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Lindsay Lohan's Jail Ride

7/20/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan got a chauffeured escort from the Beverly Hills Courthouse to the Lynwood jail in a cop car this morning.

At around 9:42 PDT, Linds arrived at the place she'll call home for the next 23 days.



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Tha Queen Rider    

To #67, Maybe she can sell some of that busted 20" weave she's got sewn in for some cigs? Those tracks were just killing me in court. That's why I couldn't see her fingernail real good because the tracks kept popping out, lol.

1455 days ago

Tha Queen Rider    

Top Ramen for you Lindsay.

1455 days ago


I can just hear Eric Clapton humming his favorite tune...

I shot the Sheriff...but I did not shoot the deputy...

1455 days ago


I think that ultimately she is not even to blame, the parents are. They were never there for her and left her in L.A on her ****ing own at a very young age dealing with her fame and money, and that every kid would want to have their cake and eat it too if given as much as she did, so much, so early.
I think she is going through the consequences of her parents' horrible un-education and selfishness and she is paying the price.
I think her parents should be ashamed of the result of them hav- ing a child ending this way.

The lesson for me in this is, I would never want my child to end up like this, and I would totally blame myself for the way she/he ended up. And not blame X,Y,Z reason, person or system.
Shame on the parents, for she probably is not a very happy young woman overall....

1455 days ago

Tha Queen Rider    

To---> #74 So @ what point do us Parents stop blaming ourselves & start holding the kid ACOUNTABLE for his/her actions? I think that is called enabling & that is when the adult starts maipulating the parents, HELLO! Now........ start trading that weave in for some Top Ramen n some envelops n she will have learned a lesson. Bet you next time she will be running to ALL of her classes huh? Buh bye now........

1455 days ago


to 76, I am sorry, but leaving your 16 year old to deal with herself and her money without any boundaries in LA while you are living it up in NYC with your other kids is just NOT a way of RAISING A 16 YEAR OLD ...
At 16, you still NEED your parents advice, and guidance, and certainly not your own house and credit card and car all on your own in a big city like this...
At THAT POINT, it is still called screwing your kid's future...

1455 days ago


Is that Dr. Drew driving???

1455 days ago


Holy S&*T. those lips! She doen't even have to bother making out cocaine lines.... just pour some on top of her duck bill and inhale at leisure.

1455 days ago


Lilo should be released immediately.
She wasn't properly represented and there should be an investigation on the Lawyers' performance

1455 days ago

Tha Queen Rider    

To #78 I did mention Adult in my post for a reason, & as we only see what is played out before us in the media we are not privy to what goes on behind closed doors, am I right? Possibly, had the parents utilized some/a firmer hand w/Lindsay as a Juvenile, she may NOT be in the situation she is in now. Will you at least agree with me on this? Again, back to the weave thing...... Top Ramen n Envelops for you Lindsay,. Time to learn.

1455 days ago


I am sorry, but Lindsey Lohan is 24 years old. She is an adult, and she is accountable for her own actions now. She knows right from wrong.

1455 days ago

Victoria Marchetti    

I pray that young lady gets her life back in order, Lindsay stay away from the ugly people in the world."Pretty is as Pretty Does"

1455 days ago


to 82, I agree that it is time for her to learn, however, I had read some of her history not sure where, and, really, judging from what I read and the way she was brought up, it is a JOKE that her parents are now acting like they suddenly care.
I mean at least the father kept with the weirdo-role more or less all along, but the mother, really, has NO excuse for suddenly pretending to be worried.
Sorry, from what I read on Lindsay's life, what I went through personally and the extent of my travels, and work experiences, this is all screaming parental mistake, and there is no other way for her to fix it than learning it the hard way..she has no excuse for repeating her mistakes at least from the moment she learns the lesson...

1455 days ago


Its not a "chauffer" thats a detec. in an unamarked car. You can't figure out by looking at him that he is not a cop? jeez.

The real torture is jail food. Its not only the most bland crap you will ever eat it tears your body up for the first couple days and then you literally have to detox off it when you leave. When I went to Bob Evans for breakfast upon my release the food tastes so rich in flavor that it makes you want to puke.

When she is locked up the only contact she will have is guards handing her food through a chow chute. She will have no contact with other inmates other then when she is escorted to recreation and walks by their cells. Administrative Segregation "keep aways" is a tough way to do time if you aren't solid mentally. Between readin and a million letters a day she should be ok, and I think TMZ posted she could smoke during her 1 hour of rec. time? Bwahahaha.....WAY WRONG. Its not as if they walk her around the block like a dog. If she wanted to smoke and drink she should of gone to general population where you can basically get anything.

1455 days ago


I'll have a cigarette and a drink for her later.

1455 days ago
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