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Injured During Concert

Caught on Tape

7/16/2010 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

P!nk had to be taken to a hospital following a concert in Germany earlier today -- when an acrobatic stunt went terribly wrong ... and she went crashing into the crowd.

WARNING: Strong Language

Check out the video to see the fall -- it all starts around the :30 second mark.

TMZ spoke with a rep at the venue who told us the strings that were attached to P!nk's harness were not secured properly ... which resulted in the singer falling roughly 8 feet onto the arena floor.

P!nk suffered injuries to her legs -- but got up and went back on stage, where she apologized to the crowd ... then got into an ambulance and was whisked to a local hospital.

Pink later took her Twitter account and said, "Nothings broken, no fluid in the lungs, just seriously sore."


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U Guys are just mean and rude!!! If you got tossed off the stage you would cuss too!
She is not ugly and I would love to see you lame jackholes do what she does for even 5 minutes!
What a bunch of f*^kwads!

1508 days ago

I Chinee    

Too bad she wasn't thrown further into the crowd where she could have took some germans out when she landed...

1508 days ago


Pink rocks. But she doesn't have the talent of Miley,Justin, or Drake.

1508 days ago


Why can't singers just put on a concert instead of trying to act like they're in a circus? People want to hear her sing...not watch her fly through the air.

1508 days ago


I'm glad she's okay.

1508 days ago

o rly    

Like Rihanna, she's masking her lack of talent with special effects and acrobatics.

1508 days ago


Pink, lay off all of the circus BS. You're a great singer, get a great band, and work some songs. The music is what its all about, not bungee jumping. Hate those kind of concerts.

1508 days ago


Bet she looked dumb in the ER. All that crap she was wearing. LOL These idiots will do anything to try to get a gasp out of people anymore.

1508 days ago


So stupid. Why do performers now need all these gimmicks? I'm not a hater of Pink, either, just a hater of the special effects stuff so many performers do now. She can sing. Why do this stuff? She's also getting too old for this. She should act her age and just sing, she has a strong voice and doesn't need the gimmicks.

1508 days ago


I'm 46 y.o. and I LOVE Pink. I also think there's a lot of tone deaf people on here-because you would have to be if you think Pink (think pink-haha, the old Pink Panther cartoons) can't sing.
She adds the extras to make the show even more interesting. I think she'd be great if she just stood in the middle of the stage with just a mic and a stand.

Unlike a lot of the pop performers, she is actually singing while performing these feats. No lip-syncing for Pink. She is VERY talented and wants to give her fans everything when they pay to see her.
Too bad all the worlds a critic.

1507 days ago


hope she did not land on that beautiful face

1507 days ago



HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH "OOOww oh ho no, that hurt, mthrfck" hahahhahahahahhahahahhahaha

1507 days ago


Can you imagine the headline... "Billie Holiday injured at concert." "Janis Joplin injured at concert." "Cat Power injured at concert."

NO!!!!!!!!!!! Y'know why? They had/have talent.

Pink...join the circus!

1507 days ago


that was actually pretty funny..these singers get totally away from singing because they feel this need to put on THE SHOW...
and this is the end result once in awhile.She made a fool of herself,at least she didnt break her neck....she is hot

1507 days ago


What color can't fly?.......PINK. I almost wet myself when she quoted "M Fer that hurt" hahaaha. She and the rest of them like GAGA, Madonna etc etc, they really are class acts and strech the term "art"!

1507 days ago
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