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Oksana's Dentist: She Was Struck In the Mouth

7/19/2010 5:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The dentist who examined Oksana Grigorieva the day after the January 6 showdown with Mel Gibson now says she was indeed struck in the mouth.


A representative for Dr. Ross Shelden tells TMZ, "Based on Dr. Shelden's observations and his experience, Oksana sustained injuries from being struck twice, once in the side of the head and once in the mouth."

TMZ broke the story ... the dentist privately said last week there was no swelling or bruising on Oksana's mouth and believed the damage to her veneers was caused by a "chain reaction" caused by a blow to the left temple.  The doctor had said there was no evidence of a strike to the mouth.

But the rep now says the doctor will go on record saying there was indeed a blow to Oksana's mouth.


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There is something not right about this guy. I think he is being paid off or sucked off or something.

1534 days ago


and.......he was paid how much to change his story! Something aint clean in the milk.

She is truly the definition of "goldigger"! I am sure the word has her pic right next to it on the dictionary. Pathetic!

1534 days ago


either you guys are nuts or this dentist is insane. every other day on different sites it's "yes she was hit in the mouth" "no she wasn't hit in the mouth" "yes it's consistent" "no it's not consistent. this whole thing REEKS over cover up. TEAM MEL from the very beginning.

1534 days ago


If a shakedown of Mel Gibson were to work, there would be lots of money to go around. Is there a conspiracy here? This amended statement seems so lame!

1534 days ago

sick to my stomach    

YOU DIDN'T break the story.. you idiots screwed up and reported it wrong.. Radaronline had been kicking your a$$ all over the place on this one.. They reported last week that your story was wrong and the dentist was upset with you! YOUR reporting on this has been TOTALLY OFF BASE! Can't help but wonder why when MEL was after the jews Harvy was balls to the wall to get the information out on him, but now it is as if he wants to cover mels obnoxious a$$ and blame the girlfriend. After watching the two reports ..I am thinking Radaronline far more credible, now I wonder how many other stories you guys miss represented.

1534 days ago


So how much is someone at TMZ being paid to give this pro-Gibson misinformation, then that, then return to the truth, in an attempt to sow confusion and taint the jury pool?

1534 days ago


So which is it? Back and forth, back and forth. Who to believe, TMZ reports or other sites? Someone should go verify, then it would be worth reading.

1534 days ago


Hey Doc, how much of a %'age are you getting from Oxy? She doesn't seem like the type of bitch that keep your jewels hidden. Hope she gets convicted. I don't believe a word that comes out of her anymore. It's all about the money. It always is.

1534 days ago


Good witness, make up your mind. She obviously made him a better offer.

1534 days ago


Umm the dentist never changed his opinion about what happened to her someone who was paid to talk said that the doctor did look ---> "Sources familiar with Dr. Ross Shelden's medical charts, photos and examination notes tell TMZ ... Dr. Shelden saw no evidence Oksana was struck in the mouth. TMZ broke the story ... Oksana told Sheriff's deputies Mel Gibson struck her in the mouth twice, knocking one tooth out and chipping another." SOURCES not THE DOCTOR. This story that TMZ wrote about him changing his story is BS TMZ is taking someones word who says they saw the her dental chart. LOL no evidence to back up the claim on TMZ's part.

1534 days ago


Changing the story..... AGAIN!!!!!!! Dang..... Tell her to s**k harder and maybe she will become your the truth.....

1534 days ago


If the doctor is really changing his story over and over then for the love of god please do a detailed story and timeline and explain what f'ing proof you have that he made all these differen't claims. At the moment all you are doing is changing YOUR story day after day after day and claiming the root source of these different versions is the dentist himself.
I don't see how someone in the medical profession could possibly be taken seriously when he's changed his story from "evidence shows she was struck in the mouth" to "evidence shows she was not struck in the mouth" too "evidence shows she was struck in the mouth".
The problem is that the only evidence that he has changed his story so dramatically has come from TMZ who as far as I can tell has never spoken with this man.
Maybe we're the idiots for reading your never ending supply of new information every day.

1534 days ago


This dentist is a straight out liar!


1534 days ago


oh paaaaaaaaalease, first she was hit in the mouth, then she wasn't hit in the mouth, now she is hit in the mouth, gimme a break

1534 days ago


oh paaaaaaaaaleaze she was hit in the mouth, no she wasn't hit in the mouth, now she was hit in the mouth. Gimme a break

1534 days ago
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