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Oksana/Mel Tell Different Stories Re: Extortion

7/13/2010 10:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There is a "long paper trail" showing Oksana Grigorieva tried to extort money from Mel Gibson in return for keeping the tapes secret ... this according to sources connected with the actor.


But a source close to Oksana tells TMZ, "She did not try to extort Mel Gibson nor did she ask him for money in return for the tapes."

As we have previously reported, Mel's attorneys plan to meet with the L.A. County Sheriff's Department to make "a presentation of evidence" -- which, we're told, includes their evidence of alleged extortion.



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This guy is a


Whos cares what she did AFTER he beat her!
He should be locked up but we know how hollywood justice system works @@

1462 days ago


Michael Jackson and the Octo-Mom had a baby and created this ugly mess of a woman! Poor old mel, his sight must be failing him these days, she might be younger but she's just plain awful. When will rich old men understand that these types of women literally scream gold-digger?

Why do men have no control when it comes to sleeping with "other" women?, they are so weak! lol

1462 days ago

Gloria Unread    

Anne: Stepping away from an online fight is the smartest thing anyone involved in one can do. You'll never really "win" because you can't convince people of something they don't want to believe. By stepping way you are truly the winner, because you didn't waste any more of your time fighting on the Internet. This should especially apply to the TMZ comments section!

Back on topic: BOTH Mel and Oksana are equally loathesome.
Regarding Mel: Beating a woman is never acceptable - if that part is true - and his comments are disgusting. Mel was obviously attracted to Oksana at one point in time, so why now does he have a problem with her fake breasts and the way she dresses? It seems to be about control. He thinks she's his property now, so he doesn't want any men to look at her in a sexual manner. But he chose to be with her, despite probably knowing she was only in it for the money, so he shouldn't be surprised that she wants more of it.

Regarding Oksana: She's a loathesome character too! All signs point to her being a gold digger, and Mel was her meal ticket. True, he seems like a jerk, but she *chose* that jerk to have a child with. As for physical abuse, there hasn't been any proof yet. It seems like she's making that part up to get more money, and if she is she's just as bad as he is. Alleging abuse is one of the worst things anyone can do. No matter the validity of the claims, it still ruins the reputation of the person being accused. It's hard to feel bad for her in this case with the way she's behaved as well. Plus, we don't know what she said before that tape started recording to get him in such an angry state.

There are no winners here, folks. Just two equally horrible people who probably deserve each other. I only feel bad for the poor child who got brought into this world by these two pathetic and egomaniacal cretins.

1462 days ago


And the winner is: Mel Gibson's ex wife- free of this idiot & his slut russian...

1462 days ago


The anger is he can't get rid of her & make a clean cut (there's baby)
Mr Brilliant businessman hates that he went stupid.
Ms O was quick and fast and marriage was part of her plan.
She had help in her SET-UP (Alcoholics are easy targets)

Mel will come out with fly colors because PEOPLE HATE CONS
As for her tooth, it could have been broken before and any hard chew makes it fall out again and needs to be re-glued, been there.

1462 days ago


Anne -
How fortunate you are that you have never been in a abusive relationship, nor ever met anyone that was either. Pop that bubble your living in because while your entitled to your opinion, your sticking up for someone here that clearly is an abusive person.

I love people who live in glass houses ! As a survivor myself, I take everything that you have said as an insult to all women who have been abused. And men also for that matter, it works both ways.

No one has the right to touch another person in violence, EVER !
That's why our prison system is overcrowded with people who have abused or used someone.
With people like you Anne, you have set back all the progress women have made in being more independent, having the same rights as men, and being created equal. So much for being happy that the feminist movement even occurred ! I know I'm grateful for it and how important it has been for my life.

1462 days ago


She is a gold digging opportunist, apparently with psychopathic tendencies. This relationship meant nothing to her except for getting pregnant. She HAD to get pregnant or she might have no claim on his money once he discovered the real her. Isn't it illegal to tape people without their knowing? I totally believe that she did try and extort money from him. This is one cold calculating bitch.

1462 days ago


I have no clue whether Osksana or Mel is "full of it". For all I, know they both are. But I have never seen a more blatant display of photographs that show Mel poorly and Oksana as the innocent. A picture is worth a thousand words and TMZ is the master manipulator. My mother always told me, "Don't believe anything you read and only half of what you see." This is a perfect example.

1462 days ago


All you people need to do is listen to the tapes and anyone can tell this guy is capable of hitting a woman.No doubt about it,he is a un-happy drunk and most if not all un-happy drunks hit people.He is out of control.

Mel is looking for some(white) people to act in a crowd seen in his new all white production of the emmy winning smash hit movie CAR WASH.
starring mel,Lindsay,brittney,jessie james,sam ronson,vanilla ice,tiger woods

1462 days ago


After making The Passion of the Christ it was only a matter of time.

1462 days ago


she asked him on the tape how could u hit me,he then said u deserved y say there is no evidence of him hitting her.sorry i`ve forgotten your name and i can`t be bothered to scroll up.listen to bthe tape before commenting

1462 days ago

Team Mel    

Mel is NO MORE racist than any of "the people of color", we're showed that every day.

Mel just needs some professional help to keep away from alcohol, and gold diggers.


1462 days ago


Oh Mel... I loved you as an actor... Now I have totally changed my opinion about you... You are pathetic...

1462 days ago


WHY ARE YOU GIVING THESE MUTUAL IDIOTS SO MUCH AIR TIME???? He is obviously a tired, grumpy old man with lots of personal issues that should be dealt with in private with lots of mental flogging. She is a hustler who attached herself to a then-married man and is now trying to make her own buck off the situation. They obviously deserve each other - and we deserve not to have their stupid inbred fight aired on every TV "NEWS???" show and print or electronic media. ISN'T THERE ANY REAL NEWS OUT THERE?

1462 days ago


Ok, I think this Oksana chic is a an extortionist. I think she lures men into doing what she wants and then ruins them. I am not so sure that the voice on the tapes is even Mel. She is cunning enough to hire a voice over actor. I don't trust her. She is a media whore. That's just my opinion.

1462 days ago
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