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Lindsay Lohan

No Daily Shower in Jail

7/19/2010 6:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's gonna have a hard time staying clean behind bars -- TMZ has learned she will only be allowed to shower every other day once she checks into Lynwood Correctional Facility tomorrow.

Law enforcement sources tell us the jail is all prepared for Lindsay's arrival -- where she'll be staying in her own cell ... in a special module where solitary inmates are held. 

We're told Lindsay will not be allowed to interact with other inmates while she's inside her cell -- which could be as much as 20 hours per day. She will be allowed to exercise three times per week.

As far as her diet, we're told Lindsay will get two cold meals and one hot meal every day. Today, inmates had chicken stir fry for lunch ... so it's not too bad.

We're told there's no guarantee that Lindsay will be allowed to take all of the medication she's been prescribed -- and jail officials will determine what she can take after she arrives.


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Maybe one of her hot meals can be Pasta w/ Cream Of Dilaudid?

1554 days ago


i have no sympathy. you do the crime, you do the time. i'm tired of celebs thinking they should get special treatment. have fun in jail, lindsay. next time maybe you will think before you snub your nose at the law. oh wait, you probably won't.

1554 days ago


Oh my goodness. She is not going to survive this.

1554 days ago


Be glad you're going to be PC'ed, Princess.

And don't worry, you can always take a birdie bath in your cell. "Master Shake" does it in an episode of ATHF. Just splash some nice, cool water, from the toilet, all over your nasty little body.

Enjoy the cold cuts, Princess.

1554 days ago


Wonder if she's really going to show up or get in the car and flee? Did they demand she turn over her passport? Maybe she will fly to Switzerland and move in with Polanski, but she's too old for him. I'm sure the judge will be very understanding if she doesn't show up or shows up 5 hours late. Not.

1554 days ago


last day of freedom babe! last day! hope you enjoy those last puffs of those cigarettes. 22 days or whatever or gonna suck and only 1 hot meal a day and a shower every other day?!?!? my oh my. I wouldn't last 3, maybe 4 days. sucks to be you. sucks to be you girly, girl!! at least you have your own cell!!! man, still. i bet they can smell you take a sh*t. i wonder if there will be a camera in your cell and they can watch you take a sh*t every day or are the guards just going to walk by and laugh at you?! sucks to be you girl! sucks to be you! get clean and stay out of jail!

1554 days ago

D. UK    

Hey TMZ, what photo of prison food tray is that? Since then do they give them a knife and fork? What will it be next, hand-grenades? They only get a spoon AFAIK:-O

1554 days ago


Shes going to panic when the take her heroin substitute from her.

1554 days ago


She doesn't care about the food menu, she lives on speed (adderal) and cigarettes. This won't change her any more than it changed Paris Hilton.

1554 days ago


That's twice as often as she showers now.

1554 days ago


I would worry about the shower limit. Its probably more showers than her junk sees normally.

1554 days ago


I dont know who your sources are at the Lynwood facility....but none of what you guys are reporting is true. The photos are not current, they dont eat off metal trays, they shower DAILY, they do only eat one hot meal a day at 4:30 in the afternoon, they have carpet on the floor of the common area, big screen TV in common area, vending machines, hot water for coffee, and they do not spend 20 hours a day in the cell. And this is all for the normal population inmates, so im sure she will have a different situation and Im sure it will be better. here is a YAHOO link that will show her actual cell. Pic shows one bunk but there is one above it too. This place used to house military inmates AKA veterans and I was there.

1554 days ago


Sounds pretty pointless to me. You'll be more law-abiding if you're dirty, alone, and locked in for 20 hours a day (almost within torture definition, especially if it's for three months)? Sounds more like revenge to me. She may be worse when she gets out than when she got in.

I read that no one gets three months for what Lindsey did. This is not celebrity justice, it's celebrity injustice, a judge showing off.

1554 days ago


As I am a US Soldier I get a shower sometimes once every two weeks, eat food out of a squeeze bag, sleep in a trench I dug myself, fear for my life every time I hear a shot ring out, and crap in the woods, where a animal could attack me. But yet I still defend my country, for the freedom of all. Protect the people of the United States, this women has no clue what us soldiers have to do!!! Has she ever done a USO show to support the troops?? Go to jail you brat!!!! And take your Father and Mother with you!!!

1554 days ago


being in a cell alone is far worse than general pop, I'll tell you that right now. You get soooo much more depressed than you thought possible. That Hogan kid even said.

1554 days ago
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