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Sheriff's Dept. Wants Interview with Oksana's Son

7/13/2010 6:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the L.A. County Sheriff's Department wants to interview the 12-year-old son of Oksana Grigorieva in connection with the Mel Gibson investigation, and they believe the boy has critical information about his mom's volatile relationship with Mel.

Sources tell us Alexander Dalton saw many of the blowups between Mel and his mom, both before and after the explosive January 6 showdown.  Alexander -- whose dad is actor Timothy Dalton -- lived with Mel and Oksana while they were together, and is considered "a very important percipient witness" to Sheriff's investigators.

Based on the information we know, Alexander did not witness when Mel allegedly struck Oksana, but he may have been in the vicinity, heard the argument and saw the aftermath.

And we're told Alexander -- who is sometimes called Sacha (Russian for Alexander) -- is also a critical witness in the couple's custody battle.

Sources tell us Oksana will not try and prevent Sheriff's investigators from interviewing her son.


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I hope his wife is enjoying the misery he is in.

1508 days ago

James Bond vs. Max Max!

1508 days ago


Great. A kid by Timothy Dalton, and one by Mel Gibson. She is a slut. The quintessential starfu*ker.

1508 days ago


Timothy Dalton?!?! Wow, she gets around.

1508 days ago


Wow she does look like a plastic pig, more junk in her body than Shauna Sands and Kim K, Plastic surgery gone bad. Go back to Russia where you belong, and take Mel with you, your both Nuts.

1508 days ago


Ummm did anyone else notice she looks just like Octomom?

1508 days ago


How come Oksana didn't express shock and outrage on the tapes when Mel said the horrible racist slurs? Mels says the n-word, Oksana is silent. Mel says "w**back," Oksana is silent. Why didn't these words so offender her as to spike her offense meter?

At one point Oksana says plainly that she is worried for her life and that's an explicit effort to justify making the secret tapes. California law permits secret taping only in that instance. Since Oksana was so well coached, why didn't she report Mel's threats made on tape to the police immediately? Is it because, as Mel asserts, Oksana was attempting to extort money and custody concessions from him?

How come she keeps saying he's crazy and needs medication but now everyone is saying he was sane? Oksana is doing far more damage to her children than Mel Gibson could have ever inflicted intentionally.

1508 days ago


don't bring the boy into the middle of this. it is hard enough being a teenager even with normal parents. this whole story is so pathetic, but the kids are going to suffer from it. but these two parents don't care

1508 days ago


LOL @ 12 year olds aren't great at lying!!!

1508 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

She should have her baby taken away from her for allowing a 12 year old child to be dragged into this. I bet DAMN SURE she dragged that poor kid down to the police station to make a statement... she's probably fed him lies alla along. And what mother doesn't try and take a kid out of that kind of situation before it comes to this instead... they're making it seem like he was around to watch.

God I'm *really* starting to loathe this stupid bitch

1508 days ago


What a lot of hate directed towards this woman! There are lots of women who have had children with more than one man; do any of you people have step-children? Does that make your spouse a whore? That hers are both with famous men only means she runs in those circles. Does anyone see any possible excuse for Mel Gibson's behavior in these phone calls? It's just beyond rational, it's hateful and ugly and ignorant, incredibly controlling and egotistical, and plainly legally abusive. The man can well afford a lawyer, just cut her off and communicate through your lawyer if she's so horrible.

He's shown his true colors, he's toast. Get over it.

1508 days ago


TMZ ~ Leave her son alone! Meaning - DON'T POST PICTURES OF Her Son! Teenagers have a challenging time as it is! KEEP THE PICTURES of the KIDS OFF YOUR PAGE!!!!

1508 days ago


wow mel u have a bunch of supporters on here.I can only imagine how all of u were raised...Defending a man who knocks a womens teeth out..Hero worship is quite pathetic.

1508 days ago


Strange how these women only use birth control when it is convenient but on one deserves abuse. Guess she got a little more than she bargained for this time although Timothy Dalton doesn't seem the nicest sort either. Mel Gibson is a washed up old drunken piece of crap who needs a vasectomy. Oh wait, I forgot, he is a devout Catholic. Rofl.

1508 days ago

Get a Nose Job, please!!!    

So the Ugly Cow is draqging her son into the Evil Plot?
Wonder who is coaching him on what to say? Hope Mel sues her for extortion. She's not an American citizen so send her nasty ass back to Russia. We already have enough gold digging whores in this country.

1508 days ago
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