days ago


How can you take sides when your choices are two piles of trash?

1507 days ago


mel none of this would have happened if u had worn a condom.But u don`t believe in them so u should have stayed married..I`m really glad the world knows you`re a women beater.This women may be guilty of something but what he has done is 100 times worse..Mel has American parents was born in America but raised in Australia 4 a short period.He said on British tv he is more American than Australian..He is a cowardly custard i hope he shoots himself because this is all his own doing like he said in the tape boo hoo

1507 days ago


I have never commented on anything before...but for some reason this pisses me off..and yes I work with children damaged by these fights....

If she was a victim

She would not be as calm as she is...AND WOULD YOU NOT LEAVE HIS PROBERTY??????????????

Why is she living in his house for gods sake...

Okay last word from me...


You might give girls a bad name..especially eastern Europe girls...

BUT you will never affect REAL women in any way...


Good night and dont be as stupid as these two...

over and out from Scandinavia!!!

1507 days ago


MEL 2012, No birth certificate required.

1507 days ago


anne i work with abused women so shut up.the most important thing is to remain calm and not make your abuser angry.This is what she was doing.

1507 days ago



I lived with an abusive man...

And I would never live in his home...nor would I anger him in the way she shut up yourself...

I packed my bags..maybe she should try that...

1507 days ago


u know nothing about abused women so stop pretending little mel fan.She gets punched in the face, u did hear him say she deserved it on the tape.Yet u blame her.Shut up with your disgusting comments she lived there with his daughter.Stop blaming this women for this mans abusive nature.A week ago u would have said she was lying about being punched.I Work with women like this everyday its not as easy as u make it sound.Self esteem is the first thing they crush,after listening to the tape i heard plenty.He is a vile hater of women, blacks and jews.He should be in jail,he should not be allowed to raise a little girl.

1507 days ago


No comments....

I can tell you know all...especially by your use of language...

This is too stupid...

I wish for no fights....and I hope the little girl will be well in the long run....

as I said before..good night America..and good night Rach

we both mean well..

.bye bye..

1507 days ago


#7----you're truly the devil --------- I think he should be deported back to Australia. If he actually became a U.S. citizen, his citizenship should be revoked immediately. He doesn't deserve to be walking the streets of the United States.

I just had the unpleasant experience of listening to the latest tape, I was shaking, upset, and felt sick to my stomach. And I'm not even involved in the conversation, nor do I know either one of them on a personal level.

But that was so disturbing that I can't believe he hasn't been arrested yet. He threaten's her life more than once, not only of killing her and burying her, but laugh's at assaulting her and knocking out her teeth !

Why is MEL GIBSON getting special treatment. Any other citizen would have been arrested by now.

I can't believe that this is the same guy from the 80's who came on to the big screen and was absolutely adorable and funny.

When did this guy become so hateful of women, or for that matter of the entire human race ! Not only is his career over, but it's over in fiery crash. He's unhinged and no matter what lawyer he has representing him, he is caught on tape verbally assaulting this woman.

I don't care if she's a golddigger who trapped him by getting pregnant on purpose to get money out of him, there is absolutely no reason whatsoever for him saying what he said. I believe if they had been in the same room during this conversation she would have had more than her teeth knocked out or a black eye. He couldn't even breath and sounded like he was about as upset as humanly possible.

Yes, he's career is over. Good riddance ! Scary humanbeing.
But the insane part is that some woman will stupid enough to date him in the future and sympathize with him being the victim. Good luck future girlfriend.

1507 days ago


Yeah, Mel's a racist idiot. But this bitchy troll is full of ill will too (she dated one of the Bond actors) and this will become evident as well.

1507 days ago

vincent rogers    

Apparently Mel, who could have anyone, really loves her, it is hard to accept she was just a gold-digger. People be honest, who wants their private conversations taped, one has to think of the reasons it was done. sometimes the rich and famous fall in love with the wrong person !

1507 days ago


this is all tigers fault...

1507 days ago
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