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Blames Arrest on 'Punk B*tch Rookie Cop'

7/20/2010 1:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ice-T just blasted the cop who arrested him this morning in New York City -- calling the officer a "punk b*tch rookie cop" who "made the arrest of his bullsh*t career today."

The rapper posted the message to his Twitter twenty minutes ago -- and even published the NYPD officer's last name and badge number.

According to T's Twitter, the officer told him, "I know who you are and I don't give a f*ck!"

As TMZ first reported, Ice got pulled over for not wearing a seatbelt ... and was then placed under arrest for allegedly driving on a suspended license. He was processed and then released.

UPDATE: Ice-T now claims he was not driving on a suspended license -- according to his Twitter -- calling the allegation a "lie."


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Sounds like he is acting a little "Mel Gibson-ish"! The law applies to Ice-T, just like the rest of us. If the police officer said that to him....I'm sure Ice-T was smarting-off and being disrespectful because he thinks he is special! What a jerk!

1555 days ago


@JUDY - Ice "T" was a rapper and a pimp (all jokes aside) but he has changed his life for the better. So give the man a break on a song he wrote upteen years ago - when he was a criminal (per say). And let's not forget, cops kill innocent people, too. Maybe not any of YOUR people, but my people everyday like their lives are worth NOTHING. So spare me - the song Ice T wrote back in the day. What - he can't have a second chance - those are only reserved for WHITE PEOPLE - huh.

1555 days ago


Good for the cop!!!!

1555 days ago


Isn't this guy supposed to be black? Did he pull a Michael Jackson before being pulled over?

1555 days ago


Ice T is a snitch. All respect lost. What a f*cking cry baby

1555 days ago


Don't really know bout where this happened, but in most places they don't let you drive away with a suspended license. That would be aiding in commission of a crime.

1555 days ago

Leigh Ann    

First of all MightyMad you're a MORON. Although looking at your writing style and spelling you'll probably need a dictionary to look up the word. Ice-T is S***MY and didn't get arrest because he is famous. He got arrested because he thinks he's above the law and can do whatever he wants. He thinks no rules apply to him. I hope he gets popped in jail. It would serve him right.

1555 days ago


@Sanjuro - Ignorant jokes will get you no where - trust me. I hope you were making a joke and are not as IGNORANT as you sound on a daily basis. Black beauty comes in all shades. Look at the WHITE - BLUE EYED BABY born to the BLACK *****IAN parents in the paper today. You better be careful - your Latino - WHITE arse may have stemmed from Black people, too. IDIOT. In fact - read history. Find out where the oldest bones of a person was found - you might have a lil more respect for black people. Problem is - YOU IDIOTS lump all black people in the same boat - not realizing some of us have rowboats, some of have canoes, some have sailboats, and low and behold - even YAHCTS these days. So get off the stereotyped BS - that every black in entertainment wants to be white. You never saw a light skinned black person before. Where the heck you been - in space. Oh yeah - you probably are an Alien (literally)

1555 days ago


What he did sounds like he should have been given a ticket, NOT arrested.
Posted at 11:00 AM on Jul 20, 2010 by Googie

Googie, Driving on a suspended license is a criminal offense not an infraction so it is an arrestable offense. I'm also willing to bet Ice-T's attitude during the stop was similar to his attitude later when he Twittered by blaming the cop for his own idiocy so he probably talked himself into cuffs as well.

Ice-T: "Do you know who I am?! I'm Ice-T, you can drink me but you can't arrest me because I'm famous!"

1555 days ago


The officer should sue him for stating the officer is a liar, the profanities he refered to him as, and giving out his info. I sincerely hope this police officer sues this loser has been. Hey lemonade, ice are not above the law.

1555 days ago


Here's what a REAL SVU cop does:
"Bensalem PA SVU cop charged with sexual assault at party to honor fallen medic"

If you ever need help, you'll have better luck trying to call some stupid Hollywood actor for help then the cops. The worst of them have better morals then the police. Call the police for help? NO THANKS.

01-14-10 -KS
Inman Police Chief Michael Leland Akins Jr arrested on multiple sex crimes.

11-19-09 - FL
Retired Police Officer Sets Wife On Fire.

04-14-10 - CA
Officer in Alleged Rape Case Was Angry...and bored.

1555 days ago

Rupert Pupkin    

I think a beer summit is in order, after all, the NYC police acted stupidly.

1555 days ago


Oh shut up with the racist card. You make yourself look stupid. Stick the hand you keep out for donations in the mouth you use for excuses.

1555 days ago



1555 days ago

ICE - PEE    

Too bad his liberal friends are the ones who enacted this law. The cops have to enforce the law. Blame your Law and Order fans for electing Libs. Full circle, anyone else see it?

1555 days ago
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