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Jennifer Aniston Allegedly Victim of Dangerous Stalker

7/20/2010 2:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Jennifer Aniston just got a restraining order against a man who was arrested after prowling around a place she frequents -- and the man had a sharp object, duct tape and is considered violent.


According to the docs, Jason Peyton was found on July 15, "laying-in-wait in a location he believes she frequents with a 'sharp object, a bag, a roll of duct tape and written messages about [Aniston]."

Aniston's lawyer says in the docs ... Peyton spent 8 days trying to find her and when he was taken into custody cops found carved messages in the paint of his car saying, "I LOVE YOU JENNIFER ANISTON."


According to the documents, obtained by TMZ, "Peyton is an obsessed, mentally ill and delusional stalker -- with a history of violence and criminal stalking -- who drove cross-country in his delusional 'mission' to locate and marry [Aniston], with whom he believes he is in a relationship."

After being arrested, the 24-year-old Peyton was placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold. He is still being held.

According to the restraining order, Peyton must stay 100 yards away from her home, places of work and vehicles.  Peyton must also stay clear of her employees, agents, managers and other reps.

The way cops found out Peyton was in L.A. looking for Aniston ... he left a note for his dad on June 25 in Pennsylvania, stating he was going to California which his dad knew meant he was looking for Aniston. We're told ... ultimately, it was the mother who gave cops a heads up.

As for Peyton's violent past -- it includes stabbing himself and hitting his mother with a golf club.

Peyton, who has been institutionalized before, was ordered to take antipsychotic drugs but authorities say he stopped taking them in March.

Peyton believes he's related to Oprah, Nelson Mandela, Jay-Z, Jennifer Lopez, Courteney Cox, Bill and Melinda Gates, President George Bush (both of them) and Donald Trump.

LAPD's Threat Management Unit is involved in the case -- translation, it's serious.


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How incredibly ironic!

There's Angelina...high-profile right now with a four-star movie coming out, busy grabbing Brad's ass on the red carpet. Then there's poor wretched Jen. Bad movies, limp career - clutching at the media spotlight while bringing a lame-ass restraining order against some stupid stalker.

When will she give up and realize that she can't compete on any level with the Golden Couple? I'm betting Ange and Brad consider laughing at her to be one of their favorite ways to kill some down time.

1564 days ago


@106 Whateverpeeps,make no mistake about it,Jen is still a revengeful loser.Do you really think that her perfume debut on the same week Angelina's movie is coming out is a coincidence? Really? She is always taking her clothes off or doing something to call attention to herself everytime there is a new Angie or Brad movie out.God, not even her mother wants to talk to her.She is a person full oh hate.

1564 days ago


The guy is really screwed up. Doesn't he know guys run like hell to get away from her?

1564 days ago


yes, i dont doubt taht this is a scary thing to be stalked. and i am glad they caught the guy...

but, i dont understand how jen has a "movie career". she acts the same and looks the same in all her f**kn movies. theres no talent when you are just acting yourself. all the movies she does is about a guy and how she ends up with one in each and every dam movie. and her acting sucks anyways.

as for being not desperate...of course she is. she is over 40 in no relationship and she wants children. if she really wanted one before she could have adopted, but she is a selfish one. bet she regrets not starting a family with brad when he wanted to. she was too busy trying to build her career.

well. if anyone sees her movies, ones she "stars" in tanks but ones with a good storyline with a lot of other famous actors do well ...but not b/c of her.

BTW, she does look good yes..before anyone says im jealous...untrue cuz i look dam good myself. anyways, she does make millions but she has only herself to spend on. she has no responsibilities for anyone else. if you had all that money and only spend on yourself, sleeps in everyday, yoga, workout whenever you want, botox, plastic surgeries, and wear designer clothes, you yourself will also transform into a butterfly.

asfor her age, i am her age with many responsibilities, family and a career, and i don't go around half naked to show off my awesome body. she needs to have some modesty, oh and yea...ACT YOUR AGE! unfortunately, she does seem to have a brain like a teenager and behaves like one too.

Just wish they would stop offering her any movies, b/c you know before you can say Action!, that movie is going to tank, unless you add a whole bunch of A-listers in the film!

1563 days ago

siska sensible do you feel if that happen to you..thats so scary..I will never want this thing happen to anyone..specially a good girl like Jen..Thank God..she save...May God bless her..

1563 days ago


this Aniston woman is so FUGLY! her face looks so dirty, too much makeup. the cheek, the chin, the nose....YUCK!! no wonder no real man really wants her. the only guy who wants her is mentally ill. she should be happy at least someone is into you Jennifer!! go naked for him...hurry before your turn into 50 in a few years. are you getting menopause yet?

1563 days ago

Folake Ogundiran    

I could not imagine being stalked because privacy is the utmost concern to me. Its the worst feeling in the world and thank God I've never had to experience it

1563 days ago

frank drebin    

what a great pic of jen!

1563 days ago


Jen don't let him get away he's a keeper. Look Peyton is only 24 just like you like them. I got a good feeling this man will not run from you like the other men. He is more level heading than John Mayer. What you say Jen give him a call.
Wait a minute Jolie movie open this week....Ah shucks this is probably one of Jens fake men again.

1563 days ago

Sharon Dunbar    

Jen finally found a man of her own

1563 days ago


How much are you all being paid by Jolie to post these nasty remarks? Is AJ that desperate and insecure?

1563 days ago


The Threat Management is a bogus unit. They will do anything celebrity lawfirms want them to do. I wouldn't trust any "investigation" if certain detectives are involved.

This unit needs to be investigated for what they did in the Matilda Notaro case.

1563 days ago


It seems odd to me that she has a film to promote and a co-star she can't pretend to be in a 'relationship' with (Bateman's happily married and, let's face it, where is Gerard Butler these days)? So suddenly a 'stalker' appears.....

I may be cynical but it seems to me to be just another publicity stunt to get attention for her movie and new perfume.......sad really because does anyone really care?

She needs to just get a grip and accept she's not a great actress and these 'stunts' are just annoying; they certainly don't make me want to see her movies or buy her perfumes.

1562 days ago


im from malaysia i always watch tmz from HBO you and i would like to know what time is it for my time zone TMZ LIVE? Jennifer youre still beautiful!

1562 days ago


# 124 How much are you all being paid by Jolie to post these nasty remarks? Is AJ that desperate and insecure?


That could be the only explanation people write things like that.

This story is not about Jen, her character or her career.
It is about somebody being in real danger.

If you (FPIC and others)cannot see that it means that you are sick...or work for Jolie...or you are Jolie's brother (daddy????)

There is no other option!!!

1562 days ago
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