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Naked Jailer -- Fired After Playboy Shoot

7/14/2010 6:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Arkansas jailer who got naked for Playboy has just been officially canned by the Washington County Sheriff's Department ... TMZ has learned.


Moments ago, Jessie Lunderby (32-24-33) met with officials for the first time since she was put on administrative leave following the nudie shoot for Playboy's Cyber Girl of the Week back in June.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ officials quickly informed Lunderby of their decision to terminate -- and made her turn in her uniform at the station.

According to our sources, Lunderby was told she got the boot for being "a distraction in the facility."

And you know what that means.


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So just because every other female cop who has ever posed for Playboy ended up getting fired for it, she figured she was the exception? Yep, she's a blonde.

1562 days ago


By the way, they don't have teeth whitening in Washington County? Buy a tube of Topol or something. I'm just saying...

1562 days ago


MissAnn please kindly stfu. In the "real world" when you are in law enforcement you MUST follow certain rules and ethics. How the f can you be in corrections telling excons that they must be good when your morals are questionable?

You're right, she has a right to be the whore that she is, she just can't to it while working in law enforcement. She's (like you) are opportunistic bitches who think the world revolves around you. I bet my left nut if Playboy called her after taking that picture she would have dropped her corrections job like a hot potato, but since she didn't get a phone call now she wants back.. f u

1562 days ago

Joe Blow    

Holy geez, it really doesn't take much to be a "celebrity" these days, does it? Really TMZ, I love your site, but this isn't really your forte. Let the vixens on FOX News or CNN report on this, it really has nothing to do with a celebrity at all.

1562 days ago


Seriously, what did she expect would happen???? It's not as if she's someone who works in an office environment, or any other job outside of a prison environment. She's working around confined inmates...and flaunting a, for lack of better wording, highly sexual attitude, which will only go to cause problems in a prison environment...whether it's men or women in the facility. The prison is absolutely within their rights to can someone who is a risk to the safety and well-being of staff and inmates. There is something to be said for common-sense, which she seems to lack. If she tries to sue them...I'm fairly certain she's going to lose.

1562 days ago


MissAnn... ("I hope she files suit on these a-holes. Cop or not, a woman has a right to choose who can see her body and if that's a distraction, that's anothers problem-not hers")

What you say may be true, and I'm certainly not going to call her a "whore", BUUUUUT...she made a choice here. A choice that DOES rightly affect her employment at a corrections facility. By publicly flaunting her body as she's chosen in publications that can be obtained by inmates she has turned herself into a safety risk both for the employees and the inmates, whether in a male or female facility. Due to that fact alone...the facility DOES have the right to fire her.

SHE is very aware of the safety risk she poses now too since she deals with the inmates...and she made the choice to pose anyway. She has been fired for "behavior unbecoming to an officer" and for failure to get approval for outside work...both are pretty solid grounds for dismissal.

1562 days ago


@ 16 Yes, Taking your clothes off using their body to make money makes them a whore. You really don't need to have sex for that to be considered. What shes doing is only 2 stepping stones away from prostitution.

So if a guy sleeps around he's considered a "guy". But if a girl does it shes considered a "slut,whore,skank,classless" which basically causes girls to get pissed off and they defend themselves. But do you girls want to know why?

Well it's because girls can get by on their looks and what they have between there legs. That's why. Rather it be for monetary gain or to get higher up career wise. Let's see, You have the talentless actresses such as Megan Fox and Jessica Alba getting roles to play the "eye candy" in a film their sole purpose is to look hot. You have escorts. You have strippers. Or you have models. Or you just have the ridiculous hot chick that goes after millionaire men. But of course men could do all of that too..But its way way more common for women to do that.

It's kinda funny if you pull up Forbes most richest women in the world, You have the self made millionaires. But whats funny is most of the time are a model, entertainer rather it be an actress or singer. Then you have the business women and if you actually look into their background they either A) Inherited their money from a MAN. Or they were born into it. So you take out all of that you have a really really small percentage of women that actually worked their way up to the top and became rich.

Most women will date guys based on income and that is why women will never be equal. I sign into aim everyday and see the Aim today pop up with its typical news stuff and sometimes a poll. I saw one that was about relationships and income. It had a poll up that said "How important is spousal income to you, and a large percent said important. Then the next page it asked women whats the ideal house size and they the majority said "Large 4+ bedrooms"..I thought that was funny. I just find it funny that feminist argue so hard about women not having equal opportunity in the workplace or fair wages,etc but then polls like that pop up. Sucks for them. So sorry girls, You can't complain about that but then turn around and say a mans income in very important to you and that a large house is ideal. THAT the MAN has to pay for.

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Basically girls are dumb. Men are stronger,faster, generally smarter than girls. But of course you're going to say "LOL men are the stupid ones"..Well you base that off of relationships. The guy does dumb stuff while in a relationship,etc. Im talking about actual education and intelligence wise not by doing retarded stuff in relationships. But want to know why? Because we don't care. So basically, Women should be chasing men around not the other way around.

You girls are lucky you have that wet spot between your legs and you have desperate vagina manipulated men eating out of your hand. Because if suddenly every guy in the world woke up and was able to control his hormones and also realized what was actually happening. You girls would have one major problem on your hands.

1562 days ago


Usually with those jobs, there is a clause that you have to hold yourself to a higher standard. I really don't feel sorry for her at all.

Stick to your day job honey....Oh yeah-you don't have one of those now! Sucks to be you.

1562 days ago


Why is it that pathetic losers who aren't getting any, or never had any to begin with, always call women they don't even know, whores?
Probably cause they spend their entire existance scouring internet porn, except for Sunday morning church service, where they rail against the evils of loose women, (meaning all those who are repelled by them).

1562 days ago


David - Ur a moron! Smart woman can figure u out in 10 sec's by ur arrogance and attitude. Guessing u have never been married or will be in ur future. Or maybe just a bitter old divorced man. U have all the "secrets" to women...really - How big is ur porn collection? LOL As for this woman - She is an attention whore just like Jake eh? Both sexes do it. I live in AR & she is considered an insult to female workers here - Hell I would have fired her for misconduct & I'm in HR & female.

1561 days ago


I live in Fayetteville, AR and I think the whole thing has been blown out of proprtion. Yes she did take her clothes off, but if you don't like it don't look at it. We need to be more concerned about the lack of law enforcement in our society and the shotages we are facing in that field and focus on keeping and maintaining the oficers we have rather than firing them over a choice that they made. Her nudity was not going to inhibit her ability to arrest the criminals and maintain order.

1561 days ago


Kindly return to the recesses of society where you belong, you poor, disgusting turd-breathed toad. Besides being extremely boring, your total emasculation has doomed your future to solitary masturbation.

1561 days ago


i have a dungeon downstairs she can work in!

1561 days ago


32-24-33? She must be very short. Perfect modeling stats if over 5'9", and she doesn't look that way at all. Looks more like 42-24-36, ha

1561 days ago


Thats right girls..Continue proving my point on how stupid girls are..Throwing around childish insults lolol thanks <3

1561 days ago
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