Oksana's Camp: 'Self-Inflicted' Injury Claim 'Disgusting'

7/18/2010 2:40 AM PDT

Oksana's Camp: 'Self-Inflicted' Injury Claim 'Disgusting'

Sources connected with Oksana Grigorieva tell TMZ they are "outraged" by the claim that her injuries were "self-inflicted," calling the allegation "absurd and disgusting."

TMZ first reported ... at least one expert who has analyzed photos and other evidence concluded the damage to Oksana's mouth was consistent with a self-inflicted injury.

Sources connected with Oksana claim they have plenty of evidence to prove otherwise, not the least of which is Mel Gibson saying on the recording that she "deserved it."

As we reported, Oksana's dentist believes she was not struck in the mouth, in part because there was no soft tissue damage or swelling consistent with a punch. 

Nevertheless, sources connected with Oksana say the dentist's testimony will ultimately provide powerful support, in part because she told him that Mel hit her and that she wanted to protect him at all costs.  As we reported, the dentist says he observed bruising to Oksana's left temple area, but she did not want the photos he took to show the injury so she covered it up with makeup and hair, and looked off to the side when the pics were taken.

And one more note.  Sources connected with Oksana's dentist, Ross Shelden, tell TMZ, the dentist regrets saying yesterday that the photo circulating on the internet was altered and "he may have jumped to a hasty conclusion."