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Oksana Demanded Millions for Tapes ... Allegedly

7/16/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with Mel Gibson tell TMZ they have "hard proof" Oksana Grigorieva tried to extort Gibson, demanding more than $10 million from the actor in return for keeping the secret tapes just that -- secret.

Our sources claim Oksana demanded a specific amount of money. They would not reveal the exact sum but say it's more than $10 million.  And the sources say there are emails and other "physical evidence" to prove it.  As one source said, "There's a long trail of evidence"

TMZ broke the story .... Mel's lawyers will be meeting with L.A. County Sheriff's deputies, making a presentation of evidence which includes alleged evidence of extortion.  We're told the lawyers want the Sheriff's Department to launch a criminal investigation after they present deputies with emails and other physical evidence.



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Mel, Sweetheart, go to sleep. It's late.

1569 days ago


i love what blockbuster can do for you this maniac is more sympathetic than a cartoon character

1569 days ago


gaanlord you're right, she does look like liv tyler but she's still a s*l*u*t and deserves to die

1569 days ago

k_kr showing this to my friends and we all agree - it does look like a old liv tyler, except liv isn't a gold digging slut!

1569 days ago


LOL! Sweetheart you are a gem. I have enjoyed reading every single one of your comments. Thank you for sharing all the information you have gathered.

There is a need to repeat some of the facts many times as the growing list of comments include the same questions asked over and over. :)

Please just keep ignoring those who curse, those who won't listen to the facts, those who are so desperate to hate Gibson, that they are now resorting to pulling at threads.

Hopefully the truth will prevail in court.

1569 days ago

Teri Tulk    

I think she is upset cause she cant get no money off him, she is setting him up big..We all know Mel is a racist but we have never heard of him being a beater women.....Although Mel if you are going to lay with sluts you have to pay the price.......

1569 days ago


I thought it was 20mill???

Well, if this is TRUE there is a possibility that she might lose custody of her children!!!!

There's an old saying "When you try to dig a hole for someone else you are actually digging a hole for YOURSELF"!!!

It's call "KARMA"!!!

1569 days ago


Yes, her voice is crystal clear, and it appears to me that they are not even really talking in that last tape. He is ranting on, and then she inserted a few words to make herself look good. First off, anyone talking to you like that, you hang up. But she didn't. She recorded being the skank that she is, then edited, and now gave to the press. I hope they get her and take her down, and throw her in a snake infested cargo ship back to Russia with Love!

1569 days ago


Mel would say anything. This gold digging stuff is crazy. He has been seeing her for 3 years, she had his child. He offered her 20 mil to cut a custody deal and she is going to extort 10 mil no way. He is an abuser and out of control and will say anything to justify punching her in the face while hold their daughter. An the vile things he said to her, the threats, sorry those tapes did not lie. I would not want to hand over my child to that lunatic either. She is intitled to child support and that is not gold digging. She waited to get proff to support her position and I do not blame her. Also He has alot of money and she was afraid because of his power. All his money does not give him the right to own her. He needs to be put behind bars where he belongs. NO EXCUSE TO HIT A WOMAN ESPECIALLY THE MOTHER OF YOUR CHILD WHILE HOLDING YOUR INFANT. Don't know how people can condone Mel's behavior nothing is reason enough to act in the manner he acted.

1569 days ago


Oksana Grigorieva don't look like Liv Tyler but resemble Mel's first wife Robin!!!



1569 days ago


mel is up to something..I have seen this plot before in one of his movies,,

1569 days ago


If Mel offered Oksana Grigorieva $20mil in a custody deal, I wonder why she did not take it?????

Oksana Grigorieva you walked away from a custody settlement of

$20mil - $0 = $0
$20mil - $0 = $0
$20mil - $0 - $0


1569 days ago


I've said it from the start, just not here yet, that this is a mail-order bride gone wrong. I hope the truth comes out and this girl gets whats comming. I have no love for Mel, but in this case, I'm on his side.

1569 days ago

Caring Kate    

Water seeks its own level. Creeps blend with creeps. That is the fact that still remains. Mel Gibson should be in prison and so should Oksana, if she is in fact the criminal Mel and his camp are trying to prove. The child must be placed with a good family of sane, moral, gentle, loving people if both Oksana and Mel are criminal creeps. Since they were so attracted to each other at one time, it would appear to be so. The absolute truth is that Mel is a criminal. The jury still out question is if Oksana did in fact attempt to extort. Mel, however, needs to be removed from society, so that he may never harm another person.

1569 days ago


she made mel look like a fool,an old fool

1569 days ago
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