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Bruce Willis Denies Owning a Bad Rug

7/18/2010 4:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bruce Willis claims he's no rug killer ... and the accusations that he had anything to do with the brutal, wine-stained death of a super-expensive Italian rug are pure BS.


Willis has fired back at a rug dealer who's suing him for allegedly spilling red wine all over a $27,700 rug Bruce was road testing for his L.A. area apartment.

According to the suit, Bruce refused to pay for the rug.

Bruce admits in legal docs -- filed in L.A. County Superior Court -- the rug was indeed in his home for almost two months -- but he's adamant he kept it clean.

Still, Willis claims he offered to clean the rug -- but the company refused the offer.  Willis also insists he was never the proud or not-so-proud owner of the rug.

Now, Willis wants the judge to toss the suit -- and wants the rug company to pay his legal bills.


No Avatar


Bruce don't need no friggin rugs.

He da man.

1559 days ago


Pay for the rug you damaged, you washed up old has-been.

1559 days ago


With all the money you, have you stiff a rug dealer? Are you kidding me Bruce? You had the rug, you damaged the rug and you pay for the rug. At least that is what the rest of us do. Why are you different? Because your rich? Pay the man, you cheapskate.

1559 days ago


The only rug he should worry about is between Demi's legs.

1559 days ago


what a jerk..have it for 2 months, ruin it and then bitch about the price when he has gazzilions od dollars. and if he uses the excuse that if he lets one slide he lets them all slide then that is just pathetic

1559 days ago


Bruce, PAY for the rug you used for 2 months !


1559 days ago


When you are looking at a $27,000 dollar rug, it's a sign you've got too much moola and know nothing about how to spend it. To me there's no such thing as a 27k rug.

1559 days ago

Marketing $ociologist    

TMZ misunderstood. Think the rug their talking about covers Mr. Willis' head. That thing shines as bright as a Sooper Trooper spotlight.

1559 days ago


What a cheap friggin as@ho#% . If he offered to clean it , then he did spill something on it. Another "entitled" celebrity,feels above all others and doesnt care about the "cost" to the people who "service" these jerks..but lets keep bowing down to them and making them richer. He probably has spent more money on prostitutes in a week in his day.

1559 days ago


Seems to me that if the rug was in his home for 2 months that he was, indeed, the owner of said rug. And if it came back to the shop dirty, then he IS responsible for the condition of the rug. Ante up the money, Mr. Clean; it's not as if you don't have it, for goodness sake.

1559 days ago

Leigh Ann    

TWO MONTHS!!! And he claims it didn't get dirty? LIAR. MAKE HIM PAY! More mistreatment and abuse by a celebrity. They never want to pay for a damn thing, get all the free goodies they can and then have the audacity to tell the American people how to vote and what WE should be doing. PAY UP you cheap abuser.

1559 days ago


He needs a rug for that cue ball of a head. I heard it was Bartles & James he spilled on the rug. Pay the debt deadbeat.

1559 days ago


What a shame. The rug really tied the room together, Dude.

1559 days ago


Bruce! You had the rug in your home for two months. During that time, you spilled wine on the rug. If the owner of the rug shop, said that you have to pay him for the damaged rug, you have to pay. All the money that you have. Don't play that, "I don't have that kind of money game". So, pay up mister!

1559 days ago


How can you spill red wine on your head anyway?

1559 days ago
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