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Trump Requests Services of Tiger Woods Mistress #1

7/16/2010 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Donald Trump is getting in on the action with Tiger Woods mistress numero uno Rachel Uchitel ... because he's offered her a job on the next season of "The Celebrity Apprentice."


Trump -- a longtime friend of Tiger's -- told TMZ he personally called Uchitel three weeks ago and offered her a spot on the show .... telling her she'd be "awesome."

We called Uchitel and asked if she was going to take the offer -- and she said, "Absolutely."

We're pretty confident she'll excel in business -- since she's already proved she can handle the load.

NBC has the final say on whether Uchitel will be on the show, but Donald usually gets his way.


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Such a blatant display of what is wrong in this world....a whore who was running around with a married man gets rewarded. She will now get more money because of her immorality. Donald Trump obviously would sell his soul to the Devil so he can have more money. Wake up people. I am sure God is very displeased.

1558 days ago


he should offer Elin a job too,now that show I would watch..just keep her away from any golf clubs

1558 days ago


JUst when I was hoping I'd never have to see this inflated whore again.

1558 days ago

Bernice Madoff    

I used to think Don was just another hoser then he convinced me he was just an A guy, above it all and says what is on his mind (a style to admired). Now I realize Don as first suspected a whorses ask to be purchased and sold.

1558 days ago


I'd rather watch paint dry before I watch celebrity apprentice.

1558 days ago

Big Momma    

really, i need to stop checking in on this site because i'm helping perpetuate americans misguided interest -- turning "celebrity" into a low class affair. imagine, a known-only-for-sexual activitis a mistress with a reality show -- blow job porn queen kim kardashian becomes a celebrutard, paris hilton sex film ick-extraondinare leading the pack. we are crowded on these sites with people who have done absolutely nothing. and everytime we click unto the site they make money.

1558 days ago


the ohter contestents better not call her a slut or whore or good old gloria will sue.

1558 days ago

darcy hill    

Talk about your ultimate reward for bad behavior. For that reason alone I'll be giving this season a pass. Trump is a chump.

1558 days ago


How is this slut a celebrity? She's a straight up HOOKER! Wow if the networks allow this.....well down the tubes!!! I can't believe with the amount of bible beaters in the media and they don't want to show many things on tv..but this whore's ok? Whatevver, I NEVER watch this show anyway.

1558 days ago


I thought Celebrity Apprentice was supposed to catapult "has beens" to the spotlight, no?!

I'm seeing Holly Robinson Peete (sp?) on everything, NOT Brett Michaels.

They should put 2 mistresses on!! HA!

That'd be AWESOME...watching them throw each under under the bus...HA!!

1558 days ago


Bad idea! She is not Trump material! She is Tramp material! lol lol lol

1558 days ago

either or    

Maybe dadonald could get his friend tigger to be on the show with her too....that I would watch.

1558 days ago


a tramp like this can hold her head up high like she
is some Queen Bee and some pple believe it.
all she ever did was to have an affair with a married man and commit extorsion. WTH? so if you commit crimes...adultry and are considered famous? and become wealthy?
THE WORLD IS MESSED UP...THEY ARE ALL GOING TO HELL! I HOPE! so go ahead, live the life of luxery on earth for a brief second b/c HELL will be for all ETERNITY! LMAO!

1558 days ago


Well, that is one way to get me to STOP watching that show. I'm done. The end.

1558 days ago


I can't believe this "home wrecking wh@re" is making a very comfortable living off of having an affair with someone she knew was a married man.

1558 days ago
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