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Oksana's Dentist: She Was Struck In the Mouth

7/19/2010 5:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The dentist who examined Oksana Grigorieva the day after the January 6 showdown with Mel Gibson now says she was indeed struck in the mouth.


A representative for Dr. Ross Shelden tells TMZ, "Based on Dr. Shelden's observations and his experience, Oksana sustained injuries from being struck twice, once in the side of the head and once in the mouth."

TMZ broke the story ... the dentist privately said last week there was no swelling or bruising on Oksana's mouth and believed the damage to her veneers was caused by a "chain reaction" caused by a blow to the left temple.  The doctor had said there was no evidence of a strike to the mouth.

But the rep now says the doctor will go on record saying there was indeed a blow to Oksana's mouth.


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Ankaret LeStrange    

Ankaret- you know that any medical professional is required to report suspected cases of abuse. Since Oksana supposedly saw him the day after the incident, back in January, he had ample time to file his reports.

Posted at 2:37 PM on Jul 19, 2010 by Tired of toxomom

They are not obligated to report abuse unless it is a minor child.

1535 days ago


Well, if Mel did hit her, the dentist screwed up by not reporting and taking proper photos (that show the evidence not covered up). That is part of his job. It would have provided much stronger evidence for the case. This is so important. Domestic violence is one of those cases that cannot be proven base on what was recorded in a taped phone call.

1535 days ago


Hmm... He doesn`t seem to be able to make up his mind.


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1535 days ago


If she had been hit in the mouth with me's fist wouldn't her lips be cut and bruised?? Either that or she has teeth like Bug Bunny.

1535 days ago


Maybe tmz is running this story to the ground because of how many comments and views it generates. Oksana supporters and haters are just going to keep arguing it out.

1535 days ago


So what you're really saying is "the check cleared".

1535 days ago

karen lee    

RADAR is QUICK to back ITS OWN "advocacy" of idiots like OCTO-mom to whom they PAID THOUSANDS of dollars TO EXPLOIT those poor children. They reported AL GORE as “perverted” because a “masseuse” said he was! Legitimate media now reports the “masseuses” was PROVEN to have LIED.
SAME thing’s happening to Mel: Radar prints EVERYTHING OCTO-russki SAYS ... as IF it were "fact" without VERIFYING ANYTHING. WHY DIDN'T radar get digital audio EXPERTS to VERIFY the recordings weren’t ALTERED -- BEFORE they aired the FIRST RANT?? They obviously know her recordings WERE ALTERED. It’s WHY they cannot be used in court. STILL, they state her every utterance as IF it were fact.
A BATTERER … is a BATTERER. Men don’t START beating women at age 55! Mel has NO HISTORY of abusing women (or children). Ergo, he’s NOT an abuser. The custody JUDGE BACKED MEL in NOT revoking his custody rights.

Why isn't RADAR asking Oksana: "HOW MUCH $$ is ENOUGH?" HOW MUCH does (she) think Mel OWES HER? Wasn't $10-million ENOUGH? She set Mel UP; egged him on, altered secret recordings to MAKE him sound worse … while she's living EXPENSE-FREE in a $5-Million mansion. Where'd she LIVE BEFORE she met MEL? An apartment.

THAT'S WHY woman's groups aren't behind the Russian gold-digger. REAL WOMEN work for a living – NOT use sex to hook WEALTHY married men so they can RETIRE. GET A JOB, Oksana. If you had any talent, Mel WOULDN'T have had to spend $5-MILLION on a ridiculous VIDEO of you & your NO-TALENT warbling!

1535 days ago


LOL @ Disturbed!!

There ya go!!!

1535 days ago


Can anyone else here not get into Radar? Either they've been down all day or I pizzed them off.


1535 days ago


In dentistry, it's all about do***entation, do***entation, do***entation. What do his records say for the day she came in with the broken veneers? That's what I want to know. Mel did not deny hitting her on the recordings, and furthermore, told her she deserved it. He said she needed a bat on the side of the head. He said he was going to hurt someone or himself. And 99% of you think he's NOT dangerous??

1535 days ago


no, he's not dangerous.

1535 days ago


"But the rep now says the doctor will go on record saying there was indeed a blow to Oksana's mouth."

I'm willing to bet she took many "blows" to the mouth if you know what I mean. OHHHHH!

1535 days ago


D.o.c.u.m.e.n.t.a.t.i.o.n. Can I say that? Sheesh, dirty minds much?

1535 days ago


I broke the veneer off my front tooth sipping on a cup of coffee. I have often tapped my front teeth with a cup and one time it broke the veneer right off.

1535 days ago

karen lee    

1) LAST WEEK the dentist (accidentally) SPOKE the TRUTH.
2) THIS WEEK ... he (tries) to take BACK what he said.

ERGO: What's HAPPENED in the interim: OCTO-russki must have gotten to him ... and gave him SEX.

1535 days ago
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