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Sheriff's Dept. Wants Interview with Oksana's Son

7/13/2010 6:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the L.A. County Sheriff's Department wants to interview the 12-year-old son of Oksana Grigorieva in connection with the Mel Gibson investigation, and they believe the boy has critical information about his mom's volatile relationship with Mel.

Sources tell us Alexander Dalton saw many of the blowups between Mel and his mom, both before and after the explosive January 6 showdown.  Alexander -- whose dad is actor Timothy Dalton -- lived with Mel and Oksana while they were together, and is considered "a very important percipient witness" to Sheriff's investigators.

Based on the information we know, Alexander did not witness when Mel allegedly struck Oksana, but he may have been in the vicinity, heard the argument and saw the aftermath.

And we're told Alexander -- who is sometimes called Sacha (Russian for Alexander) -- is also a critical witness in the couple's custody battle.

Sources tell us Oksana will not try and prevent Sheriff's investigators from interviewing her son.


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Why drag a minor into this crazy Mel Gibson mess! Shame on these Sheriffs!

1532 days ago


She is a gold digging HO...I have no sympathy for her she set this up ...I know Mel is a drunk and he gets carried away because of it and its no excuse but how do you set someone up when you are getting big bucks...she signed a prenup and now she wants to rip him off....he is such a shmuck...he needs to go into rehab and I mean ASAP

1532 days ago


I have listened to the tapes....Mel deserves the hell he is about to go through. At first, I didn't feel bad for either one of them...thinking it was BS Hollywood stuff...after hearing the tapes I now feel absolutely sorry for Oksana... Mel you mother f'er you have no f'ing right to speak to anyone that way!!! I'm quite sure she recorded and leaked the tapes...but who can blame her? He need's to be locked away in a mental hospital. I will never watch another "Mel Gibson" movie far as I'm concerned "home boy" is dead.

1532 days ago


Please, in the USA you are innocent until proven guilty. This woman obviously schemed to set up crazy Mel...and he fell into her trap...she is looking for money and he is obviously looking for a sane reason why he left his lovely wife Robin for this gold digger. This Russian tramp amped up her efforts to extract big $$ after scoring a hit with Timothy Dalton & set her sites on a bigger fish...amazed that Mel G. fell in her "web". Hollywood is full of crazies and opportunist looking for big money...this story fits both scenarios

1532 days ago


I think most ppl feel sorry for her, just a few odd ppl don`t,maybe she is a goldigger but its better than being a women hating,gay hating racist.Honestly his career died with the jew hating bile.Eli Roth should kick his ass

1532 days ago


It's sad for the kid, but let's face it...I don't doubt this was his mom's idea...Og course the kid is going to say whatever his mom wants him to say. Whether or not it even happened as she claims, no doubt the child will be forced to hold up his mother's side. Think about it- a kid who relies on his mother- is he going to say anything but what she wants him to say? Please. A kid that age still needs a parent, if he lives with her, then he has no choice. What else is he going to do? Run away? Not terribly likely. I only hope that he does the right thing. If any of them are lying, it will come out and tehy will eventually pay for their wrongdoing. TMZ is on their asses like glue, so whatever the truth is it will be discovered. I wish kiddo well though.

1532 days ago


Perhaps Mel Gibson not only has psychiatric problems but has physical problems. Sometimes when people start saying inappropriate things, uncensored things, or when their behavior changes suddenly they have an underlying medical problem. Years ago the press criticized Rita Hayworth, Dudley Moore, Annette Funicello and it turned out that they were ill.

1532 days ago


I swear ppl r posting the same comments but with different

1532 days ago


The dentist is jewish lol get a life ho..I think if he comes out and admits he wrong doing and gets help he may be forgiven.But the tapes r out there.

1532 days ago


It fascinates (and repels me at the same time) me how many people on here are calling HER a liar, even after they have surely heard the tape of Mel threatening her and saying she deserved to be hit. Is abuse of women still accepted in our supposedly 'civilized' country? I don't care if she spit in his face and called him an a**hole.....a MAN would have have walked away. He would not have hit a woman (and one who was holding his infant daughter in her arms at the time!). Just because he is Mel Gibson does not give him the right to abuse anyone at all.

The women posting on here that he is blameless......would you put up with him hitting YOU? Better yet, would you condone your daughter being abused by a man like this?

And the men posting that he is blameless.....i just pray that you are not letting him set an example for you on how to treat the women in your lives. If the woman is a golddigger, then move on, don't even date her. Don't sleep with her and impregnate her then complain that she was after your money, use some common sense! Take some responsibility for your own actions rather than blaming everyone else because your life is screwed up.

He is a sick man and he needs help. I only hope that for his own sake, and before he injures any more people, this whole mess wakes him up and he gets the help he so desperately needs.

1532 days ago


#99 - What prenup ? They were together for 1 yr. There was no marriage. She purposely got pregnant to solidify getting some sort of income from him on a regular basis. Plain and simple, the b***h lied to him. The reason she is talking over him in certain parts of the 3rd tape, is because if she didnt we would hear what he had to say. Which is the truth. As he keeps saying over and over again, it's his money. She is spending HIS money, and that is what has sent him over the edge. She wanted to make sure what he said at that crucial point was inaudible.

#105. I'm my own person. This is my own comment. Please note, I am not a part of the trolling that may be going on here today.

1532 days ago


#109. He never admitted to hitting her. He only said You Deserved It. Which could have been taken out of any portion of these recordings and edited to be put where she wanted it.

1532 days ago


There are always two sides to every story. I have seen too many women in my short life play the he hit me card and have it come out after the fact that not only did her partner not do what she had stated before but in fact it was she who was the abuser in the relationship. I have seen men struggle for equal rights when it comes to their children and get the shaft! I have seen the materialistic woman get what she wants and the fathers or ex partners end up with nothing. I have seen men commit suicide, go bankrupt, men who end up utterly ruined because she said! There is only one being who may judge any man, and that is GOD! Not you, not me and until that day none of us have the right to pass judgement on anyone! Oh, and yes a court of law is beneficial but even then there is he said, she said there is only one truth and we will never know it because neither one of them know it! Two people, Two stories!!

Just for the record I am a mother of three, I live with my husband, and I believe I am a pretty logical person!

1532 days ago


To those who keep saying he never hit her.....uh, reason the police are find out if he DID HIT HER! Are some of you stupid? Nevermind, you already answered that! Hence, reason for questioning oh, say her son and dentist and well, Mel himslef next week. Reason for the INVESTIGATION!!

1532 days ago

Yeah yeah    

Loved loved this guy until he started the racial crap.
That would have been a big huge detour for me. Big sign that I would want nothing to do with this creep!

1532 days ago
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