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Michael Lohan -- Robert Shapiro Should Appeal!

7/18/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan might be a big fan of her new lawyer Robert Shapiro -- but Michael Lohan sure isn't.

We caught up with MiLo yesterday and he told our photog he feels Shapiro should be appealing Lindsay's 90-day jail sentence. Michael said, "I don't know why Robert Shapiro did what he did, to be honest. If he's representing her -- ethically, as an attorney, he should have filed an appeal."

Lindsay is supposed to turn herself in to the court on Tuesday -- but Michael hopes he can get an attorney to file an appeal for Lindsay on Monday so she can get in to rehab.

Figures to be another exciting week in the life of Lindsay Lohan.


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Donald Ray    

Man, this was TOO funny. That IDIOT 'reporter's' questions were becoming more and more stupid. He asked the same question Shapiro just answered. It was so bad, even the bimbo in the car couldn't stand it any longer, got out and slammed the door.Probably thinking, "what a fkn' MORON".

1565 days ago


Sammie ... all of her actions are childish. She maybe 24 years old but she has the mind of a 12 year old... if not younger. She will grow up but in most cases you hold yourself back to the day you first started using and abusing drugs. This reality check is slowly bringing LL up to date. Professionals ... like Dr. Drew (though I am not fond of his treatment modalites) see the potential in her once she recovers. However, "once she recovers" seem like light years away ... especially for someone like LL who doesn't have a clue of her need to recover. She seems more concerned for her washed up acting career than living. Her latest upcoming role is a joke. However, she must think it is something real special portraying a porno freak. Some role. Wow!

1565 days ago


Lindsey is so needy for a 24 year old woman. Both her parents are always trying to help her fight her battles.

1565 days ago


Michael Lohan needs to shut up and let the lawyers deal with it (since he and his wife's parenting skills has not helped this girl at all). She needs to learn a lesson and suffer the consequences of her actions. The judge has been very lenient (maybe too lenient) so far. If a normal person violated their parole and disrespected the court as repeatedly as Lindsay has, they would have been sent to jail a long time ago. Going straight to rehab will not help this girl. She and her family live in some weird fantasy world that says if you are a criminal you should be sent straight to rehab rather than going straight to jail. She should go straight to jail and I hope she serves the full sentence.

1565 days ago


@Spot How do you know that she missed meeting with the psychiatrist? Lindsay's been in the sober house since Thursday? or so and hasn't come out. It's a possibility that not only the court-appointed psychiatrist met her there but the lawyer has also appointed people to check on her psychological condition. It seems odd that Shapiro wouldn't make sure she saw the psychiatrist to comply and perhaps they agreed not to have this revealed to the press.

@Ernie Since Lindsay has passed all her drug tests since May 24, and alcohol, there's no need to detox. The prescrip report only reveals using adderall, only dilaudid for 2 weeks around the time of her oral surgery and not after Jun 7, well over a month ago, so dilaudid is both not a regular medication she's prescribed and a nonissue. It bears repeating, her other prescrips, zoloft, trazodone, and nexium, did NOT appear on the report. There's also no report that she's taken a higher dosage of adderall than prescribed, so no proof of Lindsay being anything but sober since May 24.

1565 days ago


Is anyone else suspicious about why Linds would suddenly accept jail from this lawyer and no one else? Just out of the blue? I have to wonder if they won't file that appeal on Tues after all and this whole thing has been a poly, all of this was to give her time and get everyone out of her hair while they made other plans. Shapiro is either trying to make up for his son by saving Linds or he has something up his sleeve. He didn't get where he is by being stupid.

1565 days ago


Here is the difference between someone wanting to recover and Lindsay Lohan.

1) Will do whatever it takes ....
2) Wait for a bed ... on a long waiting list
3) Attend classes each day until a bed becomes available
4) Call in everyday ... sometimes two or three times
5) Drug test weekly... if not daily
6) Pray
7) Listen to the advice of those around you trying to help
8) Accept your responsiblity of why you are seeking treatment.
9) Listen to your judge
10) Follow probation orders to the letter
11) Not feel forced to recover ... but see the need...
12) Convince others of your being serious towards your recovery
13) Spend however long it takes in recovery to recover. Even 12-24 month..
14) Not concern yourself about your job, family, friends

Anyone else in recovery please add to this list.

From the looks of Lindsay's actions... she is not even on number one

1565 days ago


Of course he doesn't want Lindsay to own up to her responsibilities, as the man doesn't even do that himself. Throwing her in rehab while she is still swimming in denial is going to get her no where. She needs jail time to open her eyes and perhaps do some thinking.

If Michael Lohan wants to see his daughter recovery, he should probably stay away from her and all media.

1565 days ago


oh yes...
Number 15 --- Be sick and tired of being sick and tired

1565 days ago


Funny observation .... everyone is so concerned about LL's recovery but LL. Strange ... but true.

1565 days ago


@92 Delmar

Your right, she may have made the appointment and the PaP's or TMZ just did not see it happen. I did say that it looked like she did not I was not trying to be the authority on it, but you are absolutely correct she may have done it.

I am convinced that the sheriff and correctional officers let Paris deteriorate to the point where she almost suffered permanent damage and I am also convinced that they will do the same or worse to Lindsay. I hope Shapiro visits her every day for the first few days and makes them treat her humanely because I am sure that they are not trained or willing to take the time to insure she is safe.

1565 days ago


Hey Mikey if your so smart why don't you play lawyer and defend Lindsay yourself. If you defended Lindsay she probably be on death row right now. Robert Shapiro has a better track recond in being a lawyer than you do. So your best bet is to STFU and just fade away Lindsay is not going to give you any money. So again just STFU.

1565 days ago


What an ass

1565 days ago


Looks like we have two "Ernies" ...well ... well.. I certainly would not be telling someone to STFU... so take your pick on which Ernie is the "real" Ernie

1565 days ago


@Ernie Lindsay, like anyone else has to make a living and some of what you list, she's volunteered to do. Have you read her latest probation report? It's a positive report and she's arrest and drug-free in the report.

To many others who insist on saying that they've recovered from drugs and alcohol and so forth

*do you have ADD or ADHD? are you prescribed adderall?
*were you prescribed zoloft or trazodone?
*do you constantly have to be with other people and have huge fears of both being alone and sleeping alone and so far have been unable to do either?

Is anything described above symptoms of substance abuse and addiction?

Everyone is unique. Trying to project your issues, course of action, philosophy, treatment, and recovery on someone else who you have very LIMITED knowledge about is, IMO, foolish. Your life is NOTHING like Lindsay's. And, maybe people should try to learn how her brain and thought processes work before proclaiming what she should or should not do.

1565 days ago
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